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Royal Wedding! Prince Harry and Meghan Markel ❤️

18 May

The Blissful Couple

I’m Getting ready, my UK family is ready! My Aunt Vadney is so very excited! I can’t wait to phone her on Sunday to get all the details, for they will be in the crowds to cheer, love and shed some tears… for they just love Harry! For if you loved Diana.. you love her sons! Congratulations to Meghan and Harry! #royalwedding #princeharry #meghanmarkle #wedding #london #love #2018 #princessdiana #British #people #westiminsterabbey ❤️🇬🇧

Votre Dans Mes Prieres Paris

13 Nov

When you hurt, we hurt!  I’m so heartbroken! Love to all Parisians at this time! 


“Faced with terror, France has to be strong, she has to be grand. We also need to call everyone to be responsible. If these terrorists want to make us afraid, to fill us with fear. But while we are facing fear we are a nation that knows how to defend itself. We have not finished these operations. At this very moment the special forces have launched their attack on a place in Paris”.

Letia ❤️


“The only thing…

25 Apr

Ella Fitzgerald, photographed by Carl Van Vech...

“The only thing better than singing is more singing.”        

Ella Fitzgerald


Ella Fitzgerald, also known as the “First Lady of Song”, “Queen of Jazz”, and “Lady Ella”, was an American jazz vocalist with a vocal range spanning three octaves.  More than 200 albums, won 13 Grammys and I listen to her even today!  She would have been 96th young today!

Happy Birthday Ella!

bareMinerals®! Love Match!

30 Mar
luncg_29 (800x532)

Letia Mitchell & Anna Prestia at BareMinerals® Herald Square

Hello everyone! It’s been a crazy week for me…running here and running there!

I have just gotten a moment to bring you up-to-date on what’s been going on! I had a love match!

Yes, you are probably thinking a DATE! A great dreamy guy, right!

Well – it’s sort of a match, but it has to do with makeup!

bareMinerals® had a great event last week! At the Herald Square Store in NYC – the lovely Anna Prestia, Store Manager gave me a call and said why don’t I get a perfect love match for my foundation! LOL I said of course!  I had such a good time last month at the Jonathan Adler and bareMinerals with Instyle Magazine Event there; it seems that it’s the place to be!  

For those who are thinking that bareMinerals® would not have their shade, you are absolutely wrong! Wrong! They will match you up. Whether you have a skin disorder, uneven skin tone or a brown girl like me just searching for her shade – your foundation LOVE match can be found!

getyour matc

Lovely Shades

bareMineral®’s foundation is a pure product, made out of pure ingredients – not like a synthetic product which can leave your skin sometimes cakey (yes that’s a word).

So, when passing a bareMinerals® Boutique or counter – take some time and get your match! You will be glad that you did! I was very happy with the results, Anna took real good care of me (I had a cold with allergies, where the Benadryl was wearing off!)! 

The atmosphere is oh so exciting, her staff are as friendly and helpful as can be and the best music is always playing.  It was nice time and I can now take my products to the next photo shoot; where I am confident that my shade is available (no scientific mixing this time).  Oh!  Plus I got some more of their glow pads, that I spoke about a few weeks ago and they are doing just great for my skin!

When you get a chance go to their website, www.bareminerals.com.  Here is list of items which I brought, skipping happily!  Thanks Anna!!!

SPF15 Matte Foundation in Deepest Deep
M Aubergine Blush
Original Foundation Primer
Pure Transformation Night Treatment (the Pore closer!)
Soft Focus Face brush
Max Coverage Concealer Brush
Iced Coffee Lip Gloss (love it!!!)
Stroke of Light Eye Brightner (this is used to contour the eyebrows)
Intense Glow Pad Bright Treatment ( to even out skin tone)
SPF Mineral Veil

  Letia 🙂

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All items purchased by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design ®.  bareMinerals® Boutique at Herald Square, NYC (across from the world’s famous Macy’s)

Showing Some Love!

11 Nov


Sometimes a picture makes you feel better or just lifts your spirit! Babies always make me swoon, makes loving-coos and give a lot of kisses! This picture reminds me of just that!

Letia 🙂

Photo taken from “I Love Babies” Facebook page.

Aurora, Colorado – My Thoughts

24 Jul

It has taken me a few days to process all this! 

The focus should be with the families, the victims and the community!  For the last few days, I am thinking about how a staple of America, going to the movies turned into THIS! 

In my opinion <my opinion>, it has nothing to do with the Batman movie.  It could have been any movie!!!!.  How many times have I just abruptly decided to go to the movies, to see a movie!

 For me it ranges, from Harry Potter, Ice Age to a movie about whales in Alaska!  At each showing, there are people from all walks of life.  It may be a children’s movie, or children accompanying their parents, young people or the elderly. 

There is the staff at the theatres who are working, some college students or perhaps those coming in for the day looking for a job or even people getting the matinée to receive a discount.  It may be a person who wanted popcorn and enjoyment of the free refills!

The movies represents people, ordinary people taking the time out of their busy day to enjoy!  With their families and friends. That’s ALL!

And here taking this forum of relief, one person decides to make an agenda to create pure mayhem for over 220 people!!!!!

  With the intent to harm more!  #%)@&%&@) crazy and absolutely unacceptable!  I am so upset about it, because it is too close!  It could have been in my community or it could have been in yours!  It’s so sad!  

I refused to write anything more about this person who caused such hysteria, fear and sadness  – is it important to know WHY? For some it maybe, for me is to now focus on the families, friends and victims whose lives have been changed! 

So with that, I am going to keep praying for comfort for all affected and for those who have survived to push on! 

If you are interested, you can contribute to the Aurora Relief Fund; which is being used to give any aid required by victims and their loved ones.

The Aurora Victim Relief Fund will help defray some of that expense. The full list of non-profits in the network is available at the GivingFirst.org site.

With thoughts and prayers, 


Sting and Trudie Styler – Harper’s Bazaar

12 Jan

My readers know how much, I’m a CERTIFIED fan of Sting!  So why, wouldn’t I let you know about the love of his life! Huh? Harper Bazaar’s latest issue tells you about their special relationship.  Why Sting and Trudie, I’m talking about!  Here’s an excerpt:

While Sting and Styler have been together a record amount of time in celebrity years–they were married in 1992–weeks can go by when they don’t see each other. “It’s important to have frank discussions about what the other wants,” Styler says. “To be in a relationship that is like a little lifetime, that’s a challenge.”

Sting has spent his storied career touring the world, currently on the last leg of his Symphonicity tour, where he performs his hits with a full orchestra. Styler has produced a number of films and documentaries but is now returning to her first love, acting. She says, “It’s exciting. I’ve said, ‘Okay, producing: back burner. Actor and director: front.”

And by the way, when he heads to the States this year, I will be sure to bring you that information too!  I am looking forward to seeing him on tour!   In the meantime, I’ll be looking at this Harper’s Bazaar February issue,  reading about their SEXY <I mean SEXY> love affair they share with one another!  They’ve been together for over 30 years!

If you want to enjoy a flashback, look back to my Summer of 2010, see A Day with Sting!  Ahh! memories <giggle!>. Even if you may not be a Sting fan, if  you have a FAVORITE artist and you consider yourself a true fan, then you can relate and know why I get so excited!  Well let me go back to reading!!

Letia 🙂

Photos by Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar.

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