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Thinking about Chocolate at the Pen – The Peninsula Hotel Chicago

28 Feb
Truffles with nuts and chocolate dusting in de...

For you Chicagoans, the Peninsula’s all you can eat chocolate bar buffet, is to die for!

Why, I am here thinking about it?  I am planning to go to Chicago in a couple of weeks and it was the first thing I thought about!

I am not sure whether if you have something similar in your area…..but if not, take some pointers from here!

The Peninsula Chicago has rave reviews for their fine cuisine; but the showstopper is the Chocolate Buffet!  In my couple of experience, it;s not stuffy at all, no fussy elaborate desserts, just chocolate!

From 8 p.m.-midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, an all-you-can-eat chocolate buffet features between 10 and 15 high-end confections (when available), including cinnamon truffles, chocolate-dipped strawberries and chocolate pot de crème, plus beverages like lavender-scented white chocolate cocoa. There’s dark and white and chocolate cakes!

It’s chocolate..well… HEAVEN! They even have a children’s price.  And the entertainment is all that jazz!  Jazz music that is!

If spending the night at the hotel, in the morning for breakfast their chocolate croissants are to die for!  Sometimes, even if we live in an area; we never venture out to experience the offers the hotels provide visitors.

It’s a wonderful to try!  It would be great, to make a date.  Go downtown and have an enjoyable time!  Have I gotten you wanting some chocolate?   Sorry!  No, I am not! <giggle>

Letia 😉

The Peninsula Chicago Hotel

Best Memorable Oscar Speeches

27 Feb


Aviva Stanoff New York, Unique and Divine!

27 Feb

A few years back, I remember meeting this brilliant young lady at one of the Home Design shows I’d attended and was completely blown away by her creativity.

Her name is Aviva and is the owner of Aviva Stanoff New York!  From starting in 1999; to having her studio – based in Brooklyn, NY in the Dumbo section; her designs get better and better!

I always instantly recognize her designs and are undeniably sorted after by many decorators and designers to add that unique and divine touch to complete a project!

From custom glass vases ; wedding centerpieces and the extraordinary glamorous pillows.

Her Far East traditions and inspirational surroundings continue to be a beautiful catalyst in taking textiles to the next level each and every time.

Lovely creations by hand-dyeing, etching and often times painting into special pieces.  No two are the same!

The pieces are not only great conversation pieces; but are offered in a multi-array of color tones, patterns and density.

If you are looking for something beautiful and unique for a bridal shower, your wedding; there are really some nice items and custom work is also offered too.

Perhaps, if you want to give a unique gift;  there are many collections to choose from <many!>.  From Stationery, journals, table runners to lavender satchels; all hand-made to give the thought of special!

Letia 🙂

Photos by aviva stanoff new york (Luis Bruno), Ginkgo Vase collection, Ostrich on Twilight pillows in Kohl and Powder.

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