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2013 Divalysscious Moms Halloween Spooktacular!!!

31 Oct

The Dynamic Duo - Batman and Robin (there twins!)

Where can you go to see Batman and Robin, ballerinas and even little Red Robin Hood; where they smiles would melt your heart away? At a  Halloween Spooktacular!

Lyss Stern, Founder and President of Divalysscious Moms and her staff every year hold a terrific Divalysscious Moms Halloween Spooktacular party!

Lyss Stern, Divalysscious Moms

A party where Moms can come for a couple of hours and have their adorable children just be children and have FUN!

This year marks her 10th year and the spooky event  was held at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC on 60th street!

If you haven’t been at Dylan’s Candy Store, as soon as you enter you are completely mesmerized by all the candy everywhere!

I was so amazed, so I know the children attending the party were definitely extra excited. The party was being held upstairs and by the time I hit the last stair – you could hear the live entertainment and children just laughing with joy!

The live entertainment, The Little Maestros played happy tunes and even a parent’s favorite “Ghostbusters!” You know the song! “Who you gonna call?, Ghostbusters!” by Ray Parker Jr.!

There was coloring, raffle prizes, candy, trick-or-treat bags and a light food menu available for all. The children were dancing, jumping and singing; some were even crying…just for a moment!  Famed photographer, Heidi Green was also there; capturing beautiful photos of the entire event to be made readily available for those interested.

You just couldn’t help smiling, for it was a happy time!  The time went by so quickly!  Although my family couldn’t attend the party, the pictures taken will make them definitely smile with envy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I so love what Lyss Stern is doing! Not only is she giving Moms the opportunity to have a network to not only talk about their children, but also a way to also pay attention to themselves.  Moms are in charge of so many things, so it’s so wonderful to have a network to go to for ideas, support and fun; all while still aiming to be FABULYSS!  THANK YOU LYSS!!!

Leaving the event, I parted with a wonderful goody bag which included Robeez shoes, HelloFresh and fun Mom stuff! As if that were not enough, I also did buy some more candy (I couldn’t resist) for I knew the trick-or-treaters that would be ringing my bell!

Oh boy, as I am writing this…Manolo is barking, the door bell is ringing…it starting!  Happy Halloween everyone!  Enjoy!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 🙂

Lyss Stern is the founder and president of Divalysscious Moms,, the luxury lifestyle company which caters to New York’s well-heeled and trendsetting moms.  Although the photos here are by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design, Heidi Green ‘s site is  


Halloween Fun! Artful Cupcakes!

27 Oct

Right about now, you are getting the  last of the items on your shopping list for the Halloween party you may be throwing this weekend or gearing up for next week.

I found these incredible looking cupcakes for the kids to either make or have while they are showing off their costumes!!

These ideas are from Gina Nalbone of Hamilton, NJ.  Such a fun and whimsical idea for cupcakes!  Break apart shredded wheat into hay-like pieces and pile the strands onto a frosted cupcake (try a pumpkin spice cupcake with maple frosting), then add a cluster of mini candy pumpkins.

Pumpkin Patch Cupcake

While this one is my ultimate favorite!  To make the evil witch’s legs, roll orange fondant into two 3-inch-long ropes. Mold small pieces of black fondant into shoes and press onto the legs. Place the legs on a plate and use black decorating gel to draw striped tights. Put a green-frosted cupcake upside down on top of the legs.

The Wicked Witch Is Gone!

Don’t forget the infamous yummy-mummy cookies, click here!  Share these ideas with your friends.  Wishing you, your  family a wonderful and safe Halloween!   Happy Halloween!!!!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 🙂

Photos courtesy of the Food Network®


“I am exactly where I want to be now! You can’t go backwards, I’m not going backwards! I am grateful that I’m here, I’m blessed!”

27 Oct

Sandra Bullock

Gravity, Jason Gray’s outer-space thriller is now playing in theatres.  Directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Photo courtesy of Vogue®, Peter Lindbergh.

Dinner or Supper, What a Debate!

26 Oct

question markThere is so much going on in the world, who would have ever thought that a mere dinner date with six friends would turn into a 30 minute debate; without a moderator!

Before we even ordered!! So annoying that the topics that we would usually talk about did not ever get talked about because of a mere formality of a word. It all started by us sitting down at one of our favorite restaurants, Saju Bistro – here in NYC; right on 44th in the theatre district!

Everyone arrived on time and one person said “I am starving, I am so ready for supper!   The other person said “Supper?”, who in the hell says that, you mean dinner?” With the reply, “I never say dinner, you’re wrong – it’s supper”.

