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There are some real …..

29 Jun

There are some real special people in the world, that make a day turn out to better, by simply having them around!  

No matter when I come into the Sephora store at my nearby mall, this young lady is always smiling and engaging with the customers!

I am always so excited to see her and she also says she’s happy to see me!

Sure I can quickly order my items online at the Sephora website, but quite honestly I wait …….because I want to see how’s she’s doing, get her opinion and let her tell me about the latest promotions!  You know, girl talk!

So I would like to introduce to you…..MY Sephora Beauty advisor, Victoria!

Victoria, if you are reading this….. I just wanted to let you know…. you are beautiful and you do such a wonderful job!   I saw these cookies and thought of you!   Thank You!!! ❤


Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design

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Letia 🙂

Sephora Logo cookies by Sugar Sanctuary; click picture for more information.  If interested in Sephora career information, please go to

CityBlis be Unique! Celebrating all Things That Inspire!

28 Jun

Fashion, Designs, Textiles, oh MY!   I am so happy to announce my new-found alliance with CityBlis!

There are so many talented designers that you and I have never met!  This is where City Blis comes in!  They have given me the wonderful opportunity to be in on their vision and dedication to a designer’s work; to share with YOU!

CityBlis has invited me to report on these designers and the CityBlis project itself.  CityBlis knows that I am always looking for new designers, new products and new stories to talk about!!!  It’s a wonderful platform to be part of; which helps the designer both locally and internationally.  It helps the consumer too, to also be introduced and become acquainted with a designer based on their own livelihood and bizazzle!

“At Cityblis we celebrate all of these things and bring to life all the people that share their stories with you so that you may be inspired every day.”

So from time to time, I will be able to provide you with finds that I think are absolutely great! Say for instance, designers like Loredana Novotnin,  a young Romanian fashion designer – where the detail in her work is so remarkable; as well beautiful.

Loredana Novotni

Or another designer who takes T – Shirts to another level of extraordinary, that would be Lady Derringer!  New unique designs are added each season!  So if you have a teenager in your home, their right!  T- Shirts are important and Lady Derringer would agree!

Lady Derringer

Then there’s the staple wardrobe piece for men, the hat!  Hat Lovers would love, love  Le Tom!  Very debonaire indeed!

So… be excited, because I am too! All the interactive tools are there!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…….and so on! All there for you to interact and “blis” it to share – plus an inside mall if you would like to buy an item or two!

Le Tom

CityBlis is an interactive, multi-platform social eCommerce website that allows consumers to shop and interact with friends, store owners and other consumers. The site is a combination of personalized webstores and an online mall.  Launched in April 2012, the international platform was developed for small businesses to reach out to new markets around the world through a community based infrastructure.  The current headquarters are in New York with satellite offices in Sweden and Australia.

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 🙂

All photos provided by CityBlis © 2013 Cityblis Inc. All rights reserved

Architectural Digest Celebrates AD <3 New York Design Center!

27 Jun

This year at the New York Design Center was quite special! Architectural Digest and their Editor in Chief Margaret Russell gave a warm, warm welcome to all interested in design!

To celebrate at the NYDC with what they believe are great finds! I will follow the beautiful Ms. Russell anywhere, for her signature is so clear!

Margaret Russell, Editor in Chief of Architectural Digest Magazine

Margaret Russell, Editor in Chief of Architectural Digest Magazine

Since being with Architectural Digest; I definitely see a difference in the style and content of the magazine! You can just tell, more celebrities are opened to featuring their homes and the creativity is shown on its pages, with ideas that regular people are truly interested in!

So when arriving at the New York Design Center on Lexington Ave last Thursday, there was such a buzz in the air; I could n’t wait to explore the four floors of showroom bliss!

The showrooms were full of people, all scoring a spot near a bar to receive the signature drink of the night and talk about all the one of a kind of pieces; unique textiles, tapestries and how home furnishings keep on envolving. Beautiful pieces! I placed a few pics below of my favorites!

Even Twitter was involved, where the guests were asked to tweet their favorite #ADLOVESNYDC pick and tweet it right there! Although I made the mistake and tweeted (is that a word) a slipper chair I’d fell in love with, not one of AD’s picks!

It didn’t even matter, because the excitement of the feedback was amazing! Some people were tweeting for the first time in their life, which was actually quite funny…”Is it on my phone? Oh, I have to download the app!” The showroom staffers sure did not reckon on that they would be giving Twitter tutorials on how to be a certified tweeter!!!!!!!

The showrooms featured:

Baker Knapp & Tubbs



Julian Chichester

Desiron by Frank Carfaro

Woodwrights Wide Plank Flooring

Dennis Miller Associates


The night was quite enjoyable and I’d got the feedback that others also had a good time too! All rejuvenated with great ideas and finds!

