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Kids… It’s The Start of the Holidays! We are visiting……

25 Nov

It’s that time of the year again!  Time to visit, have dinner, share gifts and catching up!   This is when YOUR children are told to be on their best behavior!  This is where you try to get out of your mind; that you know your kids are absolutely crazy and how dare you let them out of their world; into the crazy world of having Thanksgiving dinner with other people!  The ones that don’t live with you, but they have asked throughout the year – “How’s things going?”

The truth is it’s chaotic!  Your busy with the day to day stuff; that you can’t do everything – even though you think you are Super Mom or Super Dad!  So the Thanksgiving Holiday is finally here and you now have keep your  word on the dish you said you’ll bring and start prepping…your children!   “Guys lets set some guidelines for dinner!”

“Be respectful, say PLEASE and say that little thing like Thank You…..a lot! And no fighting!!!”  You are hoping by the time you reach your destination, that your military tactic of running the guidelines will some how stick!  Only to remind yourself that these are little people and it’s probably going to be a bust within 20 minutes of your arrival; maybe 10 minutes!

Then you also decide perhaps to give yourself a mental pep talk! Yes, you will be saying “Sorry” more than often that not, demand time outs throughout the entire day and hope your little prayers are answered for that favorite inappropriate word that you giggle about at home………… isn’t said! 🙂

Nevertheless, you are going to have a good time and it’s about family, friends, family and all the food you like!  For those next visits…….I have a little help for you!Delia Ephron, Author

You remember the book “The Sisters of Travelling Pants”, written by the beautiful Delia Ephron?

Well here’s another great book she has written called “Do I Have to Say Hello?  Aunt Delia’s Manners Quiz for Kids and Their Grown Ups”  

It has a quiz for you and your children, just to see what things to brush up on when venturing out amongst the world!

This delightful book shares her encounters with her nephew shown with funny illustration depictions by the famous Edward Koren; cartoonist for The New Yorker magazine.

The book doves into many scenarios; such as bubble gum, a bathroom wait, the playground and how to handle that horrible thing on a dinner plate!

The book is so much fun and can be easily shared with children.  It’s doesn’t feel like a lesson; giving you a resource to have some really good results! You may find this may also be good for some grownups as well <you probably are thinking of a few people, right now!>.

Well I have to head back to the kitchen! Wishing everyone the best during the holidays!  Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy!!!!

Table Manners Copyrighted Material (c)

Table Manners Copyrighted Material (c)

letia Mitchelll 403

Letia 🙂





Delia Ephron the daughter of screenwriters Phoebe and Henry Ephron. Her movies include You’ve Got Mail (starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan), The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Hanging Up (based on her novel), and Michael. She has written novels for adults (Hanging Up and the recent The Lion Is In) and teenagers (Frannie in Pieces and The Girl with the Mermaid Hair), books of humor, (How to Eat Like a Child), and essays. Her journalism has appeared in The New York Times, O the Oprah Magazine, Vogue and More, The Wall Street Journal, and The Huffington Post. In 2011 Ephron won an Athena Film Festival award for creativity and panache as a screenwriter.

Edward Koren has lifetime freelance relationship between Koren and The New Yorker. The magazine has published thousands of his cartoons and illustrations, including dozens of full-color drawings published on the magazine’s cover. He has also contributed to many other publications, including The New York Times, Newsweek, Time, GQ, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Fortune, Vanity Fair, The Nation and The Boston Globe.

All illustrations copyrighted Material  / Copyright © 2015 Delia Ephron. All rights reserved.  Incredibles Dinner scene All rights belong to Pixar and Disney.

Dinner or Supper, What a Debate!

26 Oct

question markThere is so much going on in the world, who would have ever thought that a mere dinner date with six friends would turn into a 30 minute debate; without a moderator!

Before we even ordered!! So annoying that the topics that we would usually talk about did not ever get talked about because of a mere formality of a word. It all started by us sitting down at one of our favorite restaurants, Saju Bistro – here in NYC; right on 44th in the theatre district!

