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Happy New Year!!!!!!

31 Dec

This past year has been eventful!

There has been some highs and there were the lows; but overall it was a year of me learning, forgiving, sharing and loving.

Most of all, believing in one self and keeping FOCUSED! It was a year about also giving a hand to those who needed it, not expecting anything return.  Leaving me more fulfilled than ever!

It’s something about doing something good, gives me such joy!

Thanks to all the readers who have stopped by, the questions and those comments!!!! Your feedback, whether it’s was good, bad or indifferent, it has been deeply appreciated!     Thank you so very much!!

So as we prepare for the new year, let’s keep pushing!

Yes… there will be challenges, this is what LIFE is all about.  However, there will be some joys too!

So cheers to you all, for the incoming year!  May you and yours; have a healthy and prosperous one! 

Happy New Year!!!!

Letia 🙂

The Top Coat that Saved My Nails!!! INM Out the Door!

27 Dec

With all the wrapping gifts, dressing for all the parties and helping with the dishes, I usually (always) am worrying about my nails chipping, chipping and CHIPPING!!!!!!!

So after polishing my nails (to save time…couldn’t get to the salon), I’d remembered in one of my promotional gift bags there was some nail top coat,  so I tried it!

INM Out the Door! saved my nails!  With this top coat, my home manicure lasted all week!  I kept looking at my nails, saying “!’m good!”.  By the 4th day, I said “Hmph”.

So when I like something, I let you know.  I am really liking this product and searched the web to get a decent price, which I found on  (some stores had it for $13.99!!!)

The product leads up to their advertisement, #1!  You will be satisfied to know that you have a top coat that really has your best interest in mind!

I am going on Day #8!  So try it!*

Letia 🙂

* make sure to give you nails ample time to dry!  Photo by INM.

Happy Holidays!

22 Dec

Wishing you and yours, a very safe and Happy Holiday!


Enjoy, Letia 🙂

Banana Republic! My Choice, 2011’s Best Holiday Ad Campaign!

22 Dec

Since the beginning of November up until about yesterday, I’ve been looking at all the ad campaigns for 2011’s Holiday season.  I do this?  Yes!!!!!!

I must say my ultimate vote goes to Bananana Republic!  Yaaaaayyy!

I don’t have an award for them, but as a consumer I’ve been so very, very delighted seeing their ads as I either walk or drive around; even in the magazines.

It screams holiday, great fashion, fun, friends and happiness!   They did an excellent job!

You may have your own favorite, but for me….after seeing the ads, it put me in the mood! To Celebrate the Holiday, even more!

So Kudos to Banana Republic!

Carter Smith – Photographer

Stefanie Stein – Casting Director

Andrew Cooper – Model

Karen Elson – Model

Kiara Kabukuru – Model

Martin Lowe – Model

Tom Bull – Model

Letia 🙂

Pssst!  Looking at the video, I am wanting a bull-dog!  Don’t tell my mixed dachshund and Terrier named Manolo!

YouTube® video by Banana Republic, music by Skidmore Fountain, Models  and photographers mentioned. 

Stuff and Guff or Gog and Magog! I Found them…. the Herald Square Clock!

22 Dec

“So glad to see your message about Macy’s Believe campaign!  Do you live near Herald Square? Do they still have the clock where the little men hit the clock? Long time since I’ve been there!”  Ms Ginter!

I should have known the answer and then I said wait a minute, let me find out, for Mrs. Ginter is my girl scout camp counselor!

So when she asks a question, I have to find out! Plus, she had me curious, to why I DON’T KNOW THIS!

So for the last couple of days, I have been researching about this clock!  So while in Manhattan earlier this week, here I go…I am asking about this clock!    The key was to say Macy’s,  Herald Square, NYC!  BINGO! That’s when I started getting some answers!

Although it’s near Macy’s, it is actually a park named Herald Square.   The park was named for the newspaper that was once published directly to its north, The New York Herald.

The City of New York acquired the area in 1846 as part of the opening of then called Bloomingdale Road; which we now know as BROADWAY!

