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Sub-Zero|Wolf, A & D Building, AJ Madison and Cooking!

26 Jul

If your like me, you marvel the look of the latest high-end appliances.  When you see them in a kitchen, you know that the owner must be a chef, really understands the fundamentals of cooking or just loves the beauty of it all! Remember, Yolanda H. Foster’s, see through refrigerator (RHOBH)!  What am I talking about?  This refrigerator, the work of art!


When remodeling a kitchen the look, the feel and sleek lines of the appliances, must be there – for the kitchen is the one place that everyone congregates!  Most people are looking for the  professional look, however really do not understand that these appliances are simply amazing and powerful!

Back in March, I attended the annual Architectural Digest Home Show in NYC and had the pleasure of winning a cooking class being offered by AJ Madison.    The cooking class would detail the fundamentals of cooking and how high-end appliances have evolved – making your cooking better or let’s say giving you the tools to do so!   The appliances were Sub-Zero|Wolf.

Let’s say, that I am a very average cook!  Know how to boil water, broil fish, make a soup and bake a chicken!   All other types of cooking beyond this – makes me wonder in amazement the art of cooking.  I’m talking about souffles, baking bread or managing to keep a duck breast moist…that kind of cooking!!  I am so lucky to have the opportunity to be near NYC to experience all types of foods, where I truly appreciate all that it takes to getting the satisfaction of having a wonderful dish and more!

This cooking class was held at the Architects and Designer Building here in NYC on 58th Street; Suite 503 (5th floor). The A & D building is a wonderful destination for high design and luxury goods –  the showrooms are open for those who are interested in exploring for ideas and seeing the latest products (including educational seminars, culinary celebrations, showroom openings).

The Sub-Zero|Wolf  showroom is absolutely beautiful; detailing all of their latest appliances and a state of the art cooking area for demonstrations!   The showroom is a relaxed atmosphere where designers can bring their clients to look at the appliances without any hassle and ask questions.

Even if you are not a designer, just interested, consumers are welcomed as well!   If you currently own any Sub-Zero|Wolf appliance, you can also be able to attend one of their product demonstrations, you just would need the Model # and Serial # of your product to sign up with AJ Madison.

 ” AJ Madison has a wonderful wide variety of major brand name appliances and stand by their   “service after the sale” – standing by our customers from the day of purchase throughout the life cycle of the product.” 

Now, I am not going to tell you about every appliance, but I would like to give a breakdown of what the terminologies are:

Bake Mode – The oven heats 10% from the top,  90% bottom  (cookies, cakes, pastries)

Convection Bake Mode – 100% heated controlled air (pies, cookies – abundance)

Broil Mode – 100% heats from the top (normal broiling)

Convection Broil Mode – 100% heats from the top with controlled air (fish, poultry, thick meats).

Roast Mode – 25% heats from the top, 75% from the bottom (beef, poultry, pork) .

Convection Roast Mode – 25% heats from the top, 75% heated controlled air (turkeys, large meats).

Dehydration Mode – 100% heated controlled air (fruit, herbs, meats for jerky types).

Bake Stone Mode – Heated top and bottom with stone (pizza)

Proof Mode – combination of heat with controlled air (rising breads).

The appliances shown during the class were the top of the line, get this!  How about punching in the pound amount of your item (chicken, poultry, beef) and with the internal thermometer, press ENTER on the display menu….the oven will suggest the correct temperature and seamlessly determines the time it will be done!   Steaming fish the correct way, the actual amount of steam will be created to set your fish to perfection.  Even vegetables!!!  There are also heat induction features for their range, using vibration moves on the cook top causes heat, reducing the amount of electricity to cook specific items.  All undeniably impressive!   To show how to have a whole dinner ready, in less than 4 hours; here is what was prepared:

  • Four amazing pizzas
  • Salmon burgers
  • Fried Macaroni & Cheese balls <still thinking about them>
  • Broiled Salmon
  • Steamed Cod
  • Steamed Vegetables
  • Pork Loin Roast
  • Prime Rib Roast
  • Russet Potatoes
  • Corn
  • Wedding Cookies
  • Chocolate Covered Cherries (demonstrated melted chocolate)
  • Brownies
  • Choice of White or Red Wine, Water

TIP:  When getting recipes on the Internet, always specific if you have a convection oven.  This will give you the correct information for cooking!

