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Congratulations Leandra! Leandra Medine Ties the Knot!

15 Jun

Giving a wonderful CONGRATULATIONS to Leandra on her recent nuptials yesterday evening at the St. Regis Hotel, in NYC.

I am so happy for her!

If you know Leandra, it was a no rules wedding – style (Marchesa gown), fashion and the unexpected (Satin biker jacket)!

Wishing you and Abie much happiness!

Letia 🙂

http://www.manrepeller.com/   http://marchesa.com/

Photos from Leandra via Instagram/donjie     more about leandra medine


What a J LO Inspiration…Jennifer Lopez

9 Oct

Jennifer Lopez….the multi-tasker! This is a business woman who knows, while I’ve got the opportunity, let me make the best of it!  I can do this, I can be a…

  • Actress
  • American Idol judge
  • Singer/Dancer
  • Mother of two beautiful children
  • Loreal Paris global brand ambassador
  • Gillete Venus campaign model/spokesperson
  • Fiat 500 campaign model
  • Fashion Designer
  • Perfume
  • Charity fundraiser
  • …….plus more!

In September, her new collection was released to Kohl’s Department stores and the feedback has been wonderful; displayed by the sales!  Her style, whether on a Hollywood red carpet or sitting on a American Idol panel as a judge – everyone is interested!

Kohl’s Department store describes Jennifer Lopez’s her collection as contemporary and sexy!  Their slogan of “Expect great things when you shop at Kohls“, is backed up by her line.  Placing her collection here was an excellent choice!   Simply Vera,Vera Wang is there, Dana Buchman, Elle and Daisy Fuentes to name a few other designers are at Kohl’s too!

More and more designers are making their designs affordable; letting the consumer know that they are accessible!  Which is wonderful; who would not want to know that they are wearing a designer inspired piece of clothing – by the designer themselves!   So it’s a great marketing venture and it makes the woman feel great! Feel like a truly fashionista!!!

I reviewed the collection and my favorite is this crazy print wrap dress!  And as a secret, it has shapewear built in!   It was originally priced at $65.00, now on sale for $45.00!!!  Great for the budget!!!!

Feather faux wrap dress

Matter of fact, I purchased the item and can’t wait to wear it at an upcoming event that I will be attending!  I have these Donald J Pliner  stretchy distressed suede boots I brought and they should pair up nicely!

Stretchy Distressed Boots


Now if you like her style there is a complete line, from clothing to home items!  As the new year arises, new items will be introduced to the collection.  If interested, go to the store first….then check at the Kohl’s website for Jennifer Lopez; just to see if there is any item that maybe not necessarily in the store, but warehoused stock and on sale!
  • As we watch Jennifer Lopez in the months ahead, her brand will continue to grow!  This 40+ year old woman is making sure she continues to do what she loves and to date; besides all the ups and downs… she DOING IT!
  • As a decorator, I will be looking out for the home collection to expand!  I would love to see more bedroom ensembles and bath accessories.  I love her Kohl’s ad, it definitely shows are sense of humor!!  Sees one of them and some behind the scenes footage below!
  • Before you ask, or you may not ask….I love her song “Papi” from her latest CD!  and….Psst!  So you know Kohl’s has 99 cents shipping too!!! So cool!!! 🙂
Photos courtesy of Kohls Dept Store,  videos by Kohls Offical via YouTube and NM – Neiman Marcus
Letia 🙂

Jersey Shore! Abercrombie & Fitch Says…if you guys stop wearing our clothes, We’ll Pay You!!!

17 Aug

Are you kidding me!    The reason, our reputation!!!!  It’s all over the news!  

So, I guess cast member Michael Sorrentino, “The Situation” of MTV’s Jersey Shore has created a real situation!   LOL!! When you think it couldn’t get any better, The Jersey Shore series gets great publicity and attention.  

I’m not sure whether Abercrombie & Fitch Marketing team is using this as a way to bring more attention to their brand; bump up sales for the remaining quarter or………are they really serious? They want the clothes OFF!  I don’t know guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever the reason is, people are talking and I had to blog about it; because it’s absolutely CRAZY!  People, is it that bad!!!   Next there will be a commercial, saying TAKE IT OFF!  Fashion is wonderful!!!   😉

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     Letia 😉

Photo provided by MTV Productions

FreeCycle.org! Appreciate Your Stuff!

2 Feb

Here’s a scenario! There’s your treadmill in the garage, which has been there for a few years now.  You’ve been promising your wife that you are going to get rid of it,  she wants to park her car <she’s tired of parking in the driveway!!>.  You’re thinking, I paid a lot of money for it and just can’t seem to put it on the curb for trash!   You mentioned to all the people you know, trying to give it away… no luck!

How about this one?  Your baby girl has grown so fast and you just can’t see sending her out grown clothes to the thrift shop, you rather give them to a parent who really needs them now; without them paying a price for them!

Last one!  You’ve been looking for some vintage clothes, ’50’s style and can’t seem to find any items anywhere!  So you put up a post requesting just that!  You find a group, where a member is cleaning out her aunt’s home and perhaps has some items you are interested in!

These situations are all freecycle examples; opportunities to take advantage of recycling goods.  I’ve found this wonderful website called www.freecycle.org, where people in your area place a post of the items that they want to be gone quickly and it’s free!  You just have to make arrangements to pick it up from the owners!

It’s  good for you, it’s something that you need and it’s good for the owner!  Out of their way, giving them the sense of accomplishment of really helping someone out and getting some space too!

If interested, when you get a moment review the website. How it works, is you pick a group (city, state) and look at the posts!  You can set up as many groups you want!

After entering your group, you will find there are posts where a person is looking for a specific item (WANTED) or posts where a person is making an offer (OFFER) in your area!   I must warn you, due to the power of the internet, you have to act fast!  Make your contacts quickly!

Printers, books, phones, you name it…it’s all about recycling your goods!  Me, I found some fancy vintage pins from a woman right here in my town!  Now, we’ve all said that someone would appreciate our ‘stuff’ !  Guess what?  It’s true!


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