The paper, The New York Herald founded by James Gordon Bennett in 1835, back then considered a scandalous newspaper!  Nothing compared to the gossip papers we have today!  Not even close!!!

The park, Herald Square, you will find a centerpiece monument which houses a sculpture and clock.  This centerpiece used to be positioned on top of the former Herald Building.  Prior to the demolition of the building in 1921, the figures were removed and reinstalled in the Square in 1940.

The bronze figures include Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and invention, and two bell-ringing blacksmiths. The clock and figures were reinstalled on the monument in 1940, and two seven-foot-tall bronze blacksmiths  who earned the nicknames of “Stuff and Guff” or sometimes called  “Gog and Magog” have chimed the hours ever since.

The bronze blacksmiths give the appearance of ringing the bell with their mallets, while in actuality is rung by mallets located behind the bell. The figures and the clock were originally part of the 1894 New York Herald Building that was located at the square.

So Mrs. Ginter! Yes, the clock is still there!   Thanks for the history trivia!  And thanks to YouTube, I was able to find you some footage!  Although you have not been here a long time, you can still enjoy!

Stamped letters were brought to Macy’s addressed to Santa and dropped into the special Santa letterbox. The letters were counted. Each letter received, Macy’s donated a $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation up to $1,000,000.  The letters were brought to the Post Office for mailing to Santa!!!  Happy Holidays!

Letia 🙂

YouTube® video by sugatabanerji

Harper’s Baazar’s Tips for Operation Holiday Party Dress Fit!

20 Dec


Ladies, it’s that time of the year!  Cocktail dresses, evening gowns, SPANX®, high heels and getting the hair just right!   You want to look your best and it never fails you are wanting to know how look good for the evening – without starving yourself!!!!

I was recently at a Harper’s Bazaar Holiday event and we talked about an article featured in their latest magazine, where it listed some tips on looking thinner just for that evening!

As we were speaking,  a thinking cloud was over my head “Wish I knew some of them before attending!”  LOL  Didn’t worry about it, because I was having so much fun!

Here are the tips from the issue:


One look at low-carb poster girl Jennifer Aniston is proof that this advice works. “Complex carbohydrates cause the body to hold water, and dairy is slow to digest; both can lead to bloat,” explains Los Angeles nutritionist Kimberly Snyder.


Breakfast: watermelon. Lunch: a salad of leafy greens, cucumber, asparagus, celery, and chicken with a light dressing of lemon juice, apple-cider vinegar, and a dash of olive oil. Dinner: a repeat of lunch. Preparty snack: celery with a tablespoon of almond butter. “Fruits and vegetables with a high water content will fill you up and help flush water out,” says Snyder.


Add one cup to a bath and lie there for 15 minutes. “It will draw water out of your cells—kind of like reverse osmosis,” says New York dermatologist Francesca Fusco.


Avoid sugar-free gum. “You swallow air when you chew, creating gas, and the body can’t digest the artificial sweeteners in gum, so you attract and retain water,” says Los Angeles dermatologist Jessica Wu. Also, the repetitive movements build up your jaw muscles, so your face looks wider, she says.


“A blend of taurine, a natural amino acid, and vitamin B6 will help you lose water weight without losing essential electrolytes,” claims Beverly Hills endocrinologist Eva Cwynar, who suggests an Abadi Ease Water Retention ($24) capsule three times a day.


Load up on water, and avoid anything with fizz, as the bubbles will distend your belly. “Plus, studies show diet soda causes cravings,” warns Snyder. Afternoon slump? Crack open a cranberry kombucha. “It’s a mild appetite suppressant. The cranberry is a diuretic, and the probiotics promote digestion for a flatter belly,” says Snyder.


A spiked body serum or gel will reduce puffiness. “The caffeine is absorbed through the skin and acts as a mild diuretic,” says Fusco. “You should see a difference in a few hours.” Try Rodial Crash Diet ($90).


Blend cream bronzer under your jawline and cheekbones. “It makes your face look more angular,” says makeup artist Matin. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail or half updo to give your face an instant lift, suggests Wu.


