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Susan Hanover Designs – Jewelry by Susan Hanover

25 Jan


Susan Hanover Design necklace


You ever have a necklace that you just love!

Each time you wear it, you just get so many compliments, that you so, so glad you chose it!

Well, the piece of jewelry I’m so crazy about is designed by Susan Hanover!

Letia Mitchell wearing susanhanoverdesigns

Letia Mitchell wearing susanhanoverdesigns

Her designs were being showcased at an event I was attending at The Cornelia Spa, Surrey Hotel in New York City!

So chic; with such flare! I’d immediately purchased it!

Susan Hanover’s jewelry collections are amazing and I had hands on review of her designs, all so unique… yet beautiful.  I am now in the process of eyeing her cuffs, so I’d decided to let you see also!


Here is a susanhanoverdesigns’ cuff showcased in an Essence magazine photo shoot starring Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Jennifer Hudson.

jennifer hudson susan hanover cuff

Take a moment learn about Susan and view the susanhanoverdesigns’ e-shop; there is something for everyone!  With Valentine’s Day approaching, there are really some great gift and hint ideas; like these Raindrop bangles and more!

bangle_drop_multi_fx3 susan hanover

Also check out the susanhanoverdesigns ad campaigns on the site; the featured cuffs are indeed like architectural pieces!







I’d also learned that Oprah Winfrey listed susanhanoverdesigns earrings as one of her picks for 2013 Favorite Things for O Magazine!  So exciting!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 🙂


Incentives and trunk shows are also available, please contact Susan Hanover Designs for information.  Phone: (516) 570-0116  Email: .  Necklace photo by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design, Jennifer Hudson photo by Artia Chic and Raindrop bangles photo by susanhanoverdesigns. 

Be Inspired! Essential Oil Benefits!

25 Jan


As you know at the beginning of a new year, you set goals and thinking about making some changes here and there!  One of my changes was to up the ante on taking the time to relax!  Recently; I ‘ve been taking the time to enjoy massage oils, which is helping my aching muscles and giving me the best sleep EVER!!!  Often you would pick up a massage oil or lotion; smell and think of relaxation!  However, there are so many different oils; which can be beneficial!

There is some importance of having pure oils in your bathroom or kitchen cabinet.

There’s a reason these thicker liquids have been used since ancient times from head to toe.  If you wanted to know some more about many different oils, listed below is a guide!  You will be surprised of the benefits of each oil; as well as how to mix them properly for your next “I did it myself” beauty recipes.

First, base or carrier oils should make up the majority of your recipe because they have intensive hydrating properties. Then top that off with a treatment oil that targets specific ailments (like dry skin and swelling).  My treatment oil was Arnica for swelling; while another was Lavender for relaxation.

Finally add the kicker — a few drops of an essential oil that’s high in fragrance and potent in beauty benefits. If you’re mixing these recipes at home, always make sure to discuss with your doctor and do a test patch first to avoid any adverse reactions.  In one quick trip to the health-food store, you could be well on your way to smoother skin and shinier hair.  At the very least, you’ll know which claims to believe when walking down the beauty aisle.

By all means, also do not forget to plan to treat yourself to a massage by a professional if you can!  When going you will be so proud of yourself on how knowledgeable you are and can request the type of oils you prefer!


Argan This oil is packed with vitamin E and essential fatty acids, making it a great moisturizer for hair, skin, and nails. In its natural state, it has a warm, nutty scent that complements any “I did it myself”  hair recipe.

Avocado Rubbing down in avocado oil can give you the same omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants that you get when you eat the delicious fruit.

Coconut Naturally coconuts are packed with protein, vitamin E, and fatty acids that can be absorbed into the skin easily. It also has antibacterial properties. The oil is solid at room temperature, making it easy for travel and a good base for your “I did it myself”  lotion recipes.

Grape seed For women with acne-prone skin, grape-seed oil is one of the best picks because of its astringent properties. It naturally contains linoleic acid, which has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s quickly absorbed into the skin (and hair) and delivers antioxidants deep into the cell tissue.

