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Regency Shop! Have Fun with Arne Jacobsen, Eero Saarinen Chairs & More!

16 Sep

-ergonomic-sitting-areaLooking for that item that just tells everyone how fun you are?  With color, a POP, some PIZZAZZ!!!!

You want something different and looking for great ideas!  Well the old is coming back or should I say…old style never dies!  The old is new again!   You get what I’m saying!

I’ve found a wonderful website called Regency Shop!  It may be just what you’ve looking for modern Furniture with style and affordable prices.

I got it….old design made to be modern again! 🙂

Have you heard of Arne Jacobsen?


Arne Emil Jacobsen (11 February 1902 – 24 March 1971) was a Danish architect and designer. He is remembered for his contribution to architectural Functionalism as well as for the worldwide success he enjoyed with simple but effective chair designs.  It’s reproduction can be seen all over, in movies, TV set designs and now moving into homes.  One of the most influential furniture designers of the last century – has designed the lounge Egg Chair in 1956.

Besides the Egg chair is just so sexy!  No matter what color, it’s an attention grabber and who wouldn’t want to be noticed?

Egg Chair


How about Eero Saarinen?  He’s a Finnish American architect and industrial designer of the 20th century famous for varying his style according to the demands of the project: simple, sweeping, arching structural curves or machine-like rationalism.  Noted for his 1946 Womb chair.  This is also a very stylish chair too!


How about that James Bond movie?  Can you guess what movie, this Saarinen chair was seen in?

Hanging Bubble Chair



Regency Shop is offering 10% off on any non-clearance item and 5% off on any clearance items.   Please click any of the RegencyShop pictures and you will be directed right to their site.   Here are the coupon codes below.  They can be entered right at the time of checkout:

Clearance item coupon code: 5DISCOUNT
Regular Item code: 10DISCOUNT

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & DesignHave FUN!

Letia 🙂

Between the two of us photo by Chloe Warner.  View from top photo by Axis Mundi.  Patio photo by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects.  Website photos by Regency Shop.

Architectural Digest’s Home Show 2011

23 Mar

Architectural Digest’s Home Show was recently held in NYC at Pier 94 on March 17 – 20th; this event attracts over 30,000 people.

I wait for this show anxiously every year, planning and creating my list of the exhibits I would love to see. Why, so anxious; you might say…to ask the many questions; to indulge in  what’s new, up and coming!

Many of the representatives are returning from earlier years, so I’ve gotten to know them pretty well.  So it’s always great to see how they’re doing.

I’d arrived on Friday, so teased with the beautiful weather, for the day was 72 degrees and returned on Saturday; a comfortable 52 degrees!  I and many of the attendees were so pleasantly happy to attend the show;  browse and touch!

Upon entering, there was such a buzz.   All types of people, from designers, artists to mothers with their baby strollers; trying to get ideas and perhaps get a moment of relief to have a moment to finally sit down.

The Home Show has everything that you could want in your home, an entourage of sponsors to choose from.  You name it, it could be found!  Broken into categories, the attendee would find:

  • Art
  • Antiques & Mid-Century Furnishings
  • Building Products
  • Flooring
  • Carpets & Rugs
  • Design Services
  • Electronics
  • Fabric & Trimmings
  • Furniture
  • Accessories
  • Kitchen & Bath
  • Lighting
  • Outdoor Furnishings
  • Stone & Tile

Even down to having the perfect orchid!  There is no way that  I could show you everything, but here are a few of my favorites!   Ok, let’s begin!

If you are looking for a unique style, please stop by The Paris Apartment Boudoir; they specializing in French Lucite & mirrored furniture, very European!

Très chic et beau! Looking afar, the wallpaper looked like silk, it wasn’t; this shows you how a beautiful pattern can be just as fabulous! To see how this beautiful exhibit was transpired from beginning to the result and to also read about the owner’s, Claudia Strasser’s vision; please go to http://parisapartment.wordpress.com.   AND so you know, I will be inquiring about that vintage working phone!<on desk!!>

Drake Design Associates, showed that color if you like it, display it. Yellow, turquoise and black, yes it can be brought into your space. Why? Because you want it. Located on the upper East side, this group of designers gave me a lot of ideas and gave me smiles.  As for the owner, thee Jamie Drake, he can pick out a fabric for me anytime!   http://drakedesignassociates.com/

Foundry, the most intriguing beautiful chandeliers a woman could die for! If you looking for something different, this is the place!  Located in New York and LA. www.foundrylighting.com

Lillian August, one of my favorites for product choice! they have just opened up a Lillian August NYC on West 20th St. A magnificent store, where you can get great ideas and be introduced to the many styles from Art accessories, window treatments to floor coverings.  A must, www.lillianaugust.com

Looking for great china for your wedding registry.  I saw this beautiful set, there were Swarovski crystals on the charger, plate trims and around the cups <or you can pretend their diamonds!>.

I waited quite awhile for the sale representative to come back to get some information, no luck!  However, I did take a photo to give you some ideas!

Then there’s DINING BY DESIGN New York, premier fundraising event for DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS, always gives the designers and students a treat, requesting them to design based on their own imagination and vision, No restrictions!  I love it when a plan comes together!

Then…… I ended the day by going to City Lights Diner. All I can say it’s everything a diner should be! Not overpowering, not fancy at all…just comforting food made with care!

I had an open-faced reuben sandwich with french fries and a side plate of onion rings! All accompanied with the best orange soda a girl could ever have! Everyone was so nice; an hour just flew by.  I left there happy; happy! They are on Facebook, who isn’t! www.facebook.com/ciddiner.

Architectural Digest’s Home Show was quite extraordinary!  Hope you can get some ideas.  And don’t forget there’s always next year to attend!  Enjoy!

Letia 🙂


Any ?;  lee@lmlifestyleanddesign.com

Does It Go Great Together?

18 Jan

Planning, you must plan everything!  But when it comes to decorating, you don’t know where to start!

You’ll find yourself talking out loud “Does this go together or am I completely off?”

You really like what you’ve picked, but how does it fit with your home, the furniture that you have now?

Or you just want to throw everything OUT, you need something new!

So, why is it such a puzzle?

I’ve taken all the questions my readers have sent, categorizing them all.  So, beginning in a few weeks; there will be a 4 part series called Does It Go Great Together? on the most asked questions.

This will be a great way to get familiar with the basics, setting the incentive to be open to some changes in your home and most of all put you at ease.

So stay tuned.

Letia 🙂


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