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A Day with Sting!

23 Jul


Before I forget again and go on to something else, I wanted to share with you quickly my experience (where I am still on a high) seeing Mr. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner perform last week! “Who, you say?” (in an english accent) Sting!    

The CBS Early Show has their live Summer Concert series every year and who was on the plaza performing, but STING himself.   Not only was he performing but he had the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with him!  Taking his famous songs and revamping them once again to bring a delight of creativity and happiness.   The last time I saw  him (yes, I am a FAN!) was at NYC St. John’s Cathedral church in December ’09 and before that in London!  However, this engagement was quite wonderful; it was outside and I was so in the moment!  

It’s ironic how a group of people in one setting all have the admiration of the same thing!  I was singing along (not very good), but I knew every word, every bridge in each song.  I could have been part of the ensemble, just in case they needed a stand-in!  NOT!!!!    

Did you know Sting is a “New Yorker”, he has a home in NYC; brought back in 2006 and often is in Central Park….in case you thought you saw someone who may have looked like him and you mistakenly said “Naaaah, it can’t be”!   It probably was.  Now for those of you who say you must have some money to see a good concert, I say think again for the six song performance was worth every minute of the wait to see him, for it was hosted by CBS Early Show at no charge.  Even if you could not get close to the stage (like me), you had his music in the backdrop loud and clear.  It was beautiful.  And of course, he’s gorgeous!  Not bad for 58!    

Can you tell that I’m a fan!  When looking at the video attached, please don’t mind my singing (I was having a good time)!  The rendition of Roxanne is simply beautiful.    His new CD,  Symphonocities has just been released and you can check out his tour dates on    I  will be sure to put up the other videos of the performance, but I wanted to share this quickly, for I would not have time to upload them and have Chaz to edit them this weekend!     

Did I say I had a good time!   Yeah, I did! 🙂  

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Be well, Letia  

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Interior Design Magazine…Makes You Dream!

22 Jul

When I receive my monthly issue, I am always so excited on what the cover will be!  The cover is the clincher, where editors sit around a table deciding what photo will make the cover!   

The editors never seem to be wrong, because this issue’s cover had me in amazement!    Not only does the information in this Interior Design Magazine quite helpful, but the photos allow the reader to dream.  A giraffe! Did you ever think?   So; if you ever want to pinpoint what your style is or you are  kind of on the shelf about being outrageous, or perhaps want to make the unthinkable, well thinkable; this magazine is full of crazy and fun ideas!  The website is full of great ideas; as well!

So often we think of things as the usual, where you may want it to be drastically the unusual, different in your surroundings.  Now, yes it up to you to not to be forced into a concept that you are not comfortable with in your home.  You are to be happy be with what is being decided for you, if you are hiring a decorator or designer.  If it’s you doing the decorating, who would know more better than YOU? 

However, I do suggest take chances.  The most that could happen, is that you don’t like it and guess what?  That’s what paint is about, that’s what I would like to return this order is about and the OH NO’s are about.  You get to simply change it! 

So, when you get a moment, review the Interior Design Magazine issues for some ideas.  There are so many others too, but this is one of my all time favorites.  

It will not leave you disappointed at all! 🙂

Go to for more great ideas!

Be well, Letia  🙂


13 Jul

Dianna Ross was spotted last week!

Diana Ross shops at Barney's in NYC.

Why do we just love Diana Ross?  For some of it’s takes us back to the time when we knew the words to the many songs she has sung in our sleep!  For some it’s the fashion, so iconic; a true diva with flair.  For me; it’s her being a woman… wholeheartedly!  Just love her!  Always, reminding me to dare to dream and keep at it!   How about you?

Letia  🙂

Photo by Essence®

OK! Tell Me about Thread Count!

7 Jul

This is actually the 10th e-mail, that I received on this topic, so I’m thinking if they are inquiring, there may be others who want to know also!  And I was right!  Cynthia Espinosa, mother of two beautiful girls (6 yr old and a 3 yr old) wrote me this morning and wants to know what does the thread count mean when buying bedding sheets?

