Letia’s Favorites

When I think of all of my favorite things, then I don’t feel sooooo bad!”

Remember this song? Here listed are some of my favorite things, which I love to share with you!

September 2014


I love Sole Society shoes!!!!.  Such a great selection; for a gal that does not have much time.   Lately, I have to have a transitional shoe; so having flats is key!  The flats have to be fashionable; plus be easy to switch to and from high heels!  Sole Society has tsome very nice styles which I love……and a few have become my favorite!   Lillie!


January 2014

Charleston Chews

Charleston Chew is a candy bar consisting of flavored nougat covered in chocolate flavor coating.  I just received a bag from my girlfriend, she stated that they are vintage!  I said are they stale?  She said no….this candy has been around since 1922.   As a kid, I used to get these candies, they used be a a foot long and I’d place them in the freezer to get cold!  Then I will eat them with pure delight!   So here I am, indulging in mere joy – although they are bite size;  hasn’t kept me from reminiscing on my childhood memory and lovely the excitement of having this candy treat!   You perhaps have a favorite, but this is staple for me!  A small fact..the candle was named after the dance, the Charleston and now sold by Tootsie!

May 2013

Goody TangleFIX

No more running around with the kids, when it’s time to do their hair! No more dreading to wash you hair, because its going to be a project! And for me…no more going through six steps to get my coarse hair manageable before getting the comb to plan it’s attack to get to the other side of smooth! It’s for all hair types, wet or dry and comes in cool colors! It’s very kind to the hair! Try it! I love it!


January 2013

Brookstone Towel Warmer

Sephora O P I Gelshine At Home Colour System

I am always complaining about my nail polish chipping! Sometimes I would have to have a manicure done twice a week! So crazy, that I’d no longer went to the nail salon, I now do my own at-home nail salon routine! So my daughter gave me a wonderful Holiday gift and I love it! Ok! It’s the Sephora O P I Gelshine At Home Colour System!

Going on one week so far and not one chip-a-roo, smudge, peel or discoloration! And just for that, I love it! I love, love, love the system. The price is costly, however if you factor in the number of times you are going to the salon, you may convince yourself to purchase one! It comes with everything you need, even the UV light; which is great…it has a 30 second timer! So; it’s very hard to make a mistake with this system. Put on some music, watch your favorite show or talk with your friends…before you know it; your nails are done in a matter of time!

There is a limited amount of shades of color, but I am pretty sure Sephora and O P I will be introducing more to the line soon! I have a nude color; Bare to be Different – which works with any wardrobe. There are fun colors and dramatic ones too! A video is available on Sephora.com to show how to perform the application, just click below.

So there you have it! The Sephora O P I Gelshine At Home Colour System HAS MADE THE LIST! 🙂

Sephora by O P I Gelshine Gel Colour System.

Sephora by O P I Gelshine Gel Colour System.


Gingerbread Snow Flake Cookies

I love these cookies that my friend Cindy made! OMG! Ask where she got the recipe, from Martha Stewart site! Here’s the recipe. Yummy! Good all year round!



Introduced to me by my 92 year old grandmother! Yes, I have been on the planet, but I never tried it! So, I did – because I wanted to know what’s the big deal with her and this product! Well, it’s great stuff. It really makes your skin feel wonderful after a shower or bath. It is actually what it says, it has vitamins in their body gelee and the lathering is unbelivable!

The fragrance lasts practically all day! There are many fragrances to appeal to anyone. I have all the fragrances in the picture! Fresh Citrus, with Vitamins A, C and E, sunflower oil, bergamont and jasmine… I love jasmine!!! Citrus Nilon, antioxidants, green tea, Vitamin B’s and E. Spa Therapy, has sea kelp, which is great for the skin! I put a little in a travel bottle and keep in my purse, so when I am in the ladies room; I don’t have to use the handsoap which dries out my hands leaving them itchy.

The price is moderate to high, but the products are sold in Marshalls® and Costco. You can visit their website to get all different fragrances and sizes! www.vitabath.com


BigMan Bakes Cupcakes!!!

