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Being Burned Out, High Blood Pressure and A Pause Vacation Needed!!!

9 Oct

ws_Relax_1280x800Alarm clock rings, you know you didn’t get enough sleep and you are in the bathroom staring in the mirror!  Tired as hell and you pull out the Spinbrush and begin to brush your teeth, only to find out that you mistaken your face primer as toothpaste!

With a dramatic reaction, you immediately rinse your mouth, use mouthwash and do it the right way!

You haven’t even gotten in the shower yet and already the telephone is ringing…to tell you that the appointment has been cancelled!  This was the reason that you were up so doggone early in the first place!

So now, you decide you can have a little breakfast and decide to make oatmeal!

Only to forget about it while you’re upstairs ironing!  The smell and popping known as burning, would be a clue!  I tried to save it (so like my mother!!), but it was ruin.

You’re dressed and get in the car to get the day going! You are still tired and roll down the windows for some air to make you feel better, and you do!

The only thing, this tired feeling was the same every day!  You convinced yourself that you need to get some more sleep or you shouldn’t have eaten so late.  Then you noticed that you were a little bit fustrated, still saying that you were tired.

This is a case of BURNED OUT!  If you can guess, I am talking about myself!!!

So I made an appointment to see my doctor!  The problem was identified within ten minutes! My blood pressure was too high!  While I was there, it was still rising in the doctors office!  Yikes! My body was working overtime and the signs were all there.

The more blood your heart pumps, and the narrower your arteries, the greater your blood pressure will be. When it becomes higher than the level recommended for good health, it’s called high blood pressure!

So with a delicate conversation that it could be regulated, I was placed on medication and scheduled for 2 to 3 additional blood pressure check ups to make it sure it was not elevated!

After three days, I cannot tell you how better I felt.  By being regulated, I had more energy and wanted to know how I could possibly get off the medicine!  So I started watching what I eat and doing more walks with my pooch!  Within the past month, 10 lbs. gone!

So I am going to continue the process in order to feel better and under doctor’s care determine if the medication will not be required.  Nevertheless, I still will continue doing these key things to help.

So I booked a PAUSE vacation!  What’s that? Stop everything and concentrate on yourself! Was this hard! You bet! You come to find out the world still turns and goes on, so within a few days – with me stopping I am totally relaxed!

I’m sleeping everyday past 8am! Taking a morning walk, then swimming in the late afternoon and getting enough sun! Enjoying my surroundings and going back to bed for a true 8 hrs of sleep! Feeling great!

You may not be able to take a PAUSE vacation, but a PAUSE hour or moment for yourself!  If you are not feeling well, pay attention!  Now, I not saying that you may have high blood pressure.  But I will say if you are not feeling yourself or know you need a check-up for any reason…go see your doctor.  You are important to YOU!

Well let me get ready for my walk!  I still have a few more days before returning home! Thanks for all the e-mails on your concerns on where AM I!  It means so much!  I am doing great!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia

Mayo Clinic’s information on high blood pressure, click here.


I am beautiful …

15 Apr



I am beautiful……. when I can look around and see all that is good and wonderful in the world!

How about you?



Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 🙂

Photo: Alexander McQueen runway butterfly head-piece.

A Vacation Does Mean a Break, You Know!

22 Oct

20131020-174731.jpgOfficially back from a great vacation, it’s back to work! So much on the agenda and it’s only Tuesday!

Before leaving, I was exhausted and knew that if I didn’t take time for myself, I would pay for it later! So off I was to sunny 80 degree Florida  weather!

While away, I could not help but thinking how it is so important to take a break, when your body is telling you!

I originally felt exactly like this!  Hanging by the strings; like a puppet!

va·ca·tion  nounoften attributive \vā-ˈkā-shən: a period of time that a person spends away from home, school or business usually in order to relax or travel.

Often times when we take a vacation we are always running and hustling. Trying to get to the next restaurant, go to the next attraction, meet friends, get the souvenirs, get gas, do you have your sunglasses, referee to the kids, do you have your key and where’s your sunscreen…are we really relaxing? Are we?

I think sometimes we just have to do nothing, don’t have anything that is planned! That’s what I did during my vacation, took the time and really understood that a break is a BREAK…..to ABSOLUTELY RELAX!

