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Norman Jean Roy! He’s all Around Town!

12 Dec

Have you ever wonder why ad photos look so wonderful?  It takes a talented photographer to pull you in, sell you and then surprise you with their talent!  I love photographers and just wanted to give you a heads up, when looking through magazines or at billboards…that the some of the amazing work behind it all belongs to Norman Jean Roy!

Especially during the Holiday season, you will see his work and many companies know him, seek him out… he’s ranked as one the top industry photographers!    Take Banana Republic’s Holiday advertisements, that’s his work!  And there are many others!  You can have the beautiful clothes, gorgeous models and a great makeup team; but it takes a talented photographer to capture it all; conveying the message!   Norman Jean Roy does just that and does it well!

Norman Jean Roy , a native born of Montreal can give you a photo to grab you (it only takes 5 to 6 seconds to get your attention for a photo)! In my point of view, if you study his photos, there is always the emphasis of the subject’s eyes.  Though numerous  shots may be taken, the one that he selects always shows captivating eyes!  He also has a wonderful life story on becoming a photographer; it will inspire you.  Please read his bio steps in Vogue®, by clicking this –> NORMANJEANROY.

Here are some more exciting photos!  Next time, when looking at photos; whether it’s on billboards, magazines or catalogs; take a moment to look at the credits to see all collaborators which made it happen!  I’ll bet you now will recognize this photographer’s name Norman Jean Roy!  “That’s him! 🙂

Now, let’s just say or I can imagine if it was asked of me what photographer’s work do I admire?  I would say Norman Jean Roy!!!!! He’s would be my 1st choice of course; I would love him to be thee one photographer to take my photos! He’s as talented as they come!  🙂

Idris Elba

Louis Vuitton

George Clooney, Obession

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design

I hope I’ve nudged you to really look at the photos that you come across! Have fun looking!

Now, I am off to go shopping, the days are narrowing down…before you know it… the Christmas Holiday is here!

Letia 🙂

Photos by Norman Jean Roy for Vanity Fair, Vogue and Banana Republic publications.   His studio is located in New York City: 601 West 26th Street, Suite 310 New York, NY 10001.  T+212/206/9066 F+212/206/9987.  For all studio inquiries, contact studio@njrstudio.com  


Steven Klein, Indeed More Than a Fashion Photographer!!!

24 Feb

Catching up on my reading <a pile of 25 magazines to get to>. I was looking at this particular article in a three-year old Fashion Rocks Fifth Anniversary magazine, fascinated by this photograph!

When reviewing magazines, I always look at detail.  The lighting was absolutely perfect.

Every item was clearly depicted in the photograph.  From the ring nose, the rings on the model’s fingers to the wood grain on the staircase banister!

It’s about being able see each article of clothing in the photograph, which was definitely achieved .  S o I am reading the ‘See information’; trying to know more about the photographer, nothing found really!

So, I surf the internet and find out more about him…Steven Klein!  Smiling to myself,  because I knew he really had to be someone BIG;  for the photograph told it all!  Reading about him he is a genius in his own right!  Found out that his photos have contributed to the success of  many celebrities!

From Brittney Spears, Madonna, Brad Pitt to Lady GaGA!   He has worked on many campaigns, high-profile campaigns to be exact,  Calvin Klein, D&G, the late Alexander McQueen;  to name just a few!    Owns his own production company <he directed Lady GaGa’s controversial video Alejandro> and is,  as I always say… on the move!

Yep!  I got all this from a photograph; you’re saying!  It did it’s job, to have the reader intrigued!   Here’s the picture, the clothes are portraying a Paul Wentz look and a few other photos! Fashion, decorating, videos  – all need a creative base to get YOU interested!  I may be late in knowing about him, but  Steven Klein you definitely rock!

Video will only play in YouTube, press YouTube logo at bottom right-hand side to be directed to play..its a great biography of Steven Klein.  

Letia 🙂

All photos by Steven Klein

Rihanna! Reb’l Fleur Fragrance Campaign

11 Feb

Simply beautiful!

For photographers, makeup artists and set designers, this ad was no small thing task to pull off! From the lighting, angles, perfect manicured hands and mirrors! Bravo to Droga5, the ad company which created this wonderful video!

Creative minds were at work here!  There are actually people uniformed to match the feather fans surrounding Rihanna to give the opening petal effect of a flower! Brillant!!!  The video has a hint of naughtiness, but not too much!

Good vs. Evil!   I got a sample! So, how does it smell?  It’s smells divine!

Released just yesterday, Parlux Fragrances is the manufacturer and international distributor for Rihanna’s fragrance, as well as Jessica Simpson, Mark Eco, and Paris Hilton to name a few!

New fragrance, new song release climbing the charts and a beautiful smile….in time; we do heal!


Video by Parlux Fragrances, Reb’l Fleur, named after a childhood nickname, hit stores in February. The 1.7 oz bottle is expected to retail at $49.

Letia 🙂

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – Christian Siriano Spring 2011 Collection

13 Sep

It was called a snafu, a mistake, an oversight…..whatever you want to call it, I was not able to go to Christian Siriano‘s show.   Disappointed??  Hell Yeah! 

I had also had plans to meet up with a dear friend who was going to be at Christian’s Siriano’s show!  I haven’t seen her in years (I know crazy!), for she was covering many of the runway shows being held throughout the week as well, so I was super EXCITED! 

