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Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!!

24 Dec


Can your snowman do a merry handstand!

Can your snowman do a merry handstand!


It’s Christmas Eve and Hanukkah starts this evening!

I’ve poured a glass of egg nog with a touch of Amaretto and a slice of cheesecake!  Playing my Holiday CDs, the 1989 movie ‘Prancer’ is playing (Sam Elliot, Abe Vigoda and Rebecca Harrell) and I’ve been using entirely too much tissue paper while wrapping – for I just ran out!

Manolo my pooch, he is happy that I’d gave him his long awaiting Christmas gift early …..a bone marrow bone!   Later on dinner with friends for more laughing, piano playing and lots of calls to make!

This is the time to share and spend time with love ones!  It is also is the time to be thankful and wish the utmost best to others who may not be so fortunate, that they may find peace during this Holiday and the days ahead!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday!  Enjoy!

Letia  🙂

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Beyoncé! Ivy Park – Inspirational!

9 Apr

beyonce ivy parkI know you have seen the video and in anticipation to see the active wear!

There may be some of you; who are not least in the bit interested in exercising!

However, let’s look beyond that and look at the video as encouragement for anything that is ahead of you!  Beyoncé has a great message.

Everyone has a place where we consider safe and often go to; to build our strength.  For some it may be a place of worship, a friend’s home or a tropical island!

What ever the place maybe, it’s a moment or memory you can go to and get what you need!

So watching the video, it brought me to that place of being home as a little girl – with my Mom, Gilda and my Uncle Al.  They are both gone now, but still constant and encouraging staples in my life!  Mom and Uncle Al


So that’s my park…what’s yours?   


letia Mitchelll 403 Letia  🙂

Photo by Paola Kudacki for Elle Magazine’s editorial; April issue. Video courtesy of Nordstorm, IVY PARK – Cofounded by Beyoncé – effortlessly cool activewear for women everywhere.  In stores on April 14th.

Easter Baby Hunt Prep!

5 Mar

Easter is on the way; so I was asked about Easter eggs for an upcoming Baby Easter Egg Hunt! easter eggs

So thinking…what about buying colorful plush toilet lid covers to place on the floor; so there will be no worries of getting hurt!

Moms can be at ease and the babies can enjoy themselves!

All you do is choose from the array of different colors and leave the cardboard in!  The intent is to scatter them across the floor; with all the other Easter décor and it’s a bunny hopping fun!

I’d just told the store clerk….I need 20, no 25! And they’re on clearance!  Easter ideas! 🙂




letia Mitchelll 403 Letia 🙂

Thai Carrot Soup to Start the New Year with Spice! 

3 Jan

img_0751I wanted something satisfying and warm to eat!  So while grocery shopping, I decided to make some soup!  I love-making soup, where I can make it how I like it and be creative!

So Thai Carrot soup it is!  It came out wonderfully and for the upcoming nights when arriving from work; I can effortlessly choose to have a nice warm bowl of soup and little spinach salad!

It was quite easy and in less than an hour in the early morning;  I was done and ready to venture out to enjoy the rest of the day!

If you love carrot soup, try it!  You can add what you like…coconut milk, ginger, yogurt….what ever you like.  I just wanted a Thai peanut, very spicy, carrot soup! And I mean spicy…which you can omit!  Here are the steps; if you decide to make it also and add your delights; please share!

Happy New Year!

2 pounds of peeled carrots, 1 large sweet Vidalia onion, 2 tbsp of minced garlic, hot chili pepper flakes, peanut butter and 1 granny smith apple + Sriracha

2 pounds of peeled carrots, 1 large sweet Vidalia onion, 2 tbsp of minced garlic, hot chili pepper flakes, peanut butter and 1 granny smith apple + Sriracha.  It will make about close to 1 quart and 1/2 of soup.


In a Dutch Oven, saute onions, apple, garlic in one teaspoon of hot coconut oil (about 2 – 3 minutes).


Add all the carrots and it's ok to eat some while they go in!

Add all the carrots and it’s ok to eat some while they go in!

Add 1 box of Vegetable broth (or any broth you like) and simmer for 20 minutes; until carrots are tender.

Add 1 box of Vegetable broth (or any broth you like) and simmer for 20- 30 minutes; until carrots are tender.

Once tender, now puree! Either a food processor or hand blender.

Once tender, now puree! Either a food processor or hand Immersion blender.

You want to have a smooth consistency!

You want to have a smooth consistency!

Now you add the peanut butter, blend then taste! A little salt and hot chili flakes, then taste again. Then judge is it to your liking.

Now you add the peanut butter, blend then taste! A little salt, basil and hot chili flakes, then taste again. Then judge is it to your liking.

For me! Not all, I added more S hot sauce!

For me! Not all, I added more Sriracha hot sauce!

Add to a beautiful bowl. Topped with basil and more hot sauce!

Add to a beautiful bowl. Topped with chopped basil and more hot sauce!

letia Mitchelll 403 Letia 🙂

The peanut butter is added last. For those who are allergic to nuts; it can be skipped without compromising the taste you want for a wonderful carrot soup!