Everyone arrived on time and one person said “I am starving, I am so ready for supper!   The other person said “Supper?”, who in the hell says that, you mean dinner?” With the reply, “I never say dinner, you’re wrong – it’s supper”.

We went on to order appetizers and few cocktails!  But oh no, it could n’t be left alone. Upon ordering our entrees it started again, this supper dinner thing!  It got to the point where I said, “Who gives a flying mosquito”! For I couldn’t think of anything better to say, there were little ones at the next table!

The most important thing to me, was that there was food; that I who wanted to eat…because I like the food and I could eat! Simple?  So, I thought! Until the cell phones were pulled out like swords and the searches began; this really matter to everyone???  CRAZY!!

Everyone was now curious on what is the difference.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit I have used both in the past; however DINNER for me is the runner-up.

Dinner refers to the most significant meal of the day, which can be the noon or the evening meal. However, the term “dinner” can have many different meanings depending on the culture; it may mean a meal of any size eaten at any time of day.
Supper refers to the lite evening meal, often the principal meal of the day.  Or it can be an evening social event at which a supper is served to raise money for a church, charity, etc.

The more they read, it still didn’t resolve anything!   Until the words, ENOUGH was said by the quiet one in the group with a loud voice.  Thank goodness, cause we would have been still talking about it!

The disagreeing parties surrendered and then the topic was turned to the World Series!

I was ecstatic and the mood finally changed! You might be saying, who cares!!!!!!  I couldn’t agree with you more!

But I bet you, when you hear the word dinner now, you’ll notice!  I am so glad we did not talk about the word AUNT!  Gheez!

By the way, I’m heading home and just a few moments ago, I’d received a text from my friend – it said  “you know it’s DINNER! ;)”  Friends, you got to love them!

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Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & DesignLetia 😉


Chiboust Bistro & Wine Bar, Six Degrees of Separation – All in Tarrytown Westchester County, NY!!

29 Dec

chiboustSix degrees of separation is the idea that everyone is approximately six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made, on average, to connect any two people in six steps. It was originally set out by Frigyes Karinthy and popularized by a play written by John Guare.

Crème Chiboust is a crème pâtissière (pastry cream) lightened with stiffly beaten egg whites. Occasionally using whipped cream to lighten; known as a traditionally a millefeuille cream.  Crème Chiboust can be flavoured with vanilla, orange zest, or liqueurs. Mixed with fruit, it becomes crème plombières.

Friends are about friendships and acquaintanceships with the thought of spanning across the same continuum.

Now we are all so busy and find it hard to connect throughout the year.  Yes we may e-mail, use social media quickly to say thinking of you and maybe even  give a text or two!  However during the Holiday season, it’s the time from the beginning of December until we bring in the New Year, we DO take the time to laugh, smile and catch-up with one another.

So here I am looking forward to attending Holiday parties and for one particular party I’m never disappointed at all, where the hosts, very good friends of mine have a spread of food, wine and desserts that will have you not paying attenion to the person you are talking too!  Only to excuse yourself and go back to taste some more!  This is what food does; it’s a great catalyst in helping you to meet new people; whether it’s the first time or just making it easier to engage to enjoy!

While mingling, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting this lovely woman named Jill Rose for the first time!  Simply marvelling on her contribution to the food spread, her pâté <to die for> and her pleasing response to the many types of desserts while eating.  She’d mentioned modestly that she was a restaurant owner; named Chiboust!

A kind invitation was extended to her restaurant and there we were both off in different directions; continuing to mingle with the other party guests.  This year, Christmas fell on a Wednesday for the work schedule for many did not stop for the next day. So I graciously kissed my dear friends good-bye who were the hosts; letting them know I had a ball and wished them the best for the New Year!

