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Did You Know Your Blog is an Asset? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN…too!

30 Apr

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Have you ever thought about whatever happens to a personal e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or other online accounts?

Hmmm, I did too not give it much thought about it – until the other day when trying to change all my passwords (I do it every 60 days); it occurred to me.

Thinking, my  blog legacy must go on! <smiling!>  So I did some research and found out some information about this digital world we live in!

Did you know that “digital wills” and “digital estates” are emerging as hot topics as we become more vested in the online world.  Digital will?

Well actually it’s not necessary to draw up a separate digital will.   Simply adding your digital assets (with user names and passwords) to a standard will should be enough.  All your digital information is an asset!  Either way, going without a plan for these assets is a bad idea.  Especially if you have a blog and it’s brings in income, you are journalist with your own blog – or – you just want to protect the information, etc!

Below are examples of what some of the more popular e-mail and social networking sites do with your accounts:

Google (includes YouTube, Google+, Blogger and other Google properties): Through the account settings, users can set a timeout period of three to 12 months for their account and instruct Google to notify and/or share data with friends and family or delete all information if the account becomes inactive. Google will try to contact the user via a secondary e-mail address and/or text message before shutting the account. If no answer is received, Google will follow through with the customer’s wishes.  

Hotmail: Microsoft has a “next of kin” process which allows for the release of Hotmail’s content, including e-mails, attachments, address book and Messenger contacts. The account contents are sent via a data DVD. They won’t provide access to the account or transfer it to another name.

Facebook: Relatives can request that Facebook memorialize the deceased person’s page. Only those “friended” by the person while he or she was alive may leave memorial posts on the page. The account is otherwise locked down. You can also shut down the page altogether by providing Facebook with a death certificate. For Facebook’s Instagram service, a next of kin would need to send an email request to the company to get the ball rolling.

LinkedIn: Next of kin can either close the account or memorialize it.

Twitter: Accounts that have been inactive for two years are shut down. Next of kin can contact Twitter to deactivate the account sooner. It will not provide log-in information.

Yahoo!: This includes photo-sharing site Flickr. Once a death certificate is provided to the company, the deceased’s account will be completely shut down and all content will be permanently deleted.

iTunes and Kindle e-books: The content in your Apple iTunes library and the e-books in your Amazon Kindle account are nontransferable since you pay for a license to use the content. In addition to providing loved ones with your login details, you can try converting some of the content to Digital Rights Management (DRM)-free formats while you’re still alive.

Website URLs and personal blogs: URLs that are registered to you are true assets and are transferable, as is your blog.

You can also set up an Administrator, other than yourself for some of your accounts – just in case you are unable to access them.  Also, check the account Manager sections, to see if there are any specific settings you can include.  Google has just recently added a feature!

It is always good to take a moment to think about a “what if?”.   I hope this information is helpful!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & DesignLetia 🙂

Let’s Educate Our Children on Bullying – BULLY the Documentary

17 Mar

I would like to take a moment to talk about this very important topic that has been on my mind all week!

To this day, growing up as a child in New York City, I can distinctly remember being picked on. 

Called a distasteful name, teased about what I was wearing or asked to move my seat while riding the school bus. 

These are a few examples where children find it in some way to pick on another child – especially when they find they are different from other children in some way; most of us have experienced this.

There were times when I would tell my mother; she would say that it will get better.  By the end of the school term, those same children were now my best friends and we were looking forward to seeing each during the summer or interact at play dates or birthday parties.  

School is supposed to be a place, where you send your children to learn academically, engage in activities to enrich being social with children of different backgrounds, establish friendships and have a little fun!  

However, now it’s at a whole another level!!!!  Parents across the country have a lot to consider when they send their children off to school, leaving them worried.   Whether it’s to school or an outside activity, they may be picked on and parents are NOT taking it lightly. 

The mistreatment can be awful for a child, especially with the Internet, social medias like Facebook and phone cameras used inappropriately.  If it is repeated on a daily basis, it is considered BULLYING or Cyber-BULLYING .