Thanks AJ Madison, I had a wonderful time and to Architectural Digest for the invite back this past March!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & DesignLetia 🙂 for more information.  Photo of Yolanda H. Foster’s refrigerator by BravoTV (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills).  Photos by Letia Mitchell LIfeStyle & Design LLC.


If the White House expects Us to Believe…..

21 Jul
Helen Thomas in White House Press Room on her ...

Helen Thomas in White House Press Room on her 89th birthday in 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“If the White House expects us to believe that, they must think we are crazy!”

Helen Thomas 1920-2013

True pioneer! Helen Thomas had covered every U.S. President from John F. Kennedy to President Barack Obama!  A wonderful woman who paved the way for woman journalists and correspondents! Her blunt questions, her tone  – not only made her a personality, but kept people on their toes, knowing Helen is going to ask that great question!  With the same reply  “Thank You Mr. President”. Rest in peace!

Ahhh! The power of women!

Letia 🙂

L’Oréal Paris Eyelashes – The Mascara Must!

16 Jul

If you are like me sometimes, don’t want to put on falsies….this mascara is the best to extend your lashes!


Liquid Lash Extensions
Length + Intensity
New Telescopic® Shocking Extensions™ Mascara separates and intensifies every lash for an intense makeup result.

L’Oréal Paris is a truly global beauty brand with many internationally renowned products. For most, the name “L’Oréal” is immediately evocative of the brand’s signature phrase, “Because I’m Worth It.”— the concept behind the legendary advertising campaign for the Superior Preference® hair color launch in 1973. Today, it represents the essence of the L’Oréal Paris brand as a whole, a spirit which is about helping every woman embrace her unique beauty while reinforcing her innate sense of self-worth. #lorealparis

Letia 🙂

Photo belongs to L’Oréal Paris, L’Oréal Get Noticed.

Royal Baby, Kate and William’s Bundle of Joy! London is Waiting! It’s A BOY!

12 Jul

royal crownLast  have been calling back and forth to the UK, awaiting the news on the arrival of a princess!  Wanting to know what her name will be! Duchess of Cambridge’s due date was yesterday!  <I’m so wanting the child to be a little girl, but it’s a boy it is ! A prince has arrived!>

Following the newborn’s arrival, William will take a two-week paternity leave before resuming his Royal Air Force duties. Middleton and the baby, meanwhile, will shuttle between London and her parents’ home in Berkshire.  Come September, the entire brood will move into Kensington Palace’s Apartment 1A, where the royal mom-to-be has been putting the finishing touches on a redecorated nursery.

The royal baby is to be born in the private Lindo wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London where Prince William was born 31 years ago.  Prince Harry was born there also.


Prince Charles, the heir apparent, was present for the births of his sons and Prince William, second in the line to the throne, plans to be there for his first child.

I’m told from a reliable source, my Auntie Mum! She’s say it’s stated that bundle of joy is set to hit the road with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on a spring 2014 royal baby tour.

I happy for the couple!  Yayyyyyy!   Let’s see what will be the young prince’s name  🙂



Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design












Letia 🙂

Eleni’s…Taking the Sugar Cookie Beyond Imagination!

10 Jul

Eleni's Cookie Tag It’s so ironic that Sugar Cookie Day is on July 9th that I am writing this post!  Who loves sugar cookies?  Well I sure do!  Shopping downtown recently in the Chelsea area NYC, bidding time to spend before a dinner reservation set at 5:30 PM; a suggestion was to go to the Chelsea Market; a block away! It was extremely hot and an air-conditioned place was the way to go!   Upon entering, I noticed this big beautiful sign with the insignia of Eleni’s.  So I walked in and immediately reverted to being about 7 years old – for the place was filled with sugar cookies!  Not just any sugar cookies, ones with shapes and designs that only one could imagine and beyond! It was so busy that I could definitely understand the frenzy!  The store’s colors were pink and white, adorn with colors of the rainbow all over!  There were sugar cookie designs of beach balls, lobsters, crabs, bride/groom for wedding favors, flip-flops, rainbows, hats….you name it; it was sugar cookie! Eleni's Flagship Store  Chelsea Market I’d searched the entire store, looking for something that I could bring  home and love too!  Moving to the front counter, there it was ….. an OWL!< I love owls>!   So Eleni’s right then and there became the best store EVER, because you really have to go beyond the imagination to do an owl sugar cookie! Not everyone is looking for one; let’s be honest it’s about 1 out 35 people! I am so unique! My Owl Sugar Cookie By Eleni's So I had good ole time of sample testing; this the kind of thing that you’ll definitely enjoy repeatedly! The cookie has a sweet and supple buttery taste! You could be happy right there with about 3 -4 sugar cookies and a cup of coffee!  And the sugar cookies are nut-free and Kosher certified. Due to I am a terrible baker, my cookies always come out gooey!  I’d got this great idea on making a gift bag with an assortment of the sugar cookies for the hosts of a party that I will be attending in August, so a return to Eleni’s will be exciting!

