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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – SWIM!

30 May

Press registration now.

As for volunteers, all resumes must be received by June 15th, 2011 in order to be considered for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2012 Collections, taking place July 14-18, 2011 in Miami.   E-mail them to:

Letia  🙂

Guest Bathroom Napkins Alternative!

30 May

Having visitors at your house or even a small party!  Your first worry comes to mind is about the powder room!  Although you place guest bathroom  napkins; with the wastebasket placed strategically close by – it never fails they may be flushed in the toilet!   Too much paper down the toilet and you will have more than a great party; but a major plumbing problem.

So why not take a different approach?

Here’s what I do!  Look around the house for a basket, I’m pretty sure you have one around from a gift basket you received and another large basket (like a laundry basket) to place on the floor.   Then go to Bed Bath & Beyond and buy 12 white washcloths (more if your party is large).  If this store is not your choice, Marshalls® or the clearance section in one of the bargain stores near by is great too!

I usually give the washcloths a wash in the quick wash choice of my washing machine with extra fabric softener.  After drying, take one and leave to the side.  With the remaining, take each washcloth and roll them the longest length; placing them in your basket.

Keep placing the wash cloths; until the basket is filled or you have reached the desired amount.   Now in the powder room or bathroom; place the basket right next to the sink on the counter.

If no room; it can sit on top of the toilet tank.   Take the large basket and place on the floor near by and throw in that one washcloth you’ve left to side.   Fill your soap dispenser or have a nice bar of soap at hand.

Remove all paper products from the bathroom; except the toilet tissue!  <smile>

If you have more than one bathroom, then follow the same steps in each.

Once the evening is over, you just take the large basket and pop the washcloths back in the washer machine and store for the next time!

Now your guests will love the fact; you have nice scented towels at hand and YOU don’t have to worrying about the plumbing!

This is a great idea; for your daily face rituals too!

Try it and let me know how it turned out!

Letia 🙂

P.S.  You can always use a beautiful hand towel; if you have no room!  However, keep at least two more handy; to replace throughout the evening!

Kips Bay 39th Annual Decorator Show House 2011

22 May

I made it!  Where?

Kips Bay Boy & Girls Club’s 39th annual decorator Show House, that’s where!

This is where designers, textiles and companies donate their time; with a challenge to transform a selected home; from the basics to extra, extra extraordinary!  Stretching their vision to the ultimate!

Kips Bay addresses many critical needs of children, adolescents and young adults:

  • a safe place where they can “belong”
  • a place to play and grow socially with peers
  • adult mentoring
  • a place to challenge oneself physically and intellectually and be recognized for accomplishments, and opportunities to give back something to others.

It’s great opportunity for the designer to have their vision shown.  All articles shown can be purchased, where all proceeds benefit the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club! A lot of work, but all done for their love of the club.

Well the show house did not open its doors until Noon!  So I was an 1 hr early and decided to dine at the Ritz Diner.  A small diner, at 62nd st on 1st Ave.   I had a broccoli & cheese COMBO omelette; with a cup of coffee!  It was wonderful!

Ok!   Now, this year’s choice is a 1919 brownstone, designed by the architect Frederick Sterner on a historical New York City block, 63rd Street.

There are quite a few celebrities which live in the area, (60 -68 th Street) like Bill Cosby and Sting to name a few.  Central Park is nearby, the 59th Street Bridge is close by for a quick hop to the borough of Queens and a slew of restaurants you could ever imagine…Greek, Italian, Indian…you name it,  it’s here!

Still returning a little early, I waited with this lovely woman, who has convinced me that I must see Morocco!  Which I have indicated before in one of my earlier posts that I have to go!

The doors opened, I was the 3rd person to enter and was so taken back about the entrance.  I began snapping pictures, until one of the volunteers said “You are not allowed to take photos”.  Oops!  I’d taken about 10 -15 already!  “Sorry” I said.  So, I only got a few to share with you!  But more importantly it is about the cause!

Ever think about having pinstripe gray flannel walls?  How about turning your laundry room into a bar with neon lights!  Designer Stephen Fanuka thought, why not!!!!  Oh, instead having a huge flat screen TV – a mini Sony  ® Internet TV with Concierge, so quaint for any room.  A copper inspired kitchen by Bilotta.

How about, making a fish net into a shower curtain!

What being part of a Zen garden with a Buddha right behind while meditating?