For my private parties; where the only one coming is ME; I go to BigMan Bakes Cupcakes. You can call it selfish, being stingy, whatever you want to call it….I don’t care! About twice a year, I give myself a treat and cause such a fuss in ordering them. BigMan Bakes is in Los Angeles… but where there is a will, there is a way!!

All done by good friends that I have, who happen to live in LA!!!! Now, doing this is a treat and order usually for my birthday<it will be here in a month>!

They are petite cupcakes, where you can have about 6 and feel so satisfied and happy, that it’s worth every bite. I call it splurging on myself! But why these particular cupcakes? It’s the taste, it reminds me of my childhood!

There’s something about the taste, which reminds me of just how my Mom used to make them when I was a little girl. The lemon cupcake was the clincher for me, the second was the red velvet. So for those who are in LA or visting, make sure you stop by! http://foursquare.com/venue/209318


Molton Brown! Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod!

Stores hardly ever do this anymore, give out samples of new products freely. Glady, while shopping Molton Brown’s shower gel named Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod was placed in my bag! What a surprise, the scent is so refreshing! Spiced aromatic oils of African ginger, patchouli, and Reunion Island pink pepper; yes pepper!

Squeezing the little bottle, until there was nothing left, I was hooked! I’ve been using the product for the last few weeks! I have not been disappointed yet. Just launched in September 2010, it can be found at most department stores and if you are unable to find it, you can log onto their website http://www.moltonbrown.com/gifts/gifts-for-her/Pink-Pepper-Pampering.html . Don’t be alarmed by the prices, they DO have sales and if you want to try it before buying, ask for a sample!

Allure magazine also did a write up, so what if they wrote about this before me! We both agree! LOL!!


Sam Sparro

This song just get’s me going! Whenever I having a rough day, I stream down my Ipod and select this song! For some reason my work is getting done, my mood has changed! By the time it’s over, I am alright! Hope you enjoy! It’s cool right? What would we do without music!!!!

Macaroni and Cheese – My Quick Fix of a Meal!

OK! This has nothing to do with interior decorating, nothing to do with fashion or a great find! I am writing this because it’s my blog site. Hey, I can write about anything I want! <smiling>. I’m always on the go and need something quick to eat when I get home; especially if I forget to defrost an item! I love, love, love Stouffer’s Marconi & cheese entrees. However, I must add…I put a twist on it! I take the personal size portion and microwave according to the package’s instruction.

After cooking, I take white truffle oil* and add 3-5 drops and stir, with a little white pepper; followed by black pepper on top. Return back to the microwave for 30 more seconds and then let stand for about 3 minutes <sometimes, I can’t wait that long!>. WAHLA! With a glass of Zinfadel, I have a seat, cross my feet and indulge in the most wonderful, comforting and delicious meal! * a synthetic truffle oil, considering it to be “a reasonable” substitute; often use by many chefs.

Now, for those of you who are considered great cooks and make their own macroni and cheese by scratch (elbow macaroni, shredded cheese, etc.), my added twist can be done too! There are so many ways to make it. For people who are gluten-free, here’s a great recipe, http://www.the-gluten-free-chef.com/macaroni-and-cheese.html.

For me, I always have good intentions in my attempt in real cooking, however the result is not always favorable! Now, I do not promote eating this all the time, just giving you an alternative for something quick…on occasion! I usually just have the entree and nothing else (250 calories), so give it a try! www.stouffers.com Enjoy – Lee!

Urban Decay’s Flavored Body Powder

This summer, all summer…I wore Urban Decay Cosmetics’ Flavored Body Powder. It can be considered a body bronzer, however it has an added twist! It has this sweet chocolate smell and is tastes sweet like sugar!!!! It is great for all skin tones. For me, it does wonders! Especially during this summer, my legs, arms, neck and chest always had a slight shimmer; which would be reflected by the sun and gives you such a unique look and glow.

So, for those of you that have not heard of it, it should not be overlooked. The powder goes a long way, with its sassy leopard powder puff. Try it, I guarantee, GUARANTEE that you will be hooked. Don’t be fooled, this item can be used all year round. If you are not too crazy about chocolate, they have Marshmallow! AND!!!!! they have Honey! Fellas, this is a perfect gift for you and her! 😉 www.urbandecaycosmetics.com. Remember All year round!!!!!

