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Scavenger Hunt Thank You Contest! ****CLOSED*****

31 May

Everyone has been absolutely wonderful!  I have read all of your e-mails, questions, comments, and tweets!  Thanks so much for all of your support.  So as a thank you, I’ve decided to have a Scavenger Hunt contest to express my appreciation!

The website:

The blog site posts at 


These sources will aid you (the contestant) in answering the Scavenger Hunt’s questions below!   

All entries will be reviewed to see which contestants answered ALL questions correctly;  to be placed in the drawings for 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place!   AND!  After the winners have been identified, an extra drawing will be held for 5 contest participants to receive also a “Thank You” token item!

The contest begins today, June 1st and will close June 11th; so you have more than enough time to hunt for the answers.  Tell your friends to take part,  if you BOTH win,  you might can go shopping together (you’ll never know)!   Winners will be announced during the week of  6/21/2010 (Please read contest rules before entering, they’re very important).

Contest Rules:

 Scavenger Hunt Questions

TIP :  Use the tags to help you navigate for the answers.  🙂

1. What color is the dress and gloves found on one of the photos at


2.  Can you name correctly one of the charities that Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Desgin is associated with?

American Cancer Society

3. What is listed as one of Letia Mitchell’s favorite thing, that comes in so many flavors?

Jelly Beans

4. When looking at the Design Home Show post, when reviewing the slide – there was one dining ensemble where the candelabras lights were so unique, what were they made of?  Hint, Benjamin Moore  😉

Apple IPOD

5. What musical artist was written about and considered avant-garde?

Lady Ga Ga

6. Reviewing blog posts, this person can be pictured in a magenta dress, who is it?

First Lady, Mrs. Obama 

7. Does Letia Mitchell LifeStyle and Design’s website have a privacy statement?


8. What is the name of the city, where Letia Mitchell rediscovered her love of decorating ?  Hint: called the City of Love.


9. When you click on my website, the first page is the ABOUT page, click PHOTOS on menu bar; then hit Twitter at the bottom of the page, who am I following 4 across, 5 down?  This is a tricky one!!!

Sam Fine, celebrity makeup artist

10. What TV show was provided to Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design’s readers about clutter, view blog post?


11.  Name one of the SKYY® Vodka signature drinks for SATC2 (Sex in The City 2), name them?

Park Avenue Princess or Glamour Girl

12. Denise of Odessa, TX – wanted to know whether this item was still fashionable, what was it? It can be found on Facebook (


13. This photographer was mentioned in Letia Mitchell’s LifeStyle & Design’s latest blog post, when looking at his picture, he is bending down on which knee?


14.  How many times is makeup artist Romero Jennings’s work displayed in The Makeup Show YouTube video?

Two times

Good Luck!!!! 

Letia 🙂

*Contest rules will also be posted on Facebook.

Keith Cephus – Awesome Wedding Photographer

20 May

You know me, you know how I love photographers and this gentleman is simply awesome!  Keith Cephus: amazing photographer, amazing visionary!  There is such a buzz on about his magnificent work!


You see I have such wonderful friends and their friendships to me, make MY life so great!  There’s no way to ever know what the topic of discussion will be with any of them; but as I remember one particular day, my friend was talking about lighting, timing and shadowing; discussing the video he forwarded was so superb.  To me, during that time it was just a video, it’s just until these past few months that I now understand the concepts and the extent of the work involved (because I’m now doing my little amateur videos LOL)!   Then I noticed some striking wedding pictures in Essence Magazine®, so I looked up the photographer’s website and he looked so familiar.  Then it hit me that’s the same gentleman in the promotional video, my friend had sent me!  WOW! !  So, I had to share with you!  🙂  

Keith Cephus‘s work  is awesome, his life story is inspiring as well.  There’s definitely passion; which you can see in Keith’s photography.    I have attached his official website and blog site!  Please take some time to read his bio, look at his work and let him known what you think!   Oh! And make sure you look at Keith’s just released work for the June wedding of newlyweds Mesita and Durante!!  The video is near the bottom of the web page… will definitely remind you of what love is, what love looks likes, to enjoy life with more smiles and think about packing your bags for a flight to Mexico!!!!!!   ENJOY.

Congratulations Keith; to you and your family!

Be well – Letia

The Makeup Show NY

18 May

Romero Jennings

I have such a great appreciation for makeup artists and photographers.  They are creative and dedicated people who love the business!  I must say, it’s quite exciting!  We look for them to make us beautiful, doing their magic!  This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being in the midst of it all at The MakeUp Show NY held at the Metropolitan Pavillion. 

