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Easter Baby Hunt Prep!

5 Mar

Easter is on the way; so I was asked about Easter eggs for an upcoming Baby Easter Egg Hunt! easter eggs

So thinking…what about buying colorful plush toilet lid covers to place on the floor; so there will be no worries of getting hurt!

Moms can be at ease and the babies can enjoy themselves!

All you do is choose from the array of different colors and leave the cardboard in!  The intent is to scatter them across the floor; with all the other Easter décor and it’s a bunny hopping fun!

I’d just told the store clerk….I need 20, no 25! And they’re on clearance!  Easter ideas! 🙂




letia Mitchelll 403 Letia 🙂

Royal Baby, Kate and William’s Bundle of Joy! London is Waiting! It’s A BOY!

12 Jul

royal crownLast  have been calling back and forth to the UK, awaiting the news on the arrival of a princess!  Wanting to know what her name will be! Duchess of Cambridge’s due date was yesterday!  <I’m so wanting the child to be a little girl, but it’s a boy it is ! A prince has arrived!>

Following the newborn’s arrival, William will take a two-week paternity leave before resuming his Royal Air Force duties. Middleton and the baby, meanwhile, will shuttle between London and her parents’ home in Berkshire.  Come September, the entire brood will move into Kensington Palace’s Apartment 1A, where the royal mom-to-be has been putting the finishing touches on a redecorated nursery.

The royal baby is to be born in the private Lindo wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London where Prince William was born 31 years ago.  Prince Harry was born there also.


Prince Charles, the heir apparent, was present for the births of his sons and Prince William, second in the line to the throne, plans to be there for his first child.

I’m told from a reliable source, my Auntie Mum! She’s say it’s stated that bundle of joy is set to hit the road with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on a spring 2014 royal baby tour.

I happy for the couple!  Yayyyyyy!   Let’s see what will be the young prince’s name  🙂



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Letia 🙂

Congratulations to Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge! Baby on the Way!

3 Dec

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting their first baby! An early announcement because she has been hospitalized! Wishing her a speedy recovery and a healthy pregnancy! As my Aunt Vadney (she called me from London, just now!) would say “Simply lovely and bloody good news”. I wonder if they have a baby girl, will they name her Diana… 🙂


Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

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Showing Some Love!

11 Nov


Sometimes a picture makes you feel better or just lifts your spirit! Babies always make me swoon, makes loving-coos and give a lot of kisses! This picture reminds me of just that!

Letia 🙂

Photo taken from “I Love Babies” Facebook page.

John Travolta & Kelly Preston with Benjamin – People

13 Jan

Hey everybody, this is just sooooo wonderful, that I had to post this!   I love when life gets better; after the storm.   For John Travolta and Kelly Preston, they will be introducing their son Benjamin to the world.  He was born on November 23rd. The proud parents and baby are featured on the next issue of People.  I know Benjamin’s sister Ella Bleu is absolutely in love!

For John and Kelly, through the tradegy of losing their son Jett, to having this new addition will definitely bring joy, over protectiveness; which all parents do and the feeling of love to help in enjoying life as it can be.

I was thinking, if I had the opportunity to speak to them, what would I say? I would say:

As you welcome this bundle of joy to your world, I know he has restored both of your hearts and spirit to knowing that you can indeed love wholeheartedly.  Congratulations.”

I’m so happy for them.  So what would you say?  You can comment below ;).

Letia 🙂

For the exclusive interview and family photo album, you can pick up the new issue of PEOPLE®, it will be on newsstands Friday, January 14th.

Hmmm! Towel Spa® Nice Warm Towels

1 Dec

I must admit that I always want to mimic comfort.  When getting a manicure at my nail salon, they always wrap my hands in a warm hand towel!  When having dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant in Manhattan, Mr. K’s, they always give you a warm hand towel between courses.   I’d remember when I was in downtown Chicago, there was a towel warmer in the bathroom of hotel I was staying at, The Renaissance Hotel was the name.  

I’ve always thought of a warmer as a great feature for the moment, quickly noting that who has the time to have a towel warmer installed in their bathroom or even have the space <plus they are pricey>!

Didn’t think anymore about it, until I received the latest Bed, Bath & Beyond circular, which featured a towel warmer for $79.99.  I had a coupon for $5.00 off and let me say, I’m in 7th heaven.   First I said it would be a great gift, which ended up being me!   

I’ve had the warmer for a couple of days now and I feel like a welcomed guest in my own bathroom!  I have used the towels in the morning for my facial treatments and in the evening to remove my makeup.   So, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to feel like you are in luxury, go review the item on-line or go to your nearest BBB store.  It is called Towel Spa®.

If thinking about giving it as a gift, it would also be great for men who shave. A warm towel after; just like they used to do at the barbershop.  Or it would be great to have a warm towel during the times when a baby needs changing or finishing up from a bath.  There are so many ideas!   The warmer is not big at all, it can only hold two bath size towels or one small; not cumbersome robe.  I’d placed 6 – 8 rolled wash cloths with a hint of lavender in mine.

Now I did do a little homework, the warmer can be found on different websites, but all list the same price.  If can’t fit in your budget, keep checking. It may go down in price or be on sale after the holidays!   Just want to share with you my latest find!


Psst!  If you don’t have the coupon, let the cashier know; so you can be put on their mailing list or be given a comp.

Be well – Letia 🙂

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