We, for some reason always miss each other at these type of events, so we were both pysched..only to find out, I had no ticket, no seat, no buzz…which left me sad,  acting like I was 7 years old sad!  I’ve gotten so many apologies up the wazoo, I tell you!  Dinner promises to my favorite restaurants, drinks..you name it!  LOL  I accepted!!<smiling

I so have to remember that the tickets are so hard to get and even though I enjoyed his show last year, there should be no expectancy that I can go every year; it’s by invitation and press glory.. there’s no guarantee!  None!  Well, it’s Monday and it’s a big day!  My friend Al, says starting at nine in the morning to nine at night he’s busy, including Betsey Johnson at 6pm, and one or two after parties (it’s only work, lucky him!). 

Anyway enough about my sad story, you all are interested in Christian Siriano’s designs for the Spring 2011 and video of the show below has just been posted this morning.  I have also attached, my dear friend Lisa’s commentary on the show (also just posted this morning) via her blog on www.examiner.com with some beautiful photos!  She will be at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this week also, so check back to her blog to see other designers too! <we are going to connect, promise!http://www.examiner.com/bridal-fashion-in-new-york/christian-siriano-spring-2011-leaves-you-speechless-yet-again?cid=examiner-email


Be well – Letia 🙂

P.S. I was able to see a glimpse of Christiano Siriano at NYC’s Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion Night Out…it was packed; such a buzz. ANDDDD, I was able to go to Manolo Blahnik‘s trunk show, let’s say I left there walking very happy!  I’m off!

Video by MB FashionWeek

Keith Cephus – Awesome Wedding Photographer

20 May

You know me, you know how I love photographers and this gentleman is simply awesome!  Keith Cephus: amazing photographer, amazing visionary!  There is such a buzz on about his magnificent work!


You see I have such wonderful friends and their friendships to me, make MY life so great!  There’s no way to ever know what the topic of discussion will be with any of them; but as I remember one particular day, my friend was talking about lighting, timing and shadowing; discussing the video he forwarded was so superb.  To me, during that time it was just a video, it’s just until these past few months that I now understand the concepts and the extent of the work involved (because I’m now doing my little amateur videos LOL)!   Then I noticed some striking wedding pictures in Essence Magazine®, so I looked up the photographer’s website and he looked so familiar.  Then it hit me that’s the same gentleman in the promotional video, my friend had sent me!  WOW! !  So, I had to share with you!  🙂  

Keith Cephus‘s work  is awesome, his life story is inspiring as well.  There’s definitely passion; which you can see in Keith’s photography.    I have attached his official website and blog site!  Please take some time to read his bio, look at his work and let him known what you think!   Oh! And make sure you look at Keith’s just released work for the June wedding of newlyweds Mesita and Durante!!  The video is near the bottom of the web page…..it will definitely remind you of what love is, what love looks likes, to enjoy life with more smiles and think about packing your bags for a flight to Mexico!!!!!!   ENJOY.


Congratulations Keith; to you and your family!

Be well – Letia

Videos, Photography and Lighting. Oh My!

16 Feb

 I made three videos with my digital camera and was preparing to set up blog information about them on The Latest… .  The videos were based on some questions received on decorating and to see how well I could do it!   I was so proud of myself (I really am); until my dear friend, Charles saw the videos!  He stopped by today to catch up (it’s snowing again), he laughed at me and said, my heart was in it  – but they could be better.

So, I poured him a glass of white Zinfandel and we talked about 3 point lighting, white balance, makeup, his love of infrared shooting, lenses and backdrops.  It’s quite interesting, my head was spinning, I guess I don’t need to tell you that he is a photographer.  He is British and whenever we talk, it reminds how much I miss London.   I have family there and need to make plans to get back there real soon.  

Anyway, so Charles is talking, I’m listening (thinking to myself) I’d better start writing things down, because if he is away doing a shoot, I won’t know what to do.   Hmmm, come to think of it,  I could also ask John questions also (lives in Miami), he’s a great photographer  too! 

As Charles is continuing to talk, he ends up going in my fridge, looks around, pulls out cheese, the LAST of my pastrami, pickles and rye bread, he really is making a sandwich (I’m thinking I should have eaten it the night before, damn)?  “Do you know how films are made, the frames is the key…” .  Here we go!  Now he is going to talk about the film, he started and has yet to finish!  Two sandwiches, a bottle of wine, ended up making spaghetti and some ginger snap cookies later,  I had to say a few key words to get him back to the focus on ME!   He is so passionate about his work!  To be honest, we were talking about other things too, but the film part, was about  an hour and a 1/2! LOL

So! What we decided to do is, Charles is going to give me some items.  I am also going to check out ebay.com and other sites to buy a few items for lighting to aid in making better videos.   My digital camera will do just  fine, for what I am doing.   You know, I am learning so much!  It’s not just “smile” for the camera, it’s so much more.   So far for me, when venturing into learning these new things, I’ve gained such an appreciation of people’s’ talents, expertise and knowledge.  I’m having so much fun!

So my videos will be coming soon!  And for anyone, who doesn’t think they could ever make a video, you can!  Hey, you can do anything you put your mind to…read about, ask questions, check the web.  The information is there!  So if it’s not a video, but something you really wanted to try… TRY IT!

Well let me go back downstairs (watching the Winter Olympics), I just wanted to write this quickly!  Wish me luck, I will let you know, how things turn out!!

Cheers to all you photographers!!!

Be well – Letia

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