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Happy New Year!!!!!!

31 Dec

This past year has been eventful!

There has been some highs and there were the lows; but overall it was a year of me learning, forgiving, sharing and loving.

Most of all, believing in one self and keeping FOCUSED! It was a year about also giving a hand to those who needed it, not expecting anything return.  Leaving me more fulfilled than ever!

It’s something about doing something good, gives me such joy!

Thanks to all the readers who have stopped by, the questions and those comments!!!! Your feedback, whether it’s was good, bad or indifferent, it has been deeply appreciated!     Thank you so very much!!

So as we prepare for the new year, let’s keep pushing!

Yes… there will be challenges, this is what LIFE is all about.  However, there will be some joys too!

So cheers to you all, for the incoming year!  May you and yours; have a healthy and prosperous one! 

Happy New Year!!!!

Letia 🙂

The Top Coat that Saved My Nails!!! INM Out the Door!

27 Dec

With all the wrapping gifts, dressing for all the parties and helping with the dishes, I usually (always) am worrying about my nails chipping, chipping and CHIPPING!!!!!!!

So after polishing my nails (to save time…couldn’t get to the salon), I’d remembered in one of my promotional gift bags there was some nail top coat,  so I tried it!

INM Out the Door! saved my nails!  With this top coat, my home manicure lasted all week!  I kept looking at my nails, saying “!’m good!”.  By the 4th day, I said “Hmph”.

So when I like something, I let you know.  I am really liking this product and searched the web to get a decent price, which I found on  (some stores had it for $13.99!!!)

The product leads up to their advertisement, #1!  You will be satisfied to know that you have a top coat that really has your best interest in mind!

I am going on Day #8!  So try it!*

Letia 🙂

* make sure to give you nails ample time to dry!  Photo by INM.

Happy Holidays!

22 Dec

Wishing you and yours, a very safe and Happy Holiday!


Enjoy, Letia 🙂

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