Eleni’s is owned by Eleni Gianopulos had a passion for baking,.  It all began with a small catering business in her apartment.  What began as a side business featuring Eleni’s mother’s famous oatmeal-raisin cookies quickly outgrew her home over and evolved into a full-fledged cookie empire.  Since 1997, Eleni’s New York has been a must-stop.

If you live in New York City, or plan to visit, you must experience the Eleni’s flagship store in Chelsea Market, or the new location on Madison Avenue, for yourself.  For cookie fanatics in other parts of the world, you can purchase these tasty treats directly from the Eleni’s website, in high-end retail locations across the US, and now on!

Eleni's Flip Flop Cookies

Eleni's Wedding Cookies

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design   Letia 🙂

Photos Courtesy of Eleni’s and Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design. 

Elie Saab! I Love It!

9 Jul

I LOVVVVVVVVVE this dress! Ok! That’s it! Let me dream! Gorgeous! It’s simple, not fussy,  little sexy, comfortable and with a nice cool breeze going… will be wonderful for mwah!!! What do you think? I can’t wait to see his Spring 2014 collection!



Elie Saab’s style is a unique fusion of western and eastern culture. He uses noble materials such as taffeta, organza, noble and satin paired with more fluid and light fabrics. He also has a signature fragrance!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & DesignLetia 🙂

Kate Hudson in a silk chiffon grey Elie Saab embellished gown at Djokovic Charity gala. Shoes Louboutin!

Mozzarella Carrozza, My Childhood Memories of a Italian Grill Cheese!

1 Jul

Here it is Monday afternoon and I’m having flashbacks of my childhood!  You see growing up, my late mother Gilda was a registered nurse and anytime there was a holiday or new baby on it’s way, her and co-workers would celebrate at the hospital where she worked!

They would celebrate by bringing in dishes and this is how I began my love affair of all types of foods! You see the staff was from all different nationalities, which was just wonderful for me!  For my Mom would bring some of the dishes home! I remember, Ms. Helga – she’d introduced me to Swedish meatballs, while Ms. Kim always sent cold noodles with that special sesame taste  my way!

These memories just triggered my ultimate favorite… Ms. Marcello’s Italian grilled cheese sandwich! I will never forget my first taste of it!  You see my Mom worked the night shift; 11 PM to 6 AM which left her to catch up on errands after work and see me off to school.  This one particular day in the Fall, there was no school – so that meant I had to go with her.

So what the ladies would do was get together and meet once a month to talk about all the things that they couldn’t discuss while at the hospital.  So this time, my no school day so happened to fall on the day of one of their get togethers.

I knew it was different – because my Mom stopped to get two boxes of  Entenmann’s coffee cakes, about three to four of those little apple pies in the red & white  box that I only saw when company was over at my house and a big tin can of Chock Full of Nuts coffee!

My Mom announced that we were going to Ms. Marcello’s house for a while and I’d received the orders right there in the car!

  • Be quiet!
  • Don’t touch anything!  < she said it about five times>
  • Read this book (Aladdin) and read it very slowly, for I was going to get a test.
  • If you’re offered something to eat, take one and the rest of the stay, you say no thank you (you’ll eat later!).

When we arrived, they all were surprised to see me where I got a lot of hugs, cheek pinching and kisses.  I remember the attention was great and within seconds I was given my area in the sun room to sit and be quiet; while they all huddled in the dining room and began making their spread of all the items each of them brought.