When a child shows sadness, any type of anxiety or even withdrawing from the things that one time they loved because they have to go to school; being teased and perhaps being bullied can be the reason.  The antagonizing effect on bullying is at an all time high.  Reporting to school officials is necessary and gives the child the reassurance that you are doing something about it.  It has to be taken seriously!!!!!!

Elementary schools, high schools, colleges and law officials across the country have put bullying guidelines in effect, even businesses.   However, parents in the last few years have seen how extreme the bullying can get and how in the worst, WORST case scenario, children commit suicide or are being killed!  The question is, are we doing enough? 

Earlier this week, while watching the news; Harvey Weinstein (The Artist) was being interviewed on his latest documentary movie called, Bully.  Due to the language in some of the scenes, the movie has been given a MPAA rating of ‘R‘.   There has been a lot of discussion on seeing if the rating can be changed to PG-13.  It more than likely not going to be changed; in spite of the petition with over names and celebrities lending their hand to help.  

On my Facebook page, I’d asked for some feedback from my readers – overwhelming I received a lot of responses via  messages and e-mails, where they did not want to post their comments and thoughts publicly.  Which I can understand!

The concern with the MPAA rating, is that if children or teenagers are to see the movie, they will have to have a parent accompanying them.  If seen by themselves, the movie may have a more of an impact.  I am in agreement that a movie rating is important and if a parent should be present, attend with your child. 

However, if parents feel that this specific movie is important for them to see without them – take them to the movie theatre, buy the tickets and let them go in by themselves. 

When the movie is over, I suggest having a discussion!  Just to talk about what they took from the movie, have they seen bullying occur and would they say something after seeing the movie. They may not admit that they may have participated in teasing or seen it, but they may now relate differently and consider the person being mistreated. 

“Bullying is mistreatment to another person, which negativity contributes to a person’s life changing ….when repeated relentlessly it can be fatal”.

The movie hit theatres on March 30th, so if you as a parent have made the decision that your child should see the movie, take them.  Sit with them or let them go by themselves…and TALK about it!

Update: As of 3/26, the movie will have no rating!


What Would Your Royal Title Be? Fun Royal Name Generator!

27 Apr

I know you may be tired about hearing about the Royal Wedding or you might be anxiously waiting!

Nevertheless, it would not be like me … to bring you some amusement about it all.

For a limited time, E online has this great search engine, called the Royal Name Generator.  This is where you put in your gender, name and city and the engines returns YOUR royal name!

It’s a lot of fun and gives you a little insight on how your name will be, that is if you were part of the Royal Family!

Princess Letia Hadley Mitchellcock of Westiminister for me!!!!!!  Simply Smashing!!!   Click the picture below to be brought to the site… share and post your name on Facebook or Twitter!  Have Fun!   🙂

 Letia 🙂

E! Entertainment Television, Inc. A division of NBCUniversal – All rights reserved

Are You On Facebook®? Twitter® Nation? And the Reason Why Is????

20 Sep

Howard out of Chicago, IL found my blog and wanted to know, was there anywhere else besides the social network sites, he could participate in my Q/A’s.  Which left me perplexed because, he was not on any of them, personally and for his business.  Yes, there are still people who haven’t joined; they either are skeptical or feel that it’s too time consuming! 

Did you know many interior decorators and designers are now on a social network sites to show their work, show their style and boost their clientele, plus keep abreast of what’s in and what’s OUT? 

My experience so often than not after an introduction with a friendly HELLO and talking with a potential client for 10 minutes, the conversation always ends up with the nice meeting you and “Are you on Facebook®?” or “Do you have Twitter®?” 

Now in the past, designers and decorators usually relied on word of mouth from their clientele; sending recommendations their way.  Twitter®, FaceBook®, MySpace®, do the same thing!  However to a larger forum, links to websites, links FlashPlayer® portfolios and sharing all sorts of ideas via e-mail through our cellphones!  Who would have thought.   With this technological communication, it allows YOU to be shown in person, which is so much better than giving out a mere business card!