Thread count is often used as a measure of fabric quality; it’s a measure of the coarseness or fineness of fabric, and is also known as the number of threads per inch or TPI. It is measured by counting the number of threads contained in one square inch of fabric or one square centimeter, including both the length (known as warp) and width (know as weft) threads.

It’s the number of threads counted along two sides (up and across) of the square inch, added together.  It is used especially in regard to cotton linens such as bed sheets, and has been known to be used in the classification of towels.

The “standard” cotton thread counts are around 150 while good-quality sheets start at 180 and a count of 200 or higher is considered percale.   Some, but not all, of the extremely high thread counts (typically over 500) tend to be misleading as they usually count the individual threads in ‘plied‘ yarns (a yarn that is made by twisting together multiple finer threads).

For marketing purposes, a fabric with 250 two-ply yarns in both the vertical and horizontal direction could have the component threads counted to a 1000 thread count although it really about how the threads are spun in order to count each thread as one, even threads spun as two- or three-ply yarn.

Too busy? I agree!  I find all this, to be a bit confusing to a buyer and when explained, it’s done with so much difficulty.  The buyer just wants to know, if what they are buying is worth it, does it look good, does it display quality and will it give longevity.    Really, it depends how it feels to YOU and can the same texture be retained after you’ve cleaned the fabric.

I know, I know!  Some of you may have linen given to you by your Mom or grandmother, which still is beautiful and holding up pretty well!  I can remember when I was a child, my mother washing the linen, hanging them on our clothes line, then after drying from the sunshine of the day, the ironing board would be pulled out and she would get the Argo starch and iron them to perfection, then fold them (sounds so crazy doing that today)!   This is why they are still as beautiful; because of the care applied!   While on the other hand, my Uncle Al  (mother’s brother) thought of linen in a different way!  He served in the U.S. Army (parachute trooper) and always made me as a little girl make the bed up in military style (crisp corners & a quarter test), til this day I make the corners like he had taught me!  So tight, that I often have trouble turning in the bed, when sleeping!  LOL

I digressed, OK..back to Cynthia.  So what’s my favorite?  Let’s say 7 years ago, I had purchased linen from QVC and I kid you not, when cleaned the conventional way, they still look beautiful and feel the same.  The sheet manufacturer ‘s name is Northern Nights and their products are still sold on QVC.  There are also other great brand names; which also retain their feel and texture.

Now, it’s really up to the Cynthia to find out what she likes; without spending a lot of money!  She can first buy a sheet set, 400 or 500 thread count as a starter, knowing the thread count does play a part in the price.  She has to keep in mind and make sure the package is read thoroughly for the details.

If Cynthia or you decide to invest in a higher thread count, for a higher price, the upkeep is also higher.. not the regular detergent and softener would do.   The higher the thread, there may be guidelines to follow to keep the texture, feel and appearance, like taking them to the dry cleaner!  However, there are blow out sales, discontinued styles and outlets;  which would give the opportunity to buy a nice set; at a bargain.

Bottom line, its best to look at the thread count, the brand, the style and decide which is best for you; so the next time you are shopping, look carefully at the different thread counts and find which is best for your personal style and comfort.   I’ve asked Cynthia to give some feedback after she goes shopping, I’ll be sure to share it with everyone!

Hope this information was helpful!

Be well- Letia  🙂

Sweepstakes to Christian Siriano’s Show @ NY Fashion Week

1 Jul


I have received so many e-mails about when Christian Siriano’s show will be!  Or, who is he?   Well, for those who don’t know him   (it can happen – not everyone has heard of him);  he’s everyone’s favorite Project Runway alum and Christian is so equally famous for his elaborate creations; as for coining the phrase “that’s fierce“!!  He will be debuting his Spring 2011 collection on the grand stage in New York City this fall.  If you would like a chance to come to his next show at NY Fashion week, here’s the scoop! You can enter the O-CEL-O “Clean With Style” sweepstakes!  Hit the ENTER button and fill out all the necessary information to become a contestant!   Good Luck!!!

 Letia  🙂

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