Photos taken by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design®


Happy New Year! 2016

29 Dec

Do you believe it? It’s here already! 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me through the year! 

Wishing you the best for the New Year! 


Letia ❤️

Adele! A Smart “Hello”!

7 Nov

Adele transcends everything.  4 years waiting to hear from her and she gives a wonderful sneak peak of what’s in store, by releasing the first single off of her Adele 25 project!

“Hello” has become the first song to sell one million tracks in a week, the power of download. The beautiful, heart-wrenching ballad also debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart., where in a few weeks it will be available on Nov. 20.

YouTube is already filled with videos of fans singing the songs and a few artists already doing covers! 

The Nov. 20 date has even caused some artists to change their album release dates, for the anticipated sales are going to go through the roof.  30 million sold from her last project, so the question is which way is Adele and her management going to go? 

Allow the “25” album stream online or the old fashion way; releasing the CD? Anyway you look at it, she is going to win!  By releasing the single without any heads up; was genius!!  A smart young woman she is!

Adele also looks so amazing in the “Hello” in the monochrome video, I’d analyzed each of the scenes, the set design and how wonderfully I will from now on admire wind blowing!   The vocals are amazing and the chorus is so heart felt, relatable.

25 is about knowing who I’ve become, without realizing it! I’m sorry it took so long, but you know life happened.

Fashionably, women will be looking for a faux fur coat, a simple plaid shirt and the longest eyelashes to put on!  For this beautiful gal makes you want to just try! 

So you know, Adele will be live in NYC on Nov. 17 and a TV debut of her smash hit “Hello” will air as part of an hour-long BBC special on Nov. 20. But a teaser from the taped performance is now out — and it’s worth a viewing.

The 27-year-old British songstress both sounds and looks stunning in the snippet, released Friday by BBC Music.  It marks her first TV appearance since performing “Skyfall” during the 2013 Oscar ceremony.


Adele performing Hello

Adele, I will be waiting anxiously to hear your album and looking forward to travel where you are to here you live; like the last time in London! 🇬🇧

Can you tell I’m a lovely fan! 😉.  Ladies and Gentleman….ADELE


HGTV’s Flea Market Flip with Lara Spencer!

1 Nov

flea_market_flipCatching up with Lara Spencer!  Not only seeing her daily on ABC’s Good Morning America @LaraSpencer; she’s has her passion for design!  Since 2012, HGTV’s  Flea Market Flip has been putting teams to the test.  The test is to see their potential in a flea market find and refurbish to flip in order sell; based on their design visual! lara spencerpene


A flea market search takes a bit of skill and you have to have a knack to haggle; but politely and you have to be willing to know your choice is doable for a flip on this show.

Teams of two perform a playful and strategic battle to win all the profits earned that day, the true winner will be the viewer at home, who will have a variety of exciting ideas to inspire them as they begin their next project around their own home!

Whether you are shabby chic, eclectic, retro, traditional or punk…your ideas for a flip are welcomed.  The show is fun and gives you great ideas!  Check your TV listings on HGTV to watch Flea Market Flip, visit your local flea market and have some fun; you never know what you might find! 🙂

Here’s more information on the Brooklyn Flea Market in NYC:  BrooklynFlea.

Lara Spencer shared her other wise tips for a successful day at the sales:

1. Always carry a notebook with ideas, dimensions and inspirational photos. Spencer says, “Finding you style is like putting puzzle pieces together.”

2. Have an open mind.

3. Get there early.

4. Go to the last row first and make your way back. (OK, this one may be superstitious!)

5. Go through the entire market twice — you’ll catch things you missed the first time.

6. Don’t hesitate to buy something you love. You snooze, you lose.

7. Cash is king. It’s much harder to negotiate for a good price when you paying with a credit card.

8. Kill ’em with kindness. This one’s from Spencer’s mother — don’t ever insult a seller’s goods or prices.

9. No idea where to start? Spencer suggested first going to high-end antique shops first so when you’re hunting for bargains at the markets you’ll know when you’ve found a deal.

My tip: Is if the seller has a lot of big items, wait to closing and you will probably get a deal on the item you had your eyes on!  There’s nothing worse than organizing to load up the truck when you don’t want to take it back!

letia Mitchelll 403 Letia 🙂





I’d had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Lara Spencer at a few Housing Works and Design On A Dime charitable events held in NYC.  Lara has so many hats, a Mom, Producer and Director!  She also is a writer, who parlayed a love of flea-market shopping into several books, the latest being “Flea Market Fabulous: Designing Gorgeous Rooms with Vintage Treasures,” released last year. She hosted “Antiques Roadshow” and ­created “Flea Market Flip” on HGTV and Great American Country and “I Brake for Yard Sales” on HGTV.  Lara was named a co-host at “GMA” in April after serving as a lifestyle anchor for the popular morning show since 2011.

Flea Market Flip logos and photos registered to HGTV® 

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