L’Occitane En Provence – Cherry Blossom

My dear friend Dave (just love him), for my birthday gave me a L’Occitane gift card! So just recently, l decided to go to the mall and see their products. You know I love scrumpous fragrances and wanted to try something new. So I visited the L’Occitane store (you can’t miss it because the scents lures you in) and I started taking the testers..spraying away!

Nothing was striking me, I was thinking I was going to have to buy the usual lavender product, for I so wanted to use the gift card. I did a complete circle of the store and ended up in the far right corner, where it said “Cherry Blossom”. Hmmmm, I took a tester anyway and sprayed! What a OMG moment for me! The scent is absolutely wonderful, it’s light, but very pleasant. It’s not too flowery, but has a hint of spice like cinnamon! Love it! I kept putting lotion on my hands. “Yes, I am going to buy it!”…talking to the nice sales woman. So I purchased the Cherry Blossom Shimmering Lotion (made with shea butter), Eau Toilette Spray (you must say this with your nose in the air), two soaps, the travel size lotion and travel size shower gel. Yes, I like it a lot, can’t you tell? My gift card was wonderful towards this, thanks Dave!

I have been wearing the fragrance for about two days and have been asked numerous times what was I wearing, so I am smelling GOOD! I do like a layering effect, so the fragrance lasts longer (use the soap in bath/shower, then dry, apply your regular light scented lotion to body, air dry, then put on shimmering lotion and finally spray toilette at the pulse points, followed by another little spray when you are ready to go out the door!). So this has become one of my favorites. Next time you’re in the mall, go to L’Occitane and test it out! Oh! there’s a difference in the fragrance between Cherry Blossom and their other fragrance called Cherry. 😉


Gourment Jelly Beans by Jelly Belly!

Would you ever think, jelly beans would have a flavor guide? Well they can! Why is it, that people only think about jelly beans in the Spring, I have them all year round! My favorite flavors (which I seek and search; like someone is paying me ) are Toasted Marshmallow, Strawberry Daiquiri, Dr. Pepper and Cotton Candy! Of course, I just found out today, that the jelly beans come in Cold Stone Creamery flavors! Apple Pie A La Mode anyone? If you order the jelly beans via their website, (www.jellybelly.com) it’s about $8.99 per lb.; assorted or your favorite flavor! If you go to Costco® ; they can be found under the Kirkland brand! How could you not like jelly beans? How could you? For me, it satisfies my sweet tooth, a craving and I don’t mind sharing (sometimes)! They are just fun! Try getting a nice bowl, fill it with jelly beans and set it wherever you like…you’ll be surprised how fast the bowl will need a refill! Or how about while talking to that person who never understands the key words you usually say when it’s time to hang up, have some jelly beans! They will get a least 5 more minutes out of you, for sure!

Shugar SoapWork Products

Shugar Soapworks is a company based in Los Angeles, CA which makes the most beautiful soaps you ever did want to see. I stumbled on these soaps, while shopping in Marshalls®! The fragrance is unbelievable, the packaging is so elegant. Aloe Mint it was, I am having a flashback! The soaps are PURE vegetable with organic Shea butter, with touches of aloe and mint! I’d immediately brought all the boxes they had (six)! The soap lathers well and lasts quite a long time; very, very refreshing.

I thought the soaps would also be great as a gift favor for a party, so I contacted the owner, Dan Shugar. Unfortunately, he indicated only a limited amount were sold to Marshalls® and were SOLD OUT of the Aloe Mint! Since then, I have noticed other fragrances at Marshalls®, such as Pomegranate and Warm Vanilla, which are also quite wonderful. Love them! Love them!

Dan indicated he is working on updating his website, so customers can buy his products on-line (www.shugarsoapworks.com) Until then, try looking for the soaps at TJMAXX or Marshalls®. I only have 4 soaps left!

Shugar Soapworks Aloe Mint

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