We went on to order appetizers and few cocktails!  But oh no, it could n’t be left alone. Upon ordering our entrees it started again, this supper dinner thing!  It got to the point where I said, “Who gives a flying mosquito”! For I couldn’t think of anything better to say, there were little ones at the next table!

The most important thing to me, was that there was food; that I who wanted to eat…because I like the food and I could eat! Simple?  So, I thought! Until the cell phones were pulled out like swords and the searches began; this really matter to everyone???  CRAZY!!

Everyone was now curious on what is the difference.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit I have used both in the past; however DINNER for me is the runner-up.

Dinner refers to the most significant meal of the day, which can be the noon or the evening meal. However, the term “dinner” can have many different meanings depending on the culture; it may mean a meal of any size eaten at any time of day.
Supper refers to the lite evening meal, often the principal meal of the day.  Or it can be an evening social event at which a supper is served to raise money for a church, charity, etc.

The more they read, it still didn’t resolve anything!   Until the words, ENOUGH was said by the quiet one in the group with a loud voice.  Thank goodness, cause we would have been still talking about it!

The disagreeing parties surrendered and then the topic was turned to the World Series!

I was ecstatic and the mood finally changed! You might be saying, who cares!!!!!!  I couldn’t agree with you more!

But I bet you, when you hear the word dinner now, you’ll notice!  I am so glad we did not talk about the word AUNT!  Gheez!

By the way, I’m heading home and just a few moments ago, I’d received a text from my friend – it said  “you know it’s DINNER! ;)”  Friends, you got to love them!

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Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & DesignLetia 😉

More® Fierce & Fabulous Girl’s Night Out in NYC!

23 Oct

Every year I would miss it!  I either had a conflict in my schedule or no more tickets.  I even would get the Oh! by the way news, that I just hate!

But this year!  Yes… this year, I was finally able to go to More® Magazine’s Fierce & Fabulous Girl’s Night!  Who cares if I was told just last night, at the spur of the moment!  Who cares! The event was held at the gorgeous Dream Downtown Hotel on 16th Street in NYC!  The night was brisk, but full of excitement. 

Upon arrival, I’d received an all-access pass describing what the night had to offer.  I simply love, love, LOVE More magazine and their events!   When I’m reading the magazine, I always feel that they really get us, women that is…they get it right and  I’m so glad they’re here;  Lesley Jane Seymour, Editor-on-Chief and her staff!

The sponsors of the party were right there on hand to give us ladies a good time!  There were Shiseido makeup artists providing Eye and Lip Touch-ups.  They even had a sexy signature cocktail and allowed everyone to shop their fabulous products in celebration of Shiseido’s holiday palette.  An Alex and Ani Instacam photo booth to take pictures, the guests who arrived early received complimentary bangles.  There was something for everyone!

* Shopping for fashion accessories at the Touch of Fabulous display.
* Expert Laurie Davis gave great advice for successful online dating (now I find her!)!
* Into Tarot Card reading, it was there! (the line was so long)
* The fabulous Lyss Stern of Diva Moms was there talking about her book and signing for those who purchased.
* Express eyebrow threading
* First look at The 52 Weeks—meet the authors and buy the book.

And there was more (no pun intended)!  Network with some of the VIP guests; including MORE editors.   I also met some wonderful woman; where we all exchanged business cards to keep in touch with one another in the future! It was so much going on, there were even raffle prizes, including appetizers, cocktails and my favorite, WINE from Women of the Vine.  Upon leaving, we all received a fabulous gift bag worth $200+ at the end of the evening.

Photos were posted under the #MOREnightout, it was so much fun…a big party, please feel free to post some ❤ LIKEs or Favorites!   To be in the know about fashion, beauty and the latest events, you can also get a subscription to the magazine and even sign up for More’s newsletter!  You won’t be disappointed!

Lyss Stern is the founder of  Divalysscious Moms, a New York City’s premiere socializing network for fabulous moms (and moms-to-be) and their totally adorable babies.  Lyss is a  New York City mom who sets the tone that being glamorous, planning your “love on top” …then having your baby can all still exist!

Alex and Ani is one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in America. Alex and Ani is headquartered in Rhode Island, the former jewelry capital of the world. Although Alex and Ani launched in 2004, Carolyn Rafaelian’s roots in jewelry design was a family tradition.  20% of the sales of Charity by Design bangles go to one of the many causes they love.

Touch of Fabulous is boutique shopping for the personalized service, the curated choice of items, the to-die-for pieces that you know you won’t find anywhere else, and the overall ambiance.