I think it’s quite wonderful.   I began using YouTube® to  make videos recently, it’s a lot of work involved in the editing process; but I must say, I LOVE IT!  As I keep at it, it gets better and better!  For the few videos so far communicated through the social networks, the responses took me by surprised; all thanks to the social network sites!

As I told Howard and for others, if you are not on a social network, you are going to find yourself thinking about getting on one.  With the added pressure, you might have to ask your teenage son or daughter; or even hate the fact that you are going to make that call to your  nephew to come over (for a small fee) to set up an account at first (somebody!).  Then after setting it up and reviewing the social network’s highlights, the embarrassment will quickly subside. 

It will change your mind to thinking this is really cool and start in on the fun.   Let me warn you, you’ll be surprised how many people are looking for you!!   It is all so intriguing; before you know it you are hooked and looking for people yourself.   You’ll be partaking in playing games; only to receive messages from your friends to stop asking them to work for them on your farm via Farmville, the virtual game!

After becoming comfortable, then you can think about the business aspect of it all.  Yes, there are privacy concerns and they should not be taken lightly; still continue to be cautious as you are today.   Just recently, Facebook®  announced  it was a rumor that they have software to show where you are at and post it on your profile!  I know,  you probably thinking what I thought “It’s the government!!!”.   And it may be true, there is a consorted effort to find criminals and pedophiles, so it  may be an inside initiative, but keep in mind, Facebook® does give the user the option to change their profiles under their notifications.  But it was only a rumor!   Also, if you do join any of the social network sites, please don’t get caught up with the number of “friends” that actually clicked “LIKE” on your Facebook® business page, the number of Twitter® followers or MySpace tags! 

People will be driven to your business via a mere search engine inquiry, the numbers will surprise you.   The main goal is to get the interest of the viewer to be interested for the first 14-15 secs; remember it’s based on their mood that day and especially what’s on their mind; believe me ….a mental note will be stored to come back to your page or website at a later time.

I cannot tell you how many wonderful people I’ve met or got reaquainted with via Facebook®, MySpace® and Twitter® ; including my blog site.  If not connected, I probably would never have gotten the chance to be introduced to them.  Yes, the exposure is quite wonderful, but with the economy being in such dire straits, people have looked on ways to cut costs and I’m happy to give the answers to their questions on sprucing up their homes with their specific budget in mind.  These sites allow me to do it easily.

Personally, it’s a great way for me to connect with family and friends easily, be part of humane causes, find the latest shopping finds, see the latest on NYC’s Fashion Week, be a breast of world-wide issues, take surveys and watch those crazy videos for the mere entertainment to make me laugh!  You name it, there is someone who has thought of it!   Besides, how would I know the latest on what’s happening with 1stDibs wonderful designer items, Justin Bieber (nice young man..cameo appearance this Fall season on CBS’s CSI via a tweet!), Anderson Cooper and Sam Fine!   

Hey, if you have already taken advantage of the sites; including the blog sites to be part of some great literal work (giggle); nevertheless, you are intrigued to be part of it all.  There are others who are quite afraid on having a computer; much less thinking about on-line banking; so a social network site is definitely out of the question!  There are people who are just fine in their world, as it is and there’s nothing wrong with that.  However, for those who are thinking about it, the sites can be quite useful to show your niche, whatever it may be! 

So let me ask “Are you on Facebook®?”, are you thinking about it?  Now, with my little segway to say….if you have any questions or need tips, just log on to my Facebook page; my website has a link (www.lmlifestyleanddesign.com); or e-mail me at lee@lmlifestyleanddesign.com.  Or do you think it’s going to get out of control?  I would love to hear from you!! 

Let me know your thoughts and tell me your experiences on the social network sites. Have you surrendered to join one?  Howard, is going to let me know, he’s still on the fence about it!

As always, be well – Letia! 🙂

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