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It’s here Spring!!

19 Apr

Cherry BlossomsHello!!!!

Where have I have been?  I know…missing in action!

I know every area of the United States have had their weather issues, but I’m located on the East Coast!

So my issue was the SNOW!  Snow and more snow!

I can finally stop talking about it!  It was one of the worst winters ever!  EVER!!!!  All I have to say is Boston, 103 inches of snow and you can get my agony; for I didn’t get as much – but 35 inches of snow was enough for me!

With the course of Mother Nature given her spin on things; due to the weather you really couldn’t go anywhere because you couldn’t get there!!

Then Daylight Savings being early this year, that one hour lost was always being chased to come back…still can’t find it!  Basically for me it was a lot of event cancellations, saving energy in the hopes of not having power lines down and staying safe; all because of the weather!

I was only able to attend only one Fashion Week event (prior post) and go to the Architectural Design’s Home Show held this past March!

So it’s really been about catching up on family, friends and focusing! In the beginning of the year, I wrote five things down that I thought I could stick with for my year’s goals.  They were, one…taking one better care of myself, two..do more reading, three…cooking, four….learn a different language and five…work with my travel agent, Abrir to travel somewhere different this year!  If you look at my Instagram page or Facebook page, you can see that I’m dipping and dabbing in some of them already and more!

I was able to see cherry blossoms bloom last week and this past Saturday; the weather is really finally showing Spring!  It was 68 degrees! The birds are chirping away and a saw an earthworm <I know, it didn’t take much to get me happy >!  So these are signs, which has gotten everyone’s mood to change!

So with that, Spring forward!!  I will be sharing with you some of my upcoming events, the enjoyable things I love best and those crazy – had to be there moments!  Also.. thank you for those “where are you” e-mails; they were truly appreciated!  I even got a kick out of the stories you guys were telling me!  Very entertaining reading; indeed!

And as always, wishing you the best!

And Oh!  For my Bostonian neighbors, the Boston Marathon is this week! Thinking of you ALL and sending prayers of encouragement this week! Boston Strong!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia

I’ve Been Decluttering Too! Getting Things In Order!

11 Mar

I have been extremely busy, a little more than usual!   Since the beginning of the year, I said that I was going to get organized and let me get the old out, let the new in!

So, I decided to clean!  Not the normal clean…get rid of the clutter and all the stuff – that I really, really don’t need!  I started with my closet and discovered that the styles have changed and I had 3 of most, in different colors!!!!

I’d bagged up the items and donated to the Harmony House for Woman and Goodwill!  Two trips!  Then…it was time for the papers!   I had information back to 2005 and decided that I can NOW get rid of it!  Watching recently this Lifetime movie, where a woman got her identity stolen, just fueled my strategy!

I’d found out that my shredder, was  not that good, they now have shredders which now cross-cut where; no one could read the information! 

With that information, went to Target and brought a new Fellowes shredder!  I have carved out a couple of days in the week, spending about 1 hour to shred!

   If anyone knows anywhere that is having a parade, call me ….because I had a lot of confetti to also give!

Then there are the magazines!!!!  Oprah, Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, Interior Design, ELLE Decor, Arch Digest, Ballard, Domino, More……I can go on and on!  So I’d bundled them up, with the greatest tie knots (learned from Girl Scouts).

Quite a bit of piles for the garbage collection this upcoming Wednesday!   Now, just this past week – I heard the new iPAD 3 is here and it would be a better way for me to have the magazine subscriptions be read that way! 

Yes, I am warming up to change and decluttering with technology! 🙂

Next on my list, is all the music CDs I have!  This would mean that I have to spend time downloaded them to my iPOD!  Sounds like a six month project or get my nephew to do it….for a price!  See, I am learning that these electronic devices are put here to actually HELP!

There you have it, I am in a decluttering stage, attending functions, doing a few interviews and working on finalizing the post drafts!  Getting organized has made me feel better, it gives me the idea that I am prepared  – my mind is actually become clearer.  I am allowing the creative juices to fall and be ready for tomorrow; besides Spring is almost here! 

While piling up the magazines, it’s so funny that I also came across an Oprah magazine on declutter, I didn’t even get a chance to read it!  

However, I was laughing with excitement!  “Oprah, I am already ON IT!


Letia 🙂



Photo courtesy of O, The Oprah Magazine.

Top Secret, Guess Who’s Back? Tom Ford – Spring 2011

4 Jan

Edna E Mode

 ” I never look back, dahling. It distracts from the now!”

I sure did miss Tom Ford!  The music being played by Karen Elson <I always get asked>!   For this just released footage, you must have heard that Beyonce helped him out in his  womenswear fashion show, which was top-secret!   The cat’s out the bag!

For those who never heard of him, Tom Ford is an American fashion designer.  Known for his creative eye for menswear; dressing celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Pierce Bronsan and Brad Pitt to name just a few.  His designs are always present at the Academy Awards and many celebrity profile events.   

In the early 90’s Tom Ford started at Gucci; followed by YSL, to launch his own brand in 2004, TOM FORD.  He even has his own film production company, adding to his list of talents, film director.  Beauty fragrances with Estee Lauder, sunglasses; the list goes on and on!   He recently received a 2010 nomination for Menswear Designer of the Year – by the Council of Fashion Designers of America!

If you ever in NYC, his flagship store consider adding this stop to your checklist to see , the decor, mirrors, the marble floor, display of the suits….. it’s absolutely amazing!   This store is a gentleman’s store, everything required is at hand!   Take a peek; see his eye on detail!  You can get some great ideas and shop where affordable; because style is style!

Letia 🙂


Edna ‘E’ Mode photo & quote by Disney for Pixar Films.

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