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BBC’s Luther 2nd Season – Idris Elba

30 Jan
Luther (TV series)



Here’s my response to the many e-mails I received on Luther, do I know?

Yes,  Yes….there’s going to be a second season!

BBC did announce Luther second series will be airing in the Spring!.  It will broadcast as two two-hour long specials, on BBC One; no dates published yet.  They just finished filming.

It’s so hard to believe when Luther originally aired in the UK, the ratings were said to be decreasing during the series. The series was up against such shows as against ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent and Coronation Street; which played a major reason.

I must admit, the fans who created such a stir frenzy that the series was definitely a must see; surely proved that by having such positive feedback of the series was the catalyst of BBC One’s decision to allow the series to be included in the line-up of many cable networks!

And even when it could n’t get any better, Idris Elba received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television.   Although the Golden Globe award went to Al Pacino, You Don’t Know Jack; the nomination clearly shows the decision to continue the series was definitely a good choice!

Many of you have asked, who is my favorite character?  Of course, Idris Elba who plays John Luther!  Then there’s Ruth Wilson, who plays Alice.  My favorite quote by her?  ” I did it for YOUUUU”!  Her acting, well let’s believable!

With Neil Cross’s writing, the Luther cast and our love for knowing what’s going on across the pond, I believe we all are anxiously waiting for “What’s next?”.  The acting is so superb and drama to the highest!  I’m wondering, are you wondering?

If you are on Facebook and haven’t done so already, you can join the page name Luther, join the Discussions tab to be part of all the buzz with people around the world, all waiting and telling what they liked about the series!  And I’m sure, also the second series when it begins airing in a few months!  Everyone is sooooo bloody happy!

See! Once again, I didn’t give too much away, for those who have n’t seen it (see my first commentary).  It’s now on DVD, so it’s not too late to catch up!

So everyone, let’s get ready!

Letia 😉

NY FALL 2011 Fashion Week, It Soon Will Be Here! Be VOGUE!

29 Jan

Countdown….get ready to be Vogue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letia 😉

Video by MTV!

Anyone Know How to Play TABOO??? Seriously!

28 Jan

What would I do without the BlackBerry®.   I had to post this…forgive me, if you don’t care!  I am writing it anyway! This evening, we are all playing TABOO!

Let me set it up.

Team 1 has won 5x already

Team 2 won 3x.

I’m on Team 3 no wins!! NOTHING!!  Zero!

So when it’s my team’s turn, I thinking we are the underdogs, we are going to make a comeback <from zero>! So, quietly and softly my team member says:

Snow, ice, glass and wine!

Winter, cold, clear and wine!

White, chill and wine!

So I say  ” I am going to have a nice glass of white wine”…ahhh “white wine”…thinking we won, it wasn’t the answer.  The little jigama of a sand clock finished.   The answer is, get this!   IGLOO RESTAURANT! I know, I know….terrible clues!!! Just terrible!!!  I am about to hang in the towel!

Isn’t the object of the game is to get your team members to guess a specific word on a card without using the five other related words listed on the card?  This is what I thought it to be!  Guess not!

Hope you are having fun where you at!  I am, I am; even though I’m a sore loser!  For the Taboo lovers out there in the world, let a girl know the rules!

Heading back for more torture!  Oh! Enjoy your weekend!

Letia 🙂

Taboo game by Hasbro®

CoverGirl® – Highlight Your Eyes

27 Jan

New from COVERGIRL® …..Product scheduled to be available at the end of this month!

   Letia 😉


Makeup artistry by Sam Fine for Queen Latifah!

Plus Size Brides – Of Course There’s A Wedding Gown For You!

26 Jan

I received an e-mail from Sarah, a bride-to-be.  Well Sarah is really stressed about finding a wedding gown!  She’s a beautiful plus size woman and simply dreading it!

First, I know that planning a wedding as it is, is stressful.  However, this bride-to-be should not lose sight that she is getting married.

This is going to be one of thee important moments in her life and finding a gown; can be done…even if she is a plus size!

Let’s set the record straight, the definition of plus size, is any size after a size 10!

The Fashion Industry always reminds us that their sample designs are from size 0 to 3!  From size 4 to 12, sometimes including 14, is the market that most fashion designers will create a collection for distribution to buyers for major stores and boutiques, it’s all about the cost of the textiles and fabrics which drives most of the size determinations.

This is why in some instances, size 16 and up will cost a bit more.  To accommodate, for fuller figure the designs were made a bit wider, this is why the ‘W’ is found next to the size; like 14W.  More and more fashion designers are making the effort to make their designs available for the plus-size woman!  My favorite is Tadashi!!!!!

As for wedding gowns, if Kleinfields in NYC has wedding gowns for the plus size woman up to a size 30.  Then you have to believe, there are other stores which are meeting the demand and affordable too!

