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Oh Rachel!!! The Name is so In!

31 Oct

Reading through my many magazines, it dawned on me that the ordinary name of Rachel, is oh not so ordinary anymore. 

 It’s quite popular and yet powerful, Rachel, Rachel, RACHEL!!!!

Rachel Ray – TV Personality, author, chef, talk show host.

Rachel Zoe –  Celebrity stylist, fashion designer, TV Personality/Reality TV star

Rachel Roy  –   Philanthropist, Fashion designer

Rachel Bilson –   Actress

Rachel McAdams – Actress

Trying to pick a name for your baby on the way or want to have a powerful girl name….or you just like the name…try Rachel, it is so in!  Who’s your favorite Rachel? 

Letia 🙂,

Bridal Note Cards, Say Fashion, Think Runway..Be Chic! Aaron Potts NYC it Is!

27 Oct

Aaron Potts

How can you mix fashion, design and style…all on a greeting card?  Well, you first have to find someone who can capture fashion quickly and capture it successfully!

I received this wonderful Thank You card; I felt so special in receiving it…not just to get the thank you; but the artwork of the card, realms SPECIAL – like it was thoughtfully selected for Mwah!

This made me very interested in who designed this beautiful greeting card and had to share with you all!   Aaron Potts!!!!

You first can tell instantly, he loves the runway! Originally from Detroit Michigan, he moved to NYC;  received his BFA in Fashion Design from NYC’s Parson School of Design!   This fashion designer has worked with the best, Anne Klein, Emanuel Ungaro; just to give you an idea of his talent and has designed one on one – for many celebrities!

So looking through his website, I discovered he has bridal note cards!!!!!  So, I was thinking for the bride-to-be, wouldn’t you love to give a thank you note to your bridal party or friends and family who attended your bridal shower.   Aaron Pott’s  designer note cards are absolutely beautiful, thoughtful and very, very fashionable (more…. styles).

Wedding Belle

What about the mom-to-be, this note card is divine!   Aaron Pott’s company, Aaron Potts NYC has a variety of cards, note card sets for those special occasions.   If interested,  you can look through the Aaron Potts NYC  website, see his bio and find locations where the greeting cards are being sold. .

I love my Thank you card so much, that I am going to frame it!   A big THANK YOU to Clara Mercer, from Boise ID for sending me that lovely card (I helped her pick out a chair for living room)!

Anyone who can say fashion, think runway and can be chic…….you will love Aaron Potts NYC!

Letia 🙂

All design photo images of greeting cards belong to Aaron Potts NYC ®

Make Your Own Scary Face for Halloween! Boooooo!

14 Oct

Happy Halloween!

Can’t decide on a costume for Halloween or you want to create your own style????  I’m still debating!  🙂

Here’s a great YouTube video on how to make your face for Halloween.  It does not have to be a sugar skull, you can use the same steps to be a Geisha girl, a ghost, an angel or Frankenstein… anything you can think of!!! 

This would be such great fun for the kids, to make their own face and see what they come out with!  Be creative!!!  

Have a safe Halloween and enjoy that candy corn!!!!!!   Oh, if you are in the New York area this month, visit  Sleepy Hollow.  See  “What Ya Doing for Halloween?” for information on what’s going on there and a great MUMMY cookie recipe!

Hey, if you ever want to know about any other products or makeup ideas, Makeupgeek is one of my stops to find out about practically everything! 


Letia 🙂

YouTube Video by MakeUpGeekTV,  For your party checklist :

What a J LO Inspiration…Jennifer Lopez

9 Oct

Jennifer Lopez….the multi-tasker! This is a business woman who knows, while I’ve got the opportunity, let me make the best of it!  I can do this, I can be a…

  • Actress
  • American Idol judge
  • Singer/Dancer
  • Mother of two beautiful children
  • Loreal Paris global brand ambassador
  • Gillete Venus campaign model/spokesperson
  • Fiat 500 campaign model
  • Fashion Designer
  • Perfume
  • Charity fundraiser
  • …….plus more!

In September, her new collection was released to Kohl’s Department stores and the feedback has been wonderful; displayed by the sales!  Her style, whether on a Hollywood red carpet or sitting on a American Idol panel as a judge – everyone is interested!

