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Rihanna Frenzy! RiRi MAC Collection Line and Styled to Rock Series on Bravo!

23 Oct

A MAC frenzy, completely sold out in NYC!  I tried my best to get my daughter the limited edition RiRi Woo lipstick from the RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection!  I tried, I really tried.

Even in the airport where MAC is being  sold in the duty-free area….NO LUCK! They had SOLD OUT stickers on the display!

Then I tried calling in some favors, only to get a great laugh! “Psst, yeah right!”.  Three weeks and still no luck, nada, nothing!  Will it come back in stock, who knows?  All I can say is the marketing frenzy is crazy and I know Rihanna’s camp is very, very happy!

Miss Robin Rihanna Fenty has collaborated with brands like Covergirl, Gucci and Vita Coco coconut water just to name a few. For only being seven years into the music industry, she has an empire.  Lately the racy controversial video, the MAC makeup line, Twitter fights on whose relevant (she’s global for those who may forget) and her new reality series on Bravo, Styled to Rock beginning this Friday!

What is the series all about?  Styled to Rock will feature RihannaPharell and many other celebrity guests which give aspiring designers a chance to style an outfit for one or more musical acts each week. The contestants are fighting for a $100,000 dollar cash prize, a fashion feature in Glamour magazine and the once-in-a-lifetime chance to become the next member of Rihanna’s style team!! 🙂

The concept is the same as other reality shows where the opportunity to have an unknown talent show their work.  It’s important and I always say you won’t know, unless you try!

I know a lot of you are into fashion, makeup and hair.  Who isn’t, I am too!  I also am into set design, props, lights and cameras!  So I will be looking at EVERYTHING to get ideas, marvel at the work in front and behind the scenes. More importantly to see who we may think of as just ordinary people, really do marvel.

I digressed!  Back to the MAC line!  I’m still looking for a MAC restock !  RiRi Woo! Helpppppp!  I heard through the grapevine that a Holiday collection is on its way! I just need one lipstick under my Umbrella, brella, brella! LOL ! 🙂

Here is an unusual beautiful result of the photo shot I took of a MAC billboard advertising the RiRi cosmetic line!


Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 😉

MAC Fall Collection photo by MAC Cosmetics. Photos by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design® 

One Kings Lane! More Than a Treasure Hunt Every Day!!!!

29 Jul

Are you looking for something electic?  Or something you ‘ve always wanted….but wanted to wait for a reduction in price. 

Well, One Kings Lane has something for everyone! 

The founders, Susan Feldman and Alison Pincus are two woman, I say two visionaries who definitely know how to have you dream! 

Both more than familiar with the worlds of Fashion and business, started this company in 2009!   The focus was to offer beautiful items right up front, which are sometimes not readily available.  

This concept has definitely worked.  One Kings Lane now has almost two million subscribers!!!  Sales grew 500% in 2010 and still going!  So much so, that the Wall Street Journal had to take notice in their Digits, Technology & Insight blog! 

Whether it was ever a problem for anyone to shop.  It’s no problem for them and their team, because if you cant’ get to that destination, One Kings Lane will bring it to YOU!!!! 

Morocco, India,  Italy…you name it.  Beautiful home decor items and trinkets that will uplift your lifestyle with the things that you simply love…making you wonder how could you be ever without it!

We’ve got a glimpse of Susan and Alison on Bravo’s Million Dollar Designers!  With the assistance of  Martyn Lawrence, Designer of the Year, they all selected some very cool and inspiring  items for One Kings Lane in London, United Kingdom.   Check Bravo’s TV listing for a rerun of the episode.  It was quite a fun and exciting adventure to watch.

How does One Kings Lane  work? <I know you’re asking!>

There are the Daily Sales where top brand items go on sale for 3 days!  There is an array of items from rugs, accessories, bath items, stationery and even items for your lovable pet! 

There is so much more, but the items are simply beautiful!  If you are looking for a gift, this should one of your top searches!!

If you still find yourself searching, how about the Tastemaker Tag Sales. You have to become a member (it’s free) to be in on selected designers to give a special look into their collections and offer to YOU!  There also are movie set sales, props from a film set and some surprise items, leaving you to say double WOW!

Lastly it’s the DOWNSTAIRS items, to be in on clearance items and deals!  This is a come back often and see; it’s like being on the look out for that item and glad that you discovered it.

When you get a chance, join and browse around!  I guarantee that you will be excited about the things found at your fingertips!  My latest find,  two Sweet Orange and Grapefruit perfume candles by Saint Parfum!  It arrived yesterday, a treat for me……that is simply divine! 

The video below has more information about One Kings Lane’s and you can just click their logo  to be brought directly to the site!  Remember, becoming a member is free.   Enjoy!

Letia 🙂


One Kings Lane™ and Tastemaker Tag Sales™ are all trademarks of One Kings Lane.  YouTube video “New Way of Shopping” provided by VatorTV.

The Key to Forgiving…Thank You Bethenny!

13 Apr

Bethenny Frankel 2010

Some of you may watch Bravo’s reality series, Bethenny Getting Married; where Bethenny Frankel has let us into her personal life; only to see that we too are not the only ones that have a crazed life.

Giving us the hope we too can just make some sense of it all and end up having what we desire!

Watching re-runs last night, I swear her relationship with her estranged father was also scripted for me, for I also am currently experiencing the same with my estranged father.

Here I was also summoned to be present and actually began speaking again with my ailing father.  An unbelievable emotional roller coaster it has been, one day you are fine and the next day you are shaking your head in pure confusion; for you never think that you a grown woman now can ask the questions or better yet get the answers you will need.

For some of you; there may be good relationships and then not so good relationships with your parents, for me not so good… where I find myself wondering what to do next; even though this thing call “be responsible” has creeped into my crazy life as it is!  Perhaps to add; you may have  sibling rivalries that may surface to who, what, where and how…. leaving you to wonder!

For me, there are no siblings, just me! He is the only parent remaining!

So this morning when having breakfast with one of my besties (girlfriend); she asked how was I feeling about the whole situation.   I’d replied by saying instead of thinking of what has happened in the past, I am really focusing on what I can do now.

There’s this inner belief that the things that should be said, will be said – but in all honesty…they might never be! So where does that leave me, to give the greatest gift to myself, is to FORGIVE.

Forgiveness is my way to release all the frustrations and accepting what it is; just for me.  I’d decided to be really alright with it and keep continuing on my path with what truly matters to me.

Somehow, Bethenny’s story really gave me the clarity that we all are going through similar but different situations in our lives (different meaning the outcomes will not be the same and the relationships with are parents are just different).

The key is to remember that I should always  have MY best interest in mind and because, I trust my instincts… in the days ahead, I am going to make ways to visit, show concern and show the acts which displays forgiveness (actions speak louder than words).

So thanks Bethenny for being open; it really helped me a lot!  Although we may review her life as entertainment, but it is still very personal – sharing and allowing us to see; should no be taken lightly.   For those going through also a similar situation; I thought I too can share and kindly state to do what’s best for you (whatever that may be).

Letia 🙂

Bestselling author and “Skinnygirl” Bethenny Frankel’s new book “A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life” is a revealing account of her road to success and obstacles she faced along the way.

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