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Vera Wang on Weddings! A Wonderful App for the IPad!

26 Sep

If you have a iPad and are a bride to be or know someone who is getting married..there is a wonderful app which can help in the wedding planning!

Vera Wang on Weddings, is a free and fun app! Who wouldn’t want help from Vera! She gives you access to her brand, right at your fingertips!

Lets say, you need ideas. There is an Inspiration board feature where you can take photos and place them to make decisions, share your ideas and have them readily available at a whim!

To show you how easy it is, I created my own Inspiration board! Ay yi yi …if I was going to get married…..what would be my likes! I am just saying…if I had to plan one! 🙂

Here I placed photos of the church, bouquet styles and color swatches! The center pieces, stemware and the wedding cake! My engagement ring (I said my likes!) and my idea of a groom’s gift! My favorite Vera Wang wedding dress, my pooch Manolo and the style of my bridesmaid’s dresses! Music selections by my favorite artist Rashaan Patterson and table seating styles! All to be featured in Flare magazine! :).

It was fun, a whole hour past!

So whatever you decide, the Vera Wang on Weddings app can definitely help a bride out, it has so many features! And guys, if you download this to your IPad and show your fiancé, you will get major points! MAJOR!

Here is the link: http://www.verawang.com/EN/apps/

Have fun!


Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design

Letia 🙂

It’s About The Gown! The Wedding Gown!

5 Aug

If you are a bride-to-be looking for a gown or a woman who is thinking about IT!  Hmmm! If I was a bride – what would be the wedding gown that I would wear?

Why am I thinking about a gown? 😉

Maybe it’s the two weddings that I have attended  in the last two weeks – which probably has me thinking about matrimony <violins are now playing in the background, while I’m typing this>!

However, like every woman who perhaps wants to be married or a mother who wants their daughter to be married …wonders!  Yes, you do wonder about the gown, thee one you would wear!

So you know, I already  have one picked out!  I have fallen in love…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with this Vera Wang GOWN!  It was delicately tucked in my TO DO folder.  I took it out tonight, to share!

Even if it was not a wedding gown, I would love it as an evening gown.   However, I am going to stick with the wedding cloud!   How about you, do you have a dream wedding gown?

The wedding gown is named, Holly.  A mermaid gown with piked and pin tucked drop-waist corset, with volumes of  layered organza petals with floating sprig embroidery!  Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

My Favorite!!!!

Vera Wang

John Hancock, illustrator.  Vera Wang, Bridal Collection  www.verawang.com

Letia 🙂

The Tabouret Chair, Vera Wang’s Choice of Seating!

13 Nov

Of course you recognize this famous and one of my favorite designers, Vera Wang.   This is a photo of her right before her guests arrived for a dinner party she was hosting a few years ago.

Here is Vera Wang is in her beautiful evening gown, which lets you know it’s a dinner party where she is totally in agreement with the style , simply Vera.  Planning you next dinner party, use your imagination!  Know that there is nothing etched in stone!

I just wanted to bring your attention to the background of the photo, it is very simple.  Many of you may think that dinner parties are over the top, however they are often not.  It’s about having family and friends in a setting to enjoy one another and what’s the best way to do this?  It’s over a meal!

You can do this!  Say if you are hosting a dinner party and require additional seating.  In the photo; the white leather banquette was not enough for the number of guests.  So for extra seating, white tabouret style chairs were used!

The dinnerware and place settings are white, clear crystal stemware , votive candles and simple short cut flowers in vases – placed on the table throughout (very relaxing).

Yes!  You can bring outdoor seating inside!  It’s your party….you can do anything you want!  The white tabouret chairs are stackable,  easy to move and also sturdy!

Here is the tabouret chair, pictured here in silver metal!  For those maybe wondering why the chair is called a tabouret.

Acquired a more specialized meaning in 17th century France at the court of Louis XIV in Versailles.  Sitting in the presence of the royal family was a much coveted honor and the tabouret was the way to do it.

The court tabouret was an elaborate, upholstered stool with curved wooden legs and tassels, carried by a liveried and wigged servant. The duchess was automatically granted the honor of sitting in front of the queen.

In fact, history indicates this stool became such a symbol of privilege that when Louis XIV’s mother, the Regent Anne of Austria granted the tabouret to two non-duchesses, such a storm of protest was raised that she had to revoke them!

So if you decide to use these chairs, their French and your guests will be  privileged!! 🙂






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