The New York Design Center’s is a 16-story, 500000 square foot building with design items for the trade. Showroom search, floor plans, admission policy, news and events, staff, designer and more! Located at 200 Lexington Avenue, Suite 428 New York, NY 10016 Ph: 212.679.9500 Fax: 212.447.1669 @nydc @archdigest


The Brooklyn Winery! Wine Tasting Fun!

17 Jun

IMG_0260So a few weeks ago, my girlfriend suggested we hang out, for it’s been about three months since we last saw one another!

I’ve been meaning to go to a wine tasting class – however I wanted to also see what wineries were close to New York.

Low and behold, there are wineries right here in New York City, one of them is the Brooklyn Winery! Brooklyn? Yes, it’s true; I said the same thing?

Looking at their website, there were a few upcoming events on their itinerary and there was wine tasting! So a wine tasting class it was, a great thing to do together! The Brooklyn Winery is located on the north side of Williamsburg Brooklyn, where their wine is made right there on the spot!

So on a Monday night where it was raining fiercely and the anticipation was very high on seeing my girlfriend, partaking in the wine class and just having fun! So I get there and immediately notice the decor!


Beautiful Decor with Copper Tones

The decor is rustic, dark, with copper tones all around and definitely cozy.

There is an open feel; giving you the sense to relax and get in the mood to try some wine! Then I noticed my girlfriend, sitting at the bar – we were early, so it was good time to catch-up!

Brookyn Winery Wine Tasting Class

Brookyn Winery Wine Tasting Class

Before you know it, it was time to go to our wine tasting class! Ascending upstairs to a private room, we were greeted by our Sommelier; Kristina Sazama.  Kristina was very engaging and a lot of fun!  The class was full and we learned the basics of wine tasting and pair basics.   I found out that I really love wine; more than I lead on!

So you hold your wine glass at a 45 degree angle, swirl, sniff (checking to detect what your senses are telling you),  then sip!  Always do this in that order, so even though you may not understand at times what you may be doing, it will always look like you do!!!!

5 Basic Wine Characteristics

  1. Sweetness -wine is its level of sweetness. To taste sweet, focus your attention on the taste buds on the tip of your tongue. Are your taste buds tingling?–an indicator of sweetness. Believe it or not, many dry wines can have a hint of sweetness to carry a larger impression of Body. If you find a wine you like has residual sugar, you may enjoy a hint (or a lot!) of sweetness in your wine.
  2. Acidity – Tingling sensation that focuses on the front and sides of your tongue. Feels like pop rocks.
  3. Tannin -Imagine putting a used black tea bag on your tongue. A wet tea bag is practically pure tannin that is bitter and has a drying sensation. Tannin tastes herbaceous and is often described as astringent.
  4. Fruit – characterized by their main fruit flavors. Tasting for fruit flavors in a wine can help you better define your preferences. Like plum, blackberry, strawberries or raspberries.
  5. Body – Result of many factors – from wine variety, where it’s from, vintage, alcohol level and how it’s made.

IMG_0269I also found out how different foods definitely affects the way a wine tastes on your palette! So I am avoiding mushrooms and asparagus unless it has a little char on it! The class was fun and a great opportunity to try Brooklyn Winery’s wines; their very good!


Wine Barrels

Wine Barrels

The hour passed so quickly and we’d both decided to put our lesson to the test and try their featured dishes with our favorite wine, Pinot Noir – Los Carneros from the class:

Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Togarashi Spice, Orange, Sunflower Seed Brittle, and Prosciutto Chips

Fried Buttermilk Chicken Bites with Soy Glaze, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Fresh Herbs

Lamb Meatballs with Rutabaga Sauerkraut, English Pea & Mint Pureé, Topped with Micro Pea Tendrils.

IMG_0279Sweet Potato and Chickpea Falafel – with Coriander Spiced Yogurt and Sesame. (ordered it twice….it was so good!)

The staff was very accommodating, it was such a great night! So if you want to learn more about wine, be in a great atmosphere with a lot of fun, the Brooklyn Winery is an excellent choice! (BW’s calendar)

Brooklyn Winery located 213 North 8th Street Brooklyn, NY (347) 763-1506. Gives tours of the winery to learn about how their wines are produced, has a wine bar and savor artisanal wines with great seasonal menus. The winery also can be available for private event venues, such as full-service weddings with wine crafted on-site, exquisite cuisine, and the beautiful winery as a backdrop.

IMG_0263As for Kristina Sazama, has an impressive background, worked at Momofuku Ssäm Bar, Momofuku Ko, and Michael Skurnik Wines. Kristina holds the Diploma of Wine & Spirits from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust in London and is a Certified Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers. So there! @thirstyredhead

The wine Tasting Class featured the following Brooklyn Winery wines: Stainless Steel Riesling, Rose of Old Vine Zinfandel, Pinot Noir – Los Carneros  and Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah Blend.