A tan makes you look leaner, but strategic shading takes it up a notch. “Ask for a little extra misting on triceps and inner and outer legs to visually narrow them,” recommends Los Angeles tanning pro Kelsey Jones.


Slumpy equals dumpy. Los Angeles fitness pro Anna Rahe’s tip: Standing, lift your butt as you shift your weight to your heels. Next, bring your rib cage up so your shoulders move back and open. Finally, gently draw the muscles running from your navel to your pubic bone back, in, and down. “You’ll look taller and thinner,” she promises.

Letia 🙂
Madonna is featured in December’s Harper’s Baazar magazine, Photos by Tom Munro.

How’s Your Holiday Gift Wrapping? The Nate Berkus Show Challenge!!!!

18 Dec

It’s the Holiday season and the one thing we give to show our love, friendship and thoughtfulness; is a present!

Do you look at how the gift is wrapped or don’t give it a thought!

Well, the majority of you do look at how the gift is wrapped!

The Nate Berkus producers called me asking for some Santa help, for they were going to have a segment for this very same thing!  “It’s the holiday season and we wanted to know if you have any friends who could be considered thee best gift wrappers?

Let me first begin to say that I have the most outstanding and wonderful friends  ever and immediately put the word out!  Not really saying what is was all about at first, I had to be impartial <what would we do without Facebook?> and by the end of the day, I had two eager friends wanting to know what was going on!

So I let my friends in on what was happening and gave them all the information to begin the process!  What process?  To see if they were undeniable thee best gift wrappers around!

Rhonda Culbreth, Kenneth Karp and Letia Mitchell

Rhonda Culbreth, my dear childhood friend whose smile always lights up a room.  A wife and mother of two,  is always loving this time of year!  “The holidays are so special and when you’re wrapping a gift; I want to make it extra, extra  special and beautiful!

This is who you go to if you’re looking for wrapping paper, for in her basement you will find it cataloged,  grouped by type, style and color…. talk about organized,  another Martha Stewart!

Then there’s Kenneth Karp!   Now when you receive a gift from him;  it’s like a work of art; giving you a story before you even open it!

The gifts are so beautifully wrapped, that you don’t want to…but do anyway!

We’ve been friends for over 20+ years, he’s family to me!  He is the one I call when I have a “Guess what?” moment; eagerly awaiting his opinion! Known particularly for his insightful thoughtfulness – when you receive any greeting card from him, you know without a doubt he selected it oh so carefully just for you!

After careful evaluation of their work, the Nate Berkus Show producers also were in agreement that they were quite excellent gift wrappers and were asked to be guests on the show to partake in a Holiday gift wrapping challenge with other contestants!  Talk about being excited, let me  say it was an understatement!   So what will be happening on the show?

Christine Ferrare, fashion model,  actress and now talk show host of Big Bowl of Love on Oprah Winfrey’s television network OWN will be sharing her holiday entertaining tips for a great happy hour.

Nate Berkus will give his own great Holiday tips and clue you in on how thrift shopping is an absolute MUST!

Lifestyle expert, Kelley Moore of  Kelley Moore Creative Media will be giving you chic ways to personalize your gift wrapping, giving it that extra WOW factor!  Kelley Moore will also be judging the gift wrapping challenge too!   There’s a whole lot more happening on the show too, so tune in, there’s great Holiday ideas and fun for everyone.

I am not going to tell you who won the challenge or how the holiday season should include dressing up ALL members of the family! You have to watch! 🙂

The show will air this Tuesday, December 20th.  After airing, I will add the segment and behind the scene footage!

I know you’ve may have already heard by now the Nate Berkus Show will be ending it’s production in May, late spring 2012.  But do still keep watching!

It takes a lot of work to make a TV production happen seamlessly and I am so, so grateful to have received the opportunity to see what it actually takes to put it all together behind the scenes; it is quite remarkable!

So the ending of this show does not take away from all the hard work, long hours and dedication the entire staff  has and continues to put forth daily, they are truly some awesome and talented people!!!!!!

Wishing them all the best in their next new beginnings!

Letia 🙂

Images from the Nate Berkus Show®,  I and Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design®  For more information on Kelley Moore, go to

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