I knew the coffee was brewing, for the smell was strong throughout the house.  Then I heard all of their hearty laughing, all followed by soft whispering and then the laughing started again.   I remembered that I’d better get to reading my book, for a quiz was  on it’s way.  Engrossed in my book, all of a sudden I smelled this wonderful scent in the house, I didn’t know what it was – but I knew that quite possibly they all were going to start eating and something was coming my way soon!

You know when you get that wonderful smell and then it awakes your stomach, which makes you even more hungry.  Although I knew my Mom told me to be quiet; I couldn’t wait!  Well,  I had inched my way all the way to the dining room and Ms. Marcello said “Letia, I was just coming to you with a sandwich! Be careful, it’s hot!”

Mozzarella Carrozza - Italian Grill Cheese Sandwich

Mozzarella Carrozza – Italian Grill Cheese Sandwich

So, I went back to the sun room with the sandwich and it smelled absolutely wonderfully!  I’d remembered taking a bite and retreating because it was so hot and noticed all the steaming white cheese inside!  Blowing hard to cool it, then I took the ultimate bite and was in heaven!

I ate the whole thing, returned back to the dining room and before I could even think of what I was saying, I said ” Ms. Marcello that sandwich was so good, can I have another one!”  She replied with a YES! When I’d looked my Mom’s way, she had that look of  “What are you doing? Didn’t I tell you….””  Ms. Marcello must have looked her way too,  for the next thing  she said was “Gilda, let the child eat! Come in the kitchen and let me show you how to make these grilled cheese sandwiches the Italian way!  You can make it for Letia at home, when ever she wants.”

Before I knew it, all the ladies were in the kitchen making sandwiches.  Sometimes stopping to spell words of their conversation <which I knew kinda of what they were saying, I was a good speller>.  In the kitchen, there were balls of cheese, which I now know it was mozzarella, bread and a pot of oil!  Boy oh Boy, sandwiches were just a coming and I became the taste tester!  I was so full…. that I thought I was going to bust! I couldn’t even imagine being anywhere else, but right there!    Before you knew it, the time had flown by and it was getting late.

So my Mom saved two sandwiches and wrapped them in a napkin (so it kept it’s crust) and we were getting ready to leave.  I’d remembered that I hugged Ms. Marcello so hard, she thought she was going to stop breathing!   I had such a good time!   My Mom and Ms. Marcello were such good friends and for a very long time.  I’d remember she even helped me to get a job while I was in High school and would always tell me, you make sure you always  get your cheese fresh!   She was a very nice, lovable woman!

So today, happily I’m wanting a good Italian grilled cheese sandwich and when I look around – most restaurants don’t make them.  So this evening, I am going to make about three to four sandwiches and dedicate them to my Mom and Ms. Marcello!

I did find a recipe by Nigella Lawson of Nigella Bites which matches what I closely remember the preparation on that wonderful day in the Fall.    I’d loved sharing my childhood memories with you!  If you have some, please share too! So I’m off to get some fresh cheese and fresh baked bread!

So this recipe is a classic Italian dish which gives a rise to a fried mozzarella. Bread slices are pressed around mozzarella cheese, floured, dipped in egg, then deep-fried.  I am going add just a twist and put some prosciutto! Yummy!  Still have questions, a video is down below!

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes


  • 6 slices white bread, crusts removed
  • 1 fist-sized ball mozzarella, cut into approximately 1/4-inch slices, then strips
  • 1/2 cup whole milk
  • 3 heaping tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 egg
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil (not extra-virgin) for frying


Make sandwiches out of the bread and mozzarella, leaving a little margin around the edges unfilled with cheese, and press the edges together with your fingers to help seal. (One of the advantages of soft white bread is that it is easily smushed together.) Pour the milk into one soup bowl, the flour into another, and beat the egg with salt and pepper in another. Warm the olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat. Dunk the sandwiches briefly, one by one, in the milk, then dredge in the flour, then dip in the beaten egg. Fry in hot oil on each side till crisp and golden and remove to a paper towel. Cut in half and apply to face. Yield: 2 servings.

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Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & DesignLetia 🙂

Recipe source from: Nigella Bites by Nigella Lawson (Hyperion), Food Network

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