 Laurie Davis is the founder of eFlirt Expert and author of Love @ First Click ; an online dater’s guide to exploring the web with no-fail techniques. For example, uploading the right photos can attract someone who might otherwise pass you over. Setting a time limit on the first meet-up can leave your date excited to see you again. And the phrasing in your date’s thank-you text after dinner can uncover how your click mate really feels about you.  Check her out on Huffington Post and her book is sold at

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Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 🙂


Photos by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design®, Logo by More Magazine. 

Rihanna Frenzy! RiRi MAC Collection Line and Styled to Rock Series on Bravo!

23 Oct

A MAC frenzy, completely sold out in NYC!  I tried my best to get my daughter the limited edition RiRi Woo lipstick from the RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection!  I tried, I really tried.

Even in the airport where MAC is being  sold in the duty-free area….NO LUCK! They had SOLD OUT stickers on the display!

Then I tried calling in some favors, only to get a great laugh! “Psst, yeah right!”.  Three weeks and still no luck, nada, nothing!  Will it come back in stock, who knows?  All I can say is the marketing frenzy is crazy and I know Rihanna’s camp is very, very happy!

Miss Robin Rihanna Fenty has collaborated with brands like Covergirl, Gucci and Vita Coco coconut water just to name a few. For only being seven years into the music industry, she has an empire.  Lately the racy controversial video, the MAC makeup line, Twitter fights on whose relevant (she’s global for those who may forget) and her new reality series on Bravo, Styled to Rock beginning this Friday!

What is the series all about?  Styled to Rock will feature RihannaPharell and many other celebrity guests which give aspiring designers a chance to style an outfit for one or more musical acts each week. The contestants are fighting for a $100,000 dollar cash prize, a fashion feature in Glamour magazine and the once-in-a-lifetime chance to become the next member of Rihanna’s style team!! 🙂

The concept is the same as other reality shows where the opportunity to have an unknown talent show their work.  It’s important and I always say you won’t know, unless you try!

I know a lot of you are into fashion, makeup and hair.  Who isn’t, I am too!  I also am into set design, props, lights and cameras!  So I will be looking at EVERYTHING to get ideas, marvel at the work in front and behind the scenes. More importantly to see who we may think of as just ordinary people, really do marvel.

I digressed!  Back to the MAC line!  I’m still looking for a MAC restock !  RiRi Woo! Helpppppp!  I heard through the grapevine that a Holiday collection is on its way! I just need one lipstick under my Umbrella, brella, brella! LOL ! 🙂

Here is an unusual beautiful result of the photo shot I took of a MAC billboard advertising the RiRi cosmetic line!


Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 😉

MAC Fall Collection photo by MAC Cosmetics. Photos by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design® 

HOW I ROCK IT! Baron Davis on Esquire Network!

22 Oct


The Esquire Network has changed their direction, towards MEN….but they still include us! There are additional premieres throughout the Fall season, where the familiar shows are still airing!  Some of you may be saying it’s about *3#%& time!

HOW I ROCK IT, six 30 minute episodes will be premiering on November 20th on the Esquire Network, formerly the Style Network! Who’s the host? NBA superstar Baron Davis.

He will be taking you on an extraordinary ride which profiles the athletes, musicians, celebrities, designers, influencers and street-style icons. All for reintroducing those who are interested in setting a stylish new standard for today’s man.

HOW I ROCK IT is executive produced by the pied piper himself, Ryan Seacrest Productions and Citizen Jones.

A few of the episodes will feature Jason Lee‘s love of custom motorcycles to Mr. Cartoon‘s astonishing tattoos.  John Varvatos’ rock and roll clothing line to Marcus Samuelsson‘s brand new restaurant, The Red Rooster in Harlem NY. They all share one thing in common: a passion for expressing themselves through a man’s personal style.

Another is Risky Listing!  Risky Listing is also a six-part, one-hour docuseries from Zodiak New York that goes behind the velvet rope to meet the high-end listings agents who wheel and deal in the exclusive NYC! However there is a twist! The series will follow the agents as they cut deals while at bars, restaurant and nightclubs!

I’m looking forward to seeing both the series and the feedback!  I’ve already enjoyed watching a mini-marathon of Sex In the City episodes this past weekend; it never gets old (I am still saying Oh Miranda!)!

In addition to former NBA career, Baron Davis has had an increasing role in the film industry, with the intention of making it a full-time career when his playing days are over. Currently a member of the Screen Actors Guild, having earned membership by appearing in movies such as The Cookout and guest-starring on the ABC Family show Lincoln Heights and ABC’s The Forgotten. With his high school friend Cash Warren formed a production company called Verso Entertainment in 2005. He appeared on the DVD commentary track of the 2008 film Step Brothers alongside Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, as well appeared as himself during season three of Hot In Cleveland.

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & DesignThanks, Letia

Photos by the Esquire Network,

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