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Keith Cephus – Awesome Wedding Photographer

20 May

You know me, you know how I love photographers and this gentleman is simply awesome!  Keith Cephus: amazing photographer, amazing visionary!  There is such a buzz on about his magnificent work!


You see I have such wonderful friends and their friendships to me, make MY life so great!  There’s no way to ever know what the topic of discussion will be with any of them; but as I remember one particular day, my friend was talking about lighting, timing and shadowing; discussing the video he forwarded was so superb.  To me, during that time it was just a video, it’s just until these past few months that I now understand the concepts and the extent of the work involved (because I’m now doing my little amateur videos LOL)!   Then I noticed some striking wedding pictures in Essence Magazine®, so I looked up the photographer’s website and he looked so familiar.  Then it hit me that’s the same gentleman in the promotional video, my friend had sent me!  WOW! !  So, I had to share with you!  🙂  

Keith Cephus‘s work  is awesome, his life story is inspiring as well.  There’s definitely passion; which you can see in Keith’s photography.    I have attached his official website and blog site!  Please take some time to read his bio, look at his work and let him known what you think!   Oh! And make sure you look at Keith’s just released work for the June wedding of newlyweds Mesita and Durante!!  The video is near the bottom of the web page… will definitely remind you of what love is, what love looks likes, to enjoy life with more smiles and think about packing your bags for a flight to Mexico!!!!!!   ENJOY.

Congratulations Keith; to you and your family!

Be well – Letia

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