“So you’re back?”, people would ask me! “Did you enjoy your vacation?” “So what did you do?” My reply, “A-absolutely nothing!”


Being Silly!

I got a lot of strange looks, like it was unheard of to go on vacation to just do a morning swim, sleep, eat, have a very small outing ( shopping of course); only to return to watch movies, ABC’s Scandal, read, swim again, be silly and then sleep! Everyday!!! <giggle>

If you are planning to go on vacation soon or have one in the near future; remember it’s to be enjoyed!   If you do have to plan your days by all means do so, but choose at least one to take a mental break, be in the moment and relax!


This was my favorite spot during my entire vacation!

Letia's Vacation Spot.jpg

Well, I’m back, rejuvenated and ready to go!

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Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design  Letia 🙂

Puppet wearing Proenza Schouler. Other photos by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design®, Miami Florida

Bored Out of My Mind! You Should Try…

14 Aug


Have you ever been someplace you didn’t want to be?  Or thought, I should have listened to my inner self, the premonitions that told me to stay home!   Well the affair in which I was invited  to was cancelled.  Mind you, there were all signs to tell me, TURNAROUND GO HOME!  But did I listen?  No!!!!!!!!   I will give you a few!  

~ 1st Flight delayed, so while running through the airport for my connecting flight – ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TERMINAL, I missed it by 2 minutes, so the next flight was  in 2 hrs. 

~ I had the luxury I sitting next to an older woman, who kept talking about Jimmy!  Jimmy this, Jimmy that… Jimmy was her 45-year-old son, which was not married yet and she wished he find a wife already.  “I told Jimmy he could possibly give me a grandchild; before I leave this earth, it would be nice”.   On and on and on!  

Right before, I was going to say ” Listen, please, please, give me Jimmy’s number, let me call him.  So, I can tell him please get it going, tell your mom that you are going to start dating this week and pick a wife by Friday, so at least my wait here at the airport would be much nicer and your mother would be so so happy”, a Delta representative said “Welcome, we are about to board….”!   Thank goodness.   

~ I landed safely, only to have a cab driver about to give me a tour of downtown Chicago, until he figured out that I WAS HERE BEFORE!    

~ During check-in at the hotel  ‘Did you know that the affair has been cancelled?”.   Looking at my cell phone, a slew of voice-mail messages flooded my inbox…of course I didn’t get them…I have been flying all day! 

So this became the topic of my blog, for I said I rather not head back, I said let me stick it out here in the hotel for a couple of days.   The room is absolutely gorgeous and the views of Chicago at night are spectacular!   Well, I must say boredom is the least of my troubles.   Today many of the hotels give you cable with over 150 channels and there was not one thing appealing on the TV this evening, but interesting!   

While channel surfing, I stopped!  I was looking at this man dive into murky water at a lake; where he pulls up the largest damn catfish I have ever saw!  It got my curiosity for 6 – 10 minutes, only to find out this was a sport passed down from generation to generation called NOODLING! LOL  Which  is banned in 33 states, but for some reason these group of men in North Carolina are able to continue their quest!  LOL  Noodling, who knew?  Interesting, never knew about noodling, but felt to move on to another channel.  

Only to flip the channel and end up with watching the movie VERTIGO with some shrimp and chips I’d ordered from room service!   Well after an 1/2 hr of the movie (I think, maybe 5 minutes) and my belly full of satisfaction, I somehow fell asleep with the TV watching me!     This only proved how tired I was and the rest was very much-needed; it was 4 hrs later! 

Rising from my slumber, I said to myself that being simply bored out of mind with absolutely nothing to do is actually a good thing!  I don’t have to do anything but rest, look at TV and rest some more!   You see, I am so wired to be on the move all the time, so when I’m not doing anything, it seems weird, when actually it makes perfect sense.  RELAX!  So the cancellation was a very good thing for me and I’m going to be bored for one more day (with a massage)!  Perhaps you should try it! 

So what I was going to blog about originally, I did n’t, the event was cancelled!   I’ll be back next week, blogging with some great topics, until then I’m continuing to be bored!!!! LOL 

Be Well  Letia 🙂

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