I had the opportunity of seeing the most popular products in the industry, all the brands and meet with the top educators in the industry.  For the film industry, I had the chance to see from start to finish the artistry techniques used to transform an actor into a believable character.   Whatever you could imagine,  it was achieved through makeup here!  

For two days The Makeup Show NY provided a way for the attendees to learn about the newest lines and product launches.  There were contests, giveaways, gift bags, On MakeUp magazine issues and discounts for all sorts of cosmetic tools.   Guess who spent literally an hour looking through goat hair makeup brushes at ISOMA?  Me!   Testing shimmering bronze blotting papers at the Mai Couture booth and looking amazed at eyelashes shaped like butterflies!!  Loreal® was there with their latest eyeshadows, HipNotic is coming out with some terrific new shades.   MAC Pro® was present, doing the body art thing!  There were so many things, I can’t even name them all!  Eyelashes, colors, air brushing, facial treatments, there was such a buzz! 

I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet and talk with Crystal Wright; the beautiful angel to the industry who assists makeup artists and fashion stylists on the do’s and dont’s through her workshops!  Her guidelines can be applied to anyone who wants to start their own business or get a kick-start on changing the things in your life.  Her book “Crystal Wright’s 30 days® 100 Percent Changing Your Life 30 Days at A Time” is one of thee best books I ever read in making myself get it right!  For me, she was the highlight of the day!  I recommend her book to anyone who needs a BOOST! and

Yes, yes!  I will be sure to remind all of you when the show returns next year, whether it’s Los Angeles or NYC; so you can be in on the fun.  It’s for the professional makeup artist, the beginner who is new to the business or people like me; who just likes to see what’s new and have some fun.  I took a few photo shots below!  Enjoy!  🙂 

Be well – Letia

First Lady, Mrs. Obama Inspiration for Decorating

14 May
Jason Wu, designer

First Lady, Mrs. Obama

I don’t know about you, but I  always watch to see what outfit our First Lady, Mrs. Obama is wearing, through .  She always looks simply fabulous!!   Looking through the many entries, she looks so lovely in this Jason Wu sheath dress with tight pleating in a magenta color (USA Weekend).  So…I started thinking, it’s such a beautiful color, how would it look in a bedroom ensemble?   Some people may think, reds and magenta may be too dark for a bedroom and others can’t picture how it would actually look.  

In earlier posts, remember I showed you how to find out your personal style and how fashion influences our furniture and the materials in our home; it gives us inspiration.  Here are some other examples.  Don’t be afraid of color or trying something new!   Mrs. Obama’s dress gives the same thing, INSPIRATION.  So I started looking through some design catalogs; with my glass of Pinot Grigio! 

Here I found shades of purple, aubergine, magenta and wine.  See how it has little speckles of Mrs. Obama’s dress!  Now there’s velvet cording, the bedspread is polyester to represent the silk look, the pillows have ruffles with no set rule and a frilly throw.  You will often find you cannot achieve the look you may want with just one ensemble.  You can always buy two bed in a bag ensembles and combine them to get that mixed look. is my favorite for finding close-outs. 

While Marshalls® is a great way to buy pillows at a reasonable price; getting the look of high-end, even though your secret is you’ve spent much less!

Nakita Bed Linens by Isabella Collection

Let’s see something else, why not try putting some pop at the dinner table?  Instead of using the normal white napkins, try using some napkins with color; like a purplish lavender napkin!  Hmmmm! Great idea!  You can use your every day dinnerware and add the napkin with color, it will make your dishes seem like new.   So you know, you should be using your china or your favorite dishes more often.  In my opinion, saving things for “special” occasions is not really enjoying what you have.  So start using them!  BUT!  If you need new dinnerware, the set displayed is beautiful; but I’ve found a similar look, for what?  LESS!

Intarsia Dinnerware

Before I go,  I want everyone to know that I’m finally getting through all your e-mails!  I want to give a big THANK YOU for all the support, your opinions, your topic requests and the QUESTIONS!  WOW!  I will start posting the questions and answers on Facebook and in my posts, for some of you have the same interests (keep them coming).   And, I would like to add, my post “Is it Just Clutter?” is the #1 read (highest stats out of all the posts). So, it has definitely helped a lot of people; which is a such a good and wonderful thing!   Thank you again! 🙂 

Be well – Letia

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