Kohl’s Department store describes Jennifer Lopez’s her collection as contemporary and sexy!  Their slogan of “Expect great things when you shop at Kohls“, is backed up by her line.  Placing her collection here was an excellent choice!   Simply Vera,Vera Wang is there, Dana Buchman, Elle and Daisy Fuentes to name a few other designers are at Kohl’s too!

More and more designers are making their designs affordable; letting the consumer know that they are accessible!  Which is wonderful; who would not want to know that they are wearing a designer inspired piece of clothing – by the designer themselves!   So it’s a great marketing venture and it makes the woman feel great! Feel like a truly fashionista!!!

I reviewed the collection and my favorite is this crazy print wrap dress!  And as a secret, it has shapewear built in!   It was originally priced at $65.00, now on sale for $45.00!!!  Great for the budget!!!!

Feather faux wrap dress

Matter of fact, I purchased the item and can’t wait to wear it at an upcoming event that I will be attending!  I have these Donald J Pliner  stretchy distressed suede boots I brought and they should pair up nicely!

Stretchy Distressed Boots


Now if you like her style there is a complete line, from clothing to home items!  As the new year arises, new items will be introduced to the collection.  If interested, go to the store first….then check at the Kohl’s website for Jennifer Lopez; just to see if there is any item that maybe not necessarily in the store, but warehoused stock and on sale!
  • As we watch Jennifer Lopez in the months ahead, her brand will continue to grow!  This 40+ year old woman is making sure she continues to do what she loves and to date; besides all the ups and downs… she DOING IT!
  • As a decorator, I will be looking out for the home collection to expand!  I would love to see more bedroom ensembles and bath accessories.  I love her Kohl’s ad, it definitely shows are sense of humor!!  Sees one of them and some behind the scenes footage below!
  • Before you ask, or you may not ask….I love her song “Papi” from her latest CD!  and….Psst!  So you know Kohl’s has 99 cents shipping too!!! So cool!!! 🙂
Photos courtesy of Kohls Dept Store,  videos by Kohls Offical via YouTube and NM – Neiman Marcus
Letia 🙂

Box on your Checklist! It’s Never Too Late, Young or Old to Do It!

8 Oct

“I am always making excuses, I should have been doing what I love by now, being a fashion designer!

 I put everyone first, but I am screaming at myself…calling myself a failure!  I see other people’s accomplishments and how they progressed; it leaves me like I am settling.”  

Requested their name be marked anonymous. 

Life is hard, especially for those who refuse to settle.   When you’re young, you have all these hopes and dreams but the hardest time in my opinion is that period of life where you’re in between being young and approaching real adulthood.

When you are older, even more so than ever, you make decisions with also evaluating the period in your life, where you want change!   You used to not settle, but now you are!

No matter how old you are…. there will become a time where you have to sensibly decide whether you’re still going to reach for the stars or whether, it’s time to give up and settle for less. There is so much safety in sitting back and settling.

Sometimes people purposely gain more responsibilities to distract them from the fact that they gave up… I wonder if it’s more, or less painful to give up!

There are others you find are easily dreamers.   While for others it is a struggle.   We’ve all heard the cliché,  it all gets better with time!  There are some up-hill battles, some disappointments and even some set backs! I’ve had my share of them, but who hasn’t!

Yes, so there will be some hard times and even more so, some great times!.  The test is to press on, not quit….ultimately refusing not to quit.  Easier said than doing it!  I know!  It’s also to be able to say, it did not work or making a mistake; that’s OK too!!!!!   Nothing is etched in stone and there ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong in changing your mind!

Toddlers do it all the time, their determination in walking, talking and even letting you know they’re not feeling well….they keep trying until they have mastered the task or have gotten the attention that is required!  As you grow older, it never changes but put a bag of  “Life” into the mix and it gets harder!

Whether you are young or old, it is never, never, never too late to take the time to change things around; visiting who you are and showing up!  You’ll get better at it; soon you will be satisfied and feel good!

Anonymous, it’s your decision to make the move; which I pretty sure you are ready by you just sending the e-mail gives me the idea you want to so bad;  I hope this helps?  I’m sending you encouragement to take those steps, to help you get on your way.  If you want to be a fashion designer, then by all means… be a fashion designer!!  Start showing up for YOU, making yourself the priority in what you believe in!

