Guest Bathroom Napkins Alternative!

30 May

Having visitors at your house or even a small party!  Your first worry comes to mind is about the powder room!  Although you place guest bathroom  napkins; with the wastebasket placed strategically close by – it never fails they may be flushed in the toilet!   Too much paper down the toilet and you will have more than a great party; but a major plumbing problem.

So why not take a different approach?

Here’s what I do!  Look around the house for a basket, I’m pretty sure you have one around from a gift basket you received and another large basket (like a laundry basket) to place on the floor.   Then go to Bed Bath & Beyond and buy 12 white washcloths (more if your party is large).  If this store is not your choice, Marshalls® or the clearance section in one of the bargain stores near by is great too!

I usually give the washcloths a wash in the quick wash choice of my washing machine with extra fabric softener.  After drying, take one and leave to the side.  With the remaining, take each washcloth and roll them the longest length; placing them in your basket.

Keep placing the wash cloths; until the basket is filled or you have reached the desired amount.   Now in the powder room or bathroom; place the basket right next to the sink on the counter.

If no room; it can sit on top of the toilet tank.   Take the large basket and place on the floor near by and throw in that one washcloth you’ve left to side.   Fill your soap dispenser or have a nice bar of soap at hand.

Remove all paper products from the bathroom; except the toilet tissue!  <smile>

If you have more than one bathroom, then follow the same steps in each.

Once the evening is over, you just take the large basket and pop the washcloths back in the washer machine and store for the next time!

Now your guests will love the fact; you have nice scented towels at hand and YOU don’t have to worrying about the plumbing!

This is a great idea; for your daily face rituals too!

Try it and let me know how it turned out!

Letia 🙂

P.S.  You can always use a beautiful hand towel; if you have no room!  However, keep at least two more handy; to replace throughout the evening!

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