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Prince William turns 30, Happy Birthday!!!!

21 Jun

In London, UK; there’s still more celebrating to do! William Arthur Philip Louis; born 21 June 1982 will have lots to celebrate; he turns the big 3-0 today!

This very handsome man has lots to be happy about!  He is the Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Strathearn and Baron Carrickfergus.  He has his stunning, totally together wife, Duchess Kate; his new status as an operational captain in the Royal Air Force Search and Rescue Force.

A fun, busy year celebrating the Queens Jubilee for his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, a summer with the London Olympics, an upcoming tour of Asia; and an his inheritance released from his late mother, Princess Diana’s estate!  Not bad at all, not bad at all!

Happy Birthday William!  Enjoy!

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge

  Letia 🙂

Surprise to One of My Readers!!! The Cute non-Twitter Bird!!

20 Jun

I do read your inquiries and your questions!  Let’s say I do my best to come through, when I can!!  Congratulations Landi! 🙂  It’s the little things that are special!

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The video that started it all!  Bird Bottle Opener

Letia 🙂

Bottle opener found at Westview Traders in Lexington, Kentucky! 

A Beautiful Surprise in Brooklyn – Urban Vintage Boutique Cafe!!!

17 Jun

I had a wonderful experience today, invited to a private celebration held in the Clinton Hill section, Brooklyn (10 minutes from the Brooklyn Bridge).

To my surprise, here was this quaint boutique cafe, where it felt like you stepped back in time!  To the time where all items felt like simple treasures, because you were looking at them in this space!

Then the second surprise for me; was meeting the owners!!

Urban Vintage Boutique Cafe

Where can I begin, the owners are two beautiful young ladies, Emily and Elizabeth Hazlewood!  They are sisters; where first I thought they were twins – for they look so much alike.  Even though they are both in their early 20’s…Elizabeth kindly let me know – she was the oldest!!!

They both had an idea, let’s open a business! What I love about being entrepreneurial,  is the mere fact of the idea behind it!  Imagine growing up; living just across the street and dreaming of changing something.  A small place right on the corner of Grand Ave. in Brooklyn!

When an idea comes into fruition, it not only makes you pinch yourself 10 times over; it’s gives you a sense of pride.  You can do anything that you put your mind to!  And with the love and support of their family, THEY did just that!

Wow, whoever said our young adults don’t have a vision towards the future, were absolutely wrong!  Not all young adults are aped for the college path, however if they have an idea on working and contributing to society – well parents should support them!

Elizabeth and Emily Hazlewood, Owners of Urban Vintage

Whereas for this beautiful story, Emily and Elizabeth’s parents did and are still doing just that!   Here you have two smart young ladies, saying let’s open up a chic boutique cafe, right here in Brooklyn!  It’s near downtown Brooklyn, Pratt University in the area, residential brownstones around; so there are families and other local businesses who would love an espresso or tea at lunchtime!  Why not?

Urban Vintage opened in April of 2010, so they just celebrated their 2 year anniversary! The cafe has such a vintage feel, even if an item maybe new – the ambience and style; keeps you thinking it!

Victorian couches

What I so loved about it? The soft music in the background, there’s no standard seating or a traditional style of seating; you typically would have in a cafe.  The decor has mix-match tables all around, different style chairs, Victorian couches giving you the comfort of home and the scent of flowers was all around.  That’s why this place is so unique, there’s no rules to follow; just comfort.

Their sense of style has been very attractive to their patrons; the ladies often receive hire requests, simply to get their advice on decorating!  Consignment arrangements and silent auctions too! Say if you are not interested in all that; you can just relax a little and check-up on your e-mails, with free Wi-Fi!

 The food menu is packed with great choices, giving the feel of a gourmet style; but not stuffy at all.  The food provided for the private celebration consisted of many items from their menu.  So I was actually quite happy that I was able to sample!

Urban Vintage desserts

From the mixed green salad topped with goat cheese complimented with a raspberry vinaigrette, tasty quiche slices, vegetable wraps to die for, an almond pound cake topped with a thick vanilla candy coated glaze right down to the last wire of chocolate covered strawberries! Of course, I had to have my English tea to give a brilliant end to my experience.

As I was meeting everyone, I was actually shopping!  So, when I got a moment, before anyone else could consider the things I was eyeing; I quickly told Emily all the items and made my purchases in a hurry!  Their beautiful mother was right there on hand also to help the ladies.  Speaking with her, you could see why these two ladies are so, so exceptional!

Now perhaps, if by chance you are walking across the Brooklyn Bridge looking for a nice spot to eat or maybe looking for a wonderful place to have your special party celebration, Urban Vintage Boutique Cafe is an excellent choice!

Located at 295 Grand Ave, Brooklyn NY. (between Lafayette Ave & Clifton Pl) Monday – Friday  8:00 am – 8:00 pm, Saturday – Reserved for Special Parties and Sunday – 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.  During the summer months, the cafe closes 1 hr early. Their number is 718.783.6045 .

Here is their website: Urban Vintage

I had such a wonderful time; with some really lovely people; which made it all worth while!  I definitely will be back!

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Letia 😉

P.s.  I didn’t mention what I bought, they are gifts!  Ssssh!

Pictures of Urban Vintage by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle Design. 

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