 A day passed, where I’d received Facebook messages, e-mails and phone messages (this is always the case, get Letia Operation 1 on 1) from another set of great friends whom live in Tarrytown, NY.  Calling to see what I would be doing that evening – for they wanted me to be part of an exciting Tapas and Wine Tasting gathering of ten!  Wine, catch-up with my friends, food….I’m in; #1 certified foodie!   “Where is it going to be held?” “Oh it’s going to be right here in town, the restaurant is named Chiboust!!!!

Unfrigginbelivable (its a word)!  I said, I just met the owner, Jill Rose the other night!!!  I know it sounds cliché, but IT IS a small, small, small world!

Shall we talk about Jill Rose! 🙂

When you first meet Jill, you notice almost immediately her warm and kind demeanor.  All of my friends speak of her in such admiration; for her dedication to her establishment, exceptional cuisine creations and commitment to the community. Since 2004, Jill has been the proud restaurant owner of Chiboust Bistro and Wine Bar; which is located in the quaint Westchester, NY town of Tarrytown.  The French Mediterranean restaurant’s location is right across the street from the famous theatre called the Tarrytown Music Hall.

Jill is a graduate of the  Culinary Institute of America (CIA); plus an award-winning pastry chef!!!  Everyone at the gathering, all indicated that her desserts are out of this world. …..how this was kept from me, is beyond me!!   If her desserts are her passion, let’s say Jill’s love of food was expressed in every dish brought to us to feast on that evening!

Chiboust Bistro & Wine Bar 0

Chiboust Bistro & Wine Bar

Let’s begin, the restaurant has a soft ambience, the exposed brick walls give a worldly look, while the color hues are very warm and inviting.  The seating is gracious, where you don’t feel crowded; where the background music’s volume is soft and enjoyable.

The evening started with a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks provided; all gearing towards to a Spanish cuisine of pure happiness!

To name a few….warmed spiced olives placed among the guests, then plates of  superbly fried corn fritters on a bed of arugula with a spicy aioli sauce followed by a tasty balsamic glaze over a pear roasted in honey and wrapped in prosciutto.  Oh! How about the dates wrapped in bacon, where the sugar from the date gave such an pleasant aroma – that you wanted to perhaps say bottle up to take with you! <YES, I was paying so much attention>.

There was grilled octopus so tender that, one of the guests said…”I never had this, wouldn’t never have try this and why is this so damn good?!”  There were assorted cheeses, beautiful selections of wine, red grapes and these delicate lamb meatballs in this intensifying flavored reduction sauce that left me wanting more!

Jill Rosen, Owner of Chiboust Bistro & Wine Bar

Jill Rosen, Owner of Chiboust Bistro & Wine Bar

Chiboust Bistro & Wine Bar 2

Spanish Paella, Chiboust Bistro & Wine Bar

All gearing  up to the “plat de résistance”…… the Paella!  A superb robust flavored dish with chorizo sausage, chicken, rice which had the texture of risotto and just enough of peppery heat to give your lips a slight tingle!  It was so, so good! The hmm’s amongst all of us was almost like singing a song!  🙂

What an evening!!! We all intend to make plans to return to Chiboust!  Jill and her staff were quite wonderful and everyone was so very, very pleased.

Letia Mitchell and Jill Rosen, Owner of Chiboust Restaurant

Letia Mitchell and Jill Rosen, Owner of Chiboust Restaurant

If you so happen to be in Westchester County NY, near Tarrytown, or attending a concert at the Tarrytown Musical Hall or just want a change of scenery from NYC……head over to Chiboust; you won’t be disappointed at ALL!

To see all the possibilities that this bistro could ever offer, please take a moment and view the menus; here’s the website: http://www.chiboust.com/

It is so true this thing called six degrees of separation; Jill Rose, her restaurant named Chiboust and wonderful friends!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design

Merci beaucoup Jill!!!

Chiboust Bistro & Wine Bar 14 Main Street Tarrytown NY  (914) 703-6550 

Photos by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design® 

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