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Letia Mitchell on the Nate Berkus Show? Legal Questions Answered!

26 Sep

The answer is YES!  With my love of decorating and design, it is not unusual to find me attending the syndicated talk show hosted by my favorite interior designer, Nate Berkus!

Remember a few weeks ago, I posted that I was at the Nate Berkus Show and I would fill you in?  Well, I couldn’t say anything until now!  Such great news!

While there, one of the producer’s assistant asked would I be interested in proposing a question as  a participating audience member, I said yes.

They replied that they would call in the next couple of days!  Leaving the show excited, I went to Carmine’s to have their caesar salad!

(I know, I am always talking about food) and while eating; I’d received a phone call from the producer of the show, asking if I was excited!   I said I love the show and I LOVE Nate!

Then she went on to say, you have to choose your wardrobe!  I am like what in the hell is she is talking about (with a puzzled face)….I’m just asking a question?  Did I miss something?  While talking to them earlier, I actually was interviewed!  The producers, to my surprise invited me to be a guest audience member. “You’re an interior decorator with such an infectious smile; with your personality and enthusiasm; we said Why not!”

So I met Nate Berkus! AWESOME! Such a wonderful person, he practiced saying my name correctly (Lee-Sha).  And yes, he is handsome!!!  Simply charming and humble; with a laugh that could also light up a room!  If you read any of my posts, you know how much I admire him!

Celebrity star and book writer Jackie Collins is the star guest on the show, where she will be talking about her life, books and how she loves her favorite sport (won’t give it away, you have to watch the show).  Her 28th book, “Goddess of Vengeance,” has just been released.  My green room was next to her’s and she was very nice; quite funny actually.  She has a wonderful sense of humor!

What will I’ll be talking about?  I will be partaking in a legal segment posing a personal question to the beautiful, Sunny Hostin, attorney and multi-platform journalist; who currently serves as legal analyst for CNN and Headline News’ InSession.  It will be airing this Thursday, September 29th.   Once it airs,, I’ll add the segment!

You never know what’s in store for you!  Big thanks to the Nate Berkus Show’s staff!  Caitlyn and Cara; you’re the best and hardest working PAs ever!

To my family and friends, as always thanks for all your support in this crazy journey that I’m absolutely loving!!

Letia 🙂

For more legal information talked about on the show, see

Images from the Nate Berkus Show®,  Getty Images® and Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design®

Katy Perry’s Hollywood Glam for InStyle!!!!!!

24 Sep

For those who what to see how Katy Perry has transcends her look to Hollywood Glam with an edge of having a hair styled to perfection, even it’s cotton candy pink!

Take a look at behind the scenes footage of her photo shoot with InStyle Magazine!

Hot artist, hot look and a hot video too!

InStyle Magazine really did IT this month…make sure you pick up a copy; it’s the October issue!

What a great interview!

Then take a look at the next video of her latest hit…one of my favorites!  Enjoy!

Lee 🙂

Betsey Johnson Still Having Fun! New Fragrance, MB Fashion Week Sp/Sum Collection

18 Sep

Today there are over sixty-five Betsey Johnson stores worldwide. International expansion came in 1998 with the opening of the wildly popular London store.

In 1999 the Vancouver store opened marking the company’s first move into Canada, where there are now four locations in various provinces.  So Betsey Johnson is EVERYWHERE!

Another favorite of mine!  I particularly love her style and energy!  Her designs are loved by all ages! 

Yesterday, I visited her flagship store on Madison Ave in NYC after having a wonderful lunch at Centolire with my girlfriend, Pat <she is still raving about her canteloupe/strawberry sorbet>.  We scooted right across the street!

We had such a good time!  Looking at the sunglasses, watches, bags, bracelets, shoes and clothes!  I fell in love with this heart shaped silver bag and this cute little mouse case!  So they went home with me! 🙂

No wonder, her style is contagious!  It definitely sells as Fun, fun, and more fun!

Later this week, Betsey Johnson will be rolling out her new fragrance, Too Too; it will be available for purchase in her stores and on-line.  I received a sample and it smells absolutely wonderful.  It has floral and fruity touch to it!

Don’t worry if you did not get a chance to see the livestream of her designs for Spring and Summer 2012, I have attached the video below. 

Flirty and fun, this collection gives the woman the option to play if she wants to!  Not to be so serious, there is always time to bring some laughter and be the not-so ordinary!  Which is exactly what Betsey Johnson portrays!  She is 69 year old young! 

Betsey, who is a survivor of breast cancer and is always prominent in helping to find a cure; creatively designs limited edition products from which a portion of the proceeds are donated to various breast cancer related charities.  To learn more about Betsey click ABOUT on


Letia 😉

Video courtesy of MBFashionWk Youtube

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