IMG_0271 Letia 🙂

Happy Father’s Day!

16 Jun

A Happy Father’s Day greeting to all fathers, father figures and men who have taken on the role of being a father to someone!

Yes, when Happy Mother’s Day comes around, it gets a lot of attention and rightfully so, but in my opinion Happy Father’s Day should get just the same attention!!!!   Do you agree?

It’s so important to take time out to celebrate YOU!

Being able to see the people who care about you, with whatever gesture you receive is a wonderful thing!

Happy Father’s Day!  Enjoy the video!

Letia  🙂

Esther Williams the MGM Hollywood Star and Her Style!

9 Jun
Esther Williams the Mermaid

Esther Williams , Princess Mermaid

Esther Williams, an American competitive swimmer and  movie actress who left us this past week June 6th, she was 91 years old.  I remember watching her films as a child and was simply memorized on how she made swimming look ABSOLUTELY beautiful.

ed-clark-terrestrial-esther-williams-looking-over-model-s-of-the-year-s-cole-of-california-bathing-suits So I was thinking about the era (1940 through 1950) and the styles of the swim suits which were timeless, wondering whether I could find a swimsuit which also matched that era today!  Well Kore Swim, does that!

Kore Swim, founded in 2011 by sisters Jessica and Nicole Tracy.  Their vision on celebrating a woman’s curves is shown in their designs and very stylish.

So as we think about the late beautiful Esther Williams, let’s also say a thank  you for her contribution to the art of swimming, for being the reason synchronizing swimming  is an Olympic competitive sport today and undeniably making the swimsuit a fashion statement in its own category!


Kore Swim



August 8, 1921 – June 6, 2013

Her stepson Lorenzo Lamas tweeted she was “The best swim teacher and soul mom.”[92] Her friend Annabeth Gish also tweeted a tribute, writing that Esther Williams was “An elegant, gracious movie star, legend and neighbor”.  Film historian Leonard Maltin called her “a major, major star, a tremendous box office attraction.” For her contribution to the motion-picture industry, Williams has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1500 Vine Street.

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design

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Letia 🙂

Photos courtesy of MGM.   Kore swimsuit named Juno Maillot and photo by Kore Swim.  Famous song; sung by Esther Williams?  It’s a duet, “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with Ricardo Montalban!

Mary Alice Stephenson’s Glam4Good and How to Land A Job in Fashion!!!!

2 Jun

Spreading the news!

Mary Alice Stephenson! This beautiful lady is a  great Mom to her handsome son, Willem!  Consults for fashion designers, a stylist and beauty expert in her own right!

Can be seen on many TV shows giving her so important fashion advice, clearly proven from her over 250K Facebook following alone! So there!

But Mary Alice Stephenson’s GREATEST passion is turning the Glam4Good movement into a non-profit foundation and a brand. When you hear her talk about it; you can see the love in her face! Glam4Good changes lives!

Whether it’s taking woman affected by Hurricane Sandy for a few hours and pampering them with love! High school teenagers with full and over the top glam moments to fulfill their prom dreams! Even a woman who has beaten the battle of drug addiction and putting her in a beautiful Prabal Gurung gown to simply say, look at me today! These gestures are so huge, life changing and spiritual for most. Glam4Good takes the time to transform through fashion; with the help from volunteers, stylists and makeup artists..all giving their time to make magic! I get so memorized by the work being done; it’s AMAZING!

Mary Alice Stephenson, Glam4Good, Melanie Fiona, High School ladies in their beautiful Prom gowns.

Recently Mary Alice Stephenson, GLAM4GOOD; <I think of her as a fairy godmother, just spreading happiness> shared a great ELLE article – providing tips from nine top fashion experts on what it actually means when given the that golden opportunity to become part of the Fashion World! You will be surprised who they are! Hint? Mary Alice Stephenson is one of them!

Mary Alice Stephenson

Here’s a sneak video peek of what she does! So go ahead and read the ELLE article; “You’re Hired! How to Land a Job in Fashion. Then take a moment to see all the wonderful things that Glam4Good does.

Follow Mary Alice on Twitter (@MaryAliceStyle) and Instagram(@MARYALICESTEPHENSON). Follow Glam4Good on Twitter and Instagram (@Glam4Good).


So we’re starting the month off right, talking about fashion and giving back! I’m going to look in my closet and see what I can do – there’s got to be a couple of dresses I can give to someone for an job interview! The gesture will be wonderful and so rewarding for me and the receiver! 🙂

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 🙂

Photo taken from Mary Alice Stephenson, Glam4Good Facebook page. Article from ELLE › FASHION › FASHION SPOTLIGHT

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