So, don’t be ridiculous, you can have a beautiful wedding gown!!! <I’m talking to Sarah!> And…. don’t forget on-line shopping is a wonderful option.  YOU will find a wedding gown!  Your fiancée fell in love with your curves, so take the time to accentuate them with a wedding gown you love!  There are men who love curves,  you know!

Now during Fashion Week, most designers will feature a wedding gown in their collection or if they feature their bridal collection in runway show.  The Spring 2011 collections for most designers has already been featured and the designs are available in most bridal boutiques today.

Let’s talk about cost!  Yes, you may be thinking “designer”, this out of my range, budget, pocket…don’t have that kind of money.  Well many of the designers are teaming up with bridal retailers to offer their designs, making it more affordable.

Top designer, Vera Wang announced she would be doing just that with David’s Bridal, she is teaming up with the retailer starting this spring.  A collection of twenty wedding gowns will be available,  ranging from $600 to $1,500.   Not bad, for her bridal designer line start at $4,000 to $35,000!!!!!  And….plus sizes will be included! I hope you are smiling!

Here’s a few sites:  Kleinfields, David’s Bridal and Light In The Box.  Bara Luxe has beautiful wedding gowns too, featured in video!  I believe Sarah just needed some reassurance, now she can start looking!  And…for those who are being apprehensive about your curves too, start looking too!  So there!!!

Letia 🙂

Video provided by getmarriedtv from

Tell Me! Tell Me! How Do I Volunteer for NY Fashion Week?

25 Jan

Edna E Mode

Please note: Although this post was written in 2011, this post’s topic is Mercedes Benz is no longer partner with NYFW.

2015 – The new partners of NYFW are IMG & CFDA. you can email those companies directly or you can email the designers. Email designers so you can speak to them directly, have a resume to attached to the email. If you have time, go on NYFW website and get the list of the shows & designer and just start emailing them (updated frequently via comments on upcoming shows and information).

“Well, I am sure I don’t know, darling. Luck favors the prepared!”

I am going to bring  you as much as I can, the NYFALL 2011 runway shows will begin in about 20 days.  Fashion designers are doing the last preparation for their six months of planning; which consists of  model selections, hair, makeup, SHOES, accessories, lighting design, sound and music.   A lot of hard work!

I’ve received about 10 – 15  e-mails this evening, asking how do you go about volunteering for Fashion Week.  Unfortunately the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Volunteer Program is no longer accepting volunteers for the NYFALL 2011 shows, the deadline was December 17th.

So what do you do? You go for the 2012 Spring Collection!   Start getting you resume together now and work on your cover letter;  outline who you are and why YOU should be considered < a brief summary;  not a book>.

Begin checking the site at; as NYFALL2011 ends. This is when you can begin to find out when resumes can be sent to and be considered for the collection the site is requesting volunteers for at that time.

Remember it is a lot of work, but such a great opportunity!

  • Help keep up the main event Information Desk
  • Assist in the Volunteer Center
  • Various other tasks for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Staff
  • Runway Venue Preparation
  • Designer Guest Ushers
  • Backstage Assistance and Set Up
  • Assemble Gift Bags and Press Kits

Don’t forget the seating arrangements for the whose who’s, press, seating ; you name it!   So, if you get star struck, then re-think whether you can be professional in this venue.

I would also pay attention to the sponsors for NYFALL2011 show, getting yourself familiarize helps and review some of the runway videos on my blog to see what are the happenings backstage, can definitely help. 🙂


Upcoming Show!

Good Luck!


Edna ‘E’ Mode photo & quote by Disney for Pixar Films.  Backstage photo of Christian V Siriano.

Fashion Week 2011 – The Heart Truth® & National Red Wear Day!

25 Jan
Christie Brinkley in red dress. For the Nation...

Christie Brinkley

The Heart Truth® is a national awareness campaign for women about heart disease sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

The Red Dress®, which was introduced in 2002 as the national symbol for women and heart disease awareness.

The Red Dress® is a beautiful reminder that a healthy heart needs to be taken care of and reminds us that action is required to support, access information and help those in need.

To kickoff  NYFALL 2011 Fashion Week, many models, celebrities and designers will put on The Red Dress® Fashion show to their support.

It’s called The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection!  Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 at the Theatre, Lincoln Center.  Behind the scenes, there is so much dedication to bring awareness, you wouldn’t think everyone would be nervous, but they are!  See video of last year’s event!

Want to show your support of your awareness of woman heart disease, February 4th is National Wear Red Day!  Women you can wear a red turtleneck, scarf, dress or the Red Dress® pin and men, you can wear a red tie with the pin too!  Simple as that!

For more information, just click Christie Brinkley’s picture!

Letia 🙂

This post is dedicated to two special and beautiful women, Tc Eckstine – a heart disease survivor and Domenica Bueti – dedicated heart disease charity fundraiser!

Photos courtesy of The Heart Truth®, Video by New York Post.

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