Oh! Remember last year, I’d talked about Interior Design Magazine’s cover with a giraffe, well a baby giraffe was found lurking around!!! LOL

Such creativity!  Such Fun!  Whether your home is big or small, you can do with it, what you may!!

So if you are on Facebook (who isn’t), you can see more pictures

Well I ended the day at their POP UP Shop; which has wonderful items!  I was looking for their fragrant candles, where I was told that they are on hold; until their supplier can find a sponsor.   I luckily have one left, but will be checking to see when they’re in stock!

Oh! Gilt Home will feature some of the items shown at the Show House for sale.  If interested join Gilt Home at

If you would like to know more about The Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, go to their site:

I had such a wonderful day!   With keeping Kip’s mission in mind, the Kips Bay’s Designer committee is still working.  As soon as this year’s event has ended, they begin planning next year’s!  So if you are NYC next year, during the month of May….do make plans to see it!

Letia 🙂

Images provided by Kips Bay Decorator Show House, You Tube video by LM LifeStyle & Design.

The MakeUp Show NY 2011

16 May

Where can makeup artists go to get the latest information and great deals?  Where??

The Makeup Show is here in NYC!

For two days The Makeup Show NY provides a way for the attendees to learn about the newest lines and product launches.  There are contests, giveaways, gift bags, On MakeUp magazine issues and discounts for all sorts of cosmetic tools.

Although I am not a makeup artist, it does not mean that I would never need one!  They are the hardest working and we count on them to make US our best!

I spent some time with Sam Fine; where he gave pointers on his craft and how he perfected it!

I suggest you pick up his latest DVD; it is the best tool for artists and those who want to put on their makeup, the RIGHT way!

Sam also provided priceless information on how to create your clientele and getting those recommendations.

His tips can be used for anyone, for any genre <smiling, he is such a wonderful person>.

  • Network, be open to meet people
  • Have business cards
  • Create your website
  • Utilize the internet; seek agencies
  • have an up-to-date portofolio

More about Sam?;  please see my post – Fashion Week, the Artist and Sam Fine.

Next on my list was Reggie Wells “The Professor” was so busy, I gave him a quick kiss and kept it moving!  Reggie is also a gem, best also in the field.

My daughter and I went around checking out the different booths; my second goal was to find my eyelashes!  I succeeded, I-ENVY by Kiss! I’m set for the rest of the year!!!!

The MakeUp Show’s next stop is Chicago! for more information!

Letia 🙂

BBC One’s Luther 2nd Season It’s Coming! Hold Tight!!!

12 May

It’s coming!  Hold Tight!

Afflicted by the brutal murder of his wife, DCI Luther has to continue policing in a very different world, fighting for his job and his freedom in two distinctive two-part stories.  Drama, crime, great music, great characters!  This is BBC’s most anticipated series!  Tell me what you are dying to find out????

As my Aunt Vadney would say ” No spoilers, here luv”!  I predict, #5 video will release the airing date.

Here’s 1 and 2; as they become available I will add to this post!  5 has a surprise!!!!!!!!

Oh don’t forget to see Idris Elba in Thor, out in movie theaters  now!

Letia 🙂

Bad Paint Job!

10 May

The house painter you’ve hired can be your friend or not!   Sonia, from Fort Worth, TX had sent me an e-mail, horror story about how the painter she hired was from HELL and did not finish the work and on top of that, more paint had to be brought; as well as hiring new painters to complete the work!

All I can say, is to get references, references and then some more REFERENCES!!  Sonia admitted at the end of her e-mail; she didn’t. Straight out of the Pennysaver.  

The painters you hire, have to be on time, give you a contract indicating what the service is, how many rooms and how long they are going to be.   It should include clean up and most of  all their license – if there are damages!  And read carefully, before you sign anything!

There’s nothing worse than having a painter doing sloppy work; the brushes have to be clean ; ready to use and they should want to come to work and do the job!  (no walking around doing nothing) With the Internet, the company can be looked up easily with the BBB!

Do you have a painting horror story?  Please share, for Sonia believes she is the only one!!!!  We all learn by our mistakes, but we don’t want to spend a lot of money to get it!  Just sharing some pointers to keep in mind! 


Letia 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day! Share Her Infamous one-liners!

8 May

Happy Mothers Day

Whether you’re Mom is here or up in heaven watching over you…..I know you remember some of those classic one-liners that only Mothers are capable of doling out at any given time.  So let’s share by replying in the comment section!

My mom, Gilda would always say  “”You think money grows on trees?”

Enjoy Your Day!

Letia 🙂

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