Best of Luck,

Letia 🙂  Related articles

” Make the time for yourself, who else will have your best interest in mind….but you”   Letia

Wine & Food Fesitival: Brunch with the Neelys at their Barbecue Parlor in NYC!

1 Oct

The fourth annual Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by Food & Wine takes place September 29 – October 2, 2011. Once again, 100% of the net proceeds of the Festival benefit charity.

The Festival is hosted by and benefits the Food Bank For New York City, fighting hunger in the five boroughs; and Share Our Strength®, a national nonprofit working to end childhood hunger in America.

In 2010, the Festival raised more than $1.2 million for these charities, helping them better provide for those they serve and closing the gap on hunger in our country.

To help the cause, two of my favorite people, Pat and Gina Neely closed their NYC restaurant, Neely’s Barbecue Parlor and held a beautiful brunch today! The event sponsored by Tropicana and Corona Extra allowed their fans, family and food connoisseurs to help in the cause to raise money to fight hunger.

The menu displayed all the fixings that Pat and Gina have cooked on their Food Network show, Down Home with the Neelys, their cookbooks and family pass down recipes.  Their restaurant is located at 1125 First Ave. New York, NY 10065  212-832-1551

The restaurant opened on 7/11/2011 and the reviews have been fantastic. When entering you feel like you’re home .  “A parlor is not stuffy, it’s supposed to be family”, Gina says.

There are warm wood tones, beautiful wrought iron patterned staircases and a red chandelier which catches your eye! <I said WOW!>  The windows also have the same wrought iron pattern, letting you know the design was carefully thought out.

The seating is comfortable, with the expectancy you are going to stay awhile…be comfortable!  Rooms are divided with a different feel, the wall paper defines it; for each room has a different pattern.  It sets an earthyiness and relaxing tone!

They have just completed their latest cookbook, The Neely’s Celebration Cookbook: Down Home Meals for Every Occasion, will be released in November.   They both are really excited about it.  There are a total of 120 recipes!!!!!

They have also partnered with Kraft for their Kraft Fight Hunger campaign. If you have a Facebook page, go to the Kraft Fight Hunger page and click the LIKE button, Kraft will give a meal for a child.

Now back to the brunch, the menu was superb!

To Start:

  •  Fried green tomatoes with Vidalia Onion Relish
  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit Compote
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Candied Thick Cut Slab Bacon    <——— can’t stop thinking about it!!!!  Gina and Pat were laughing, the Bacon will have you saying OINK!  It is so good!..


  • BBQ Spiced Seared Farm Raised Catfish with Eggs and Wilted Spinach
  • Pat’s Beer Can Chicken
  • “Wet” Memphis Ribs
  • Gina’s Kitchen Sink Quiche
  • Homemade Biscuits with Cream Gravy
  • Hush Puppies
  • Southern Creamed Corn
  • Spicy Pinto Beans with Burnt Ends  <———- had some kick to it!!!

To Finish

  • Blackberry Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream  <—–  WOW!
  • Mississippi Mud Pie with Rich Chocolate Sauce
  • Assorted Wines, Bellini and pomegranate Sour

The atmosphere had a happy buzz, family style, which gave you the opportunity to talk to the person sitting right next to you!  Food does that and good food does it even more!

The manager on hand, Alex Mitow was quite charming and made sure everyone was attended to!  While the fabulous general manager, Chris was making sure things stayed calm! The brunch was very, very nice and I met some wonderful people!

I was so into the food that I found my self daydreaming, thinking maybe…just maybe, I could cook one of the entrees!   I said maybe! Never mind!

If you are interested in the Wine & Food Festival, make sure to look out for the event next year!

Even if you cannot attend, think about giving.  Every dollar donated to the Food Bank helps provide five meals to New Yorkers in need.  If not this organization; you choose one to help in some way!

Here are some photos…please note there are no dessert photos, do I have to say why?  LOL

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now if you are thinking about BARBECUE!!! And you are in NYC, please visit the Neely restaurant!  I guarantee you, you wont be disappointed at all!

And pssst!  Fellas, there’s a cigar parlor downstairs too!   Ssssh!

Letia 🙂

Photos by Neelys  Barbecue Parlor and Letia Mitchell LifeStyle and Design,

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