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Let’s Educate Our Children on Bullying – BULLY the Documentary

17 Mar

I would like to take a moment to talk about this very important topic that has been on my mind all week!

To this day, growing up as a child in New York City, I can distinctly remember being picked on. 

Called a distasteful name, teased about what I was wearing or asked to move my seat while riding the school bus. 

These are a few examples where children find it in some way to pick on another child – especially when they find they are different from other children in some way; most of us have experienced this.

There were times when I would tell my mother; she would say that it will get better.  By the end of the school term, those same children were now my best friends and we were looking forward to seeing each during the summer or interact at play dates or birthday parties.  

School is supposed to be a place, where you send your children to learn academically, engage in activities to enrich being social with children of different backgrounds, establish friendships and have a little fun!  

However, now it’s at a whole another level!!!!  Parents across the country have a lot to consider when they send their children off to school, leaving them worried.   Whether it’s to school or an outside activity, they may be picked on and parents are NOT taking it lightly. 

The mistreatment can be awful for a child, especially with the Internet, social medias like Facebook and phone cameras used inappropriately.  If it is repeated on a daily basis, it is considered BULLYING or Cyber-BULLYING .

When a child shows sadness, any type of anxiety or even withdrawing from the things that one time they loved because they have to go to school; being teased and perhaps being bullied can be the reason.  The antagonizing effect on bullying is at an all time high.  Reporting to school officials is necessary and gives the child the reassurance that you are doing something about it.  It has to be taken seriously!!!!!!

Elementary schools, high schools, colleges and law officials across the country have put bullying guidelines in effect, even businesses.   However, parents in the last few years have seen how extreme the bullying can get and how in the worst, WORST case scenario, children commit suicide or are being killed!  The question is, are we doing enough? 

Earlier this week, while watching the news; Harvey Weinstein (The Artist) was being interviewed on his latest documentary movie called, Bully.  Due to the language in some of the scenes, the movie has been given a MPAA rating of ‘R‘.   There has been a lot of discussion on seeing if the rating can be changed to PG-13.  It more than likely not going to be changed; in spite of the petition with over names and celebrities lending their hand to help.  

On my Facebook page, I’d asked for some feedback from my readers – overwhelming I received a lot of responses via  messages and e-mails, where they did not want to post their comments and thoughts publicly.  Which I can understand!

The concern with the MPAA rating, is that if children or teenagers are to see the movie, they will have to have a parent accompanying them.  If seen by themselves, the movie may have a more of an impact.  I am in agreement that a movie rating is important and if a parent should be present, attend with your child. 

However, if parents feel that this specific movie is important for them to see without them – take them to the movie theatre, buy the tickets and let them go in by themselves. 

When the movie is over, I suggest having a discussion!  Just to talk about what they took from the movie, have they seen bullying occur and would they say something after seeing the movie. They may not admit that they may have participated in teasing or seen it, but they may now relate differently and consider the person being mistreated. 

“Bullying is mistreatment to another person, which negativity contributes to a person’s life changing ….when repeated relentlessly it can be fatal”.

The movie hit theatres on March 30th, so if you as a parent have made the decision that your child should see the movie, take them.  Sit with them or let them go by themselves…and TALK about it!

Update: As of 3/26, the movie will have no rating!


I’ve Been Decluttering Too! Getting Things In Order!

11 Mar

I have been extremely busy, a little more than usual!   Since the beginning of the year, I said that I was going to get organized and let me get the old out, let the new in!

So, I decided to clean!  Not the normal clean…get rid of the clutter and all the stuff – that I really, really don’t need!  I started with my closet and discovered that the styles have changed and I had 3 of most, in different colors!!!!

I’d bagged up the items and donated to the Harmony House for Woman and Goodwill!  Two trips!  Then…it was time for the papers!   I had information back to 2005 and decided that I can NOW get rid of it!  Watching recently this Lifetime movie, where a woman got her identity stolen, just fueled my strategy!

I’d found out that my shredder, was  not that good, they now have shredders which now cross-cut where; no one could read the information! 

With that information, went to Target and brought a new Fellowes shredder!  I have carved out a couple of days in the week, spending about 1 hour to shred!

   If anyone knows anywhere that is having a parade, call me ….because I had a lot of confetti to also give!

Then there are the magazines!!!!  Oprah, Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, Interior Design, ELLE Decor, Arch Digest, Ballard, Domino, More……I can go on and on!  So I’d bundled them up, with the greatest tie knots (learned from Girl Scouts).

Quite a bit of piles for the garbage collection this upcoming Wednesday!   Now, just this past week – I heard the new iPAD 3 is here and it would be a better way for me to have the magazine subscriptions be read that way! 

Yes, I am warming up to change and decluttering with technology! 🙂

Next on my list, is all the music CDs I have!  This would mean that I have to spend time downloaded them to my iPOD!  Sounds like a six month project or get my nephew to do it….for a price!  See, I am learning that these electronic devices are put here to actually HELP!

There you have it, I am in a decluttering stage, attending functions, doing a few interviews and working on finalizing the post drafts!  Getting organized has made me feel better, it gives me the idea that I am prepared  – my mind is actually become clearer.  I am allowing the creative juices to fall and be ready for tomorrow; besides Spring is almost here! 

While piling up the magazines, it’s so funny that I also came across an Oprah magazine on declutter, I didn’t even get a chance to read it!  

However, I was laughing with excitement!  “Oprah, I am already ON IT!


Letia 🙂



Photo courtesy of O, The Oprah Magazine.

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