Jojoba Jojoba is naturally similar to human sebum. Therefore women with oily skin and scalp can benefit the most from a moisturizer with jojoba to help regulate the epidermis’s natural production of oil.

Olive Antioxidant-rich olive oil is the ideal “I did it myself” -recipe ingredient for women with dry skin and eczema. This heartier liquid is also a good choice for women with aging skin because of the vitamins A and E.

Sesame Bacteria doesn’t stand a chance against sesame oil. For centuries, it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to counteract high cholesterol and viruses. This should be your go-to base oil to remedy skin irritation like wind and sunburn.

Sweet almond Almond oil is a natural way to clear dead skin cells. You can apply the elixir to get a more even skin tone and remedy dark spots. However, take note that almond oil should not be used by those with nut allergies.


Aloe Vera We know you’ve heard of aloe vera gel and juice, but the plant also comes in oil form. This thick formula can be used topically to remedy dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis along with other types of skin irritation.

Arnica If you frequent the gym, arnica should be in your workout bag. The fragrant oil will help improve circulation and take down swelling, bruising, and pain. It’s a natural relaxant for sore muscles.

Carrot Seed The beta-carotene and vitamin A in carrot seed oil help stimulate cell growth and detox the skin. You can also slather it on to protect your skin from environmental damage (UV rays, pollution) as well as to keep moisture in.

Castor Jamaican black castor oil is celebrated for its hair-growth abilities. This specific type has an ash included that gives it a dark brown color. The oil is very thick and can be used to seal in moisture for coarser hair types.

Evening Primrose Eczema sufferers have probably heard of the moisturizing effects of evening primrose. The fatty acids found naturally in this liquid are proven to help soothe itch and inflammation.

Rose Hip Expectant mothers, this one’s for you! Rose hip has vitamin C and lycopene to gently rejuvenate skin and help maintain elasticity, making it a great remedy for stretch marks.

Tea Tree In recent years, tea-tree oil has become popular for its infection-fighting power. Acne, nail fungus, dandruff, lice, and insect bites can all be alleviated by a tea-tree poultice because it naturally kills bacteria.

massage spa oil


Calendula Acne-prone skin can benefit from a mix made with Calendula oil. It can reduce redness and swelling, in addition to being an anti-inflammatory and free-radical fighter. You can also use it to minimize under-eye bags.

Chamomile Azulene is the main component in chamomile that helps calm the skin. It’s a key ingredient to soothe irritated areas like psoriasis, spider veins, acne scars, eczema, and sunburns.

Eucalyptus Eucalyptus is a healing herb that has been used in Australia for centuries in wound care. The fragrant oil can also be handy as an all-natural insect repellent.

Geranium Geranium is a powerful anti-aging oil. It has astringent properties, which can tighten loose skin. It also has antioxidants that help encourage cell turnover, meaning you’ll have fewer wrinkles to begin with.

Jasmine Your skin will benefit from jasmine’s ability to improve elasticity. It’s definitely one to include in brightening skin concoctions and can be used to fade stretch marks and acne scars.

Lavender One of the most recognizable essential oils, lavender can do much more than help you sleep. Massaging an oil tincture including lavender into the scalp can curb hair loss and help with headaches, too.

Peppermint Pack a bottle of peppermint oil on your next camping trip to soothe the itch of poison ivy or other allergic reactions. You can also apply a few drops of the oil to the face (mixed with a carrier oil) to clear the sinuses or soothe a tension headache.

Rosemary In aromatherapy, rosemary is used as an energizing scent to clear the mind. When used on your skin, it can stimulate blood circulation to soothe aching muscles and ease the joint pain of arthritis.

Thyme Studies show that thyme can be an effective natural solution for acne. Its antibacterial properties stop pimples before they can fester into a larger breakout. Mix a few drops into a bottle of witch hazel for an oil-clearing toner.

Ylang-Ylang Ylang-ylang has been used for decades to protect strands against salty ocean water, and it can also promote hair growth and thickness. The oil also a stress-relieving scent that works well in any “I did it myself” massage oil recipe.

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design

Letia 🙂

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