An amazing and beautiful woman!  Although shyness may be noticed at first, just for a moment, she then warms up to provide the sense of comfortability with the person or people she’s with. 

Humble, never bites off more than she can chew and very determined to give the best, willing to listen – hearing idealistically, but with compassion. Enthusiastic, has a heart of gold, sexy, supportive, runs from drama, approachable, social and adventurous, plus absolutely FUNNY!!!

 I ‘ve never seen someone get so excited off af paint samples as she does, passion, Letia definitely has it!!!

Charles Mathison, Chazz One Productions®

Letia Mitchell, Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design®

Letia Mitchell, Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design®

“I believe imaginary is oh so lovely! Whether you are opening the front door, to find that favorite rug at your feet or dropping your keys in that special bowl of color.

Or, it could be making that bee line to the fridge for some wine to be displayed in that wine glass with it’s unique design.

Perhaps, it’s the interesting shade of paint you’ve always wanted; yet you dare tell anyone!

Whatever it may be, the calm and joy of your home should be present, bringing you to sigh or make you smile!

A decorator should know what your needs are, bringing the inspiration, because when you enjoy your space, you enjoy your life!”



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  2. Vitaliy Syromyatnikov October 21, 2010 at 4:18 AM #

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