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No Guilt Anymore! “makeup only™” Towels!

26 Jul

black makeup towel

I wear makeup daily and make it a practice to wash my face thoroughly in the evening before going to bed; without even giving it a thought!

However, when I am away;  either on vacation or staying at a friend’s house  I do worry about my makeup stains that would be left on their towels!

wash faceYes, I do use the makeup towelettes; but there is still residue left on your face and you have to do a thorough cleaning!  You should continue to keep up with your skincare regimen while away.

So, I just found out about these “makeup only™” black wash cloths!!!  I now pack a couple in my suitcase and really have no more regrets!  No more worries for me!

The Turkish Towel Company sells them for a set of 6 and the wash cloths are 13″ x 13″; 100% cotton.

makeuptowel2These would also be a great for a gift, even place in your home’s guest room to set some ease!

A special touch for my makeup artist friends to use on their clients!

I’ve been told some hotels and bread & breakfast inns are in on it too; placing them in their bathrooms!

All such great ideas!

The Turkish Towel Company encompasses a combined 50-plus years of towel know-how. This partnership marries American design, development, and marketing experience to the world-renowned skills and quality of Turkish towel manufacturing. The result is unsurpassed style and quality in every towel that they produce.

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & DesignLetia 🙂





Photo courtesy of Turkish Towel Company http://www.turkishtowelcompany.com

Bronzer, the Summer Must! @Forever21

26 May

Hello everyone! I’ve received many emails questioning the bronzer I’d used from a Instagram photo I’d posted while away on my mental break in Cancun, Mexico!

The one which I’d practically fell in love with was Forever21’s Love & Beauty All Over bronzer!

Picked it up by chance and I’m so, so glad I did!

Absolutely beautiful at the beach! I’d even put it on my collarbone and hint on my shoulders; when dining out!


Forever21 Love & Beauty ALL OVER Bronzer

The best way to build up bronzer is to start below the cheekbone, closer towards the ear and lightly diffuse it outwards toward the cheek to blur out edges.

Then, sweep the brush to hit the high planes of the face (check, forehead, and chin) using a figure-3 sweeping motion.

Do the same on the other side and then finish down the nose!

Bronzer…..It’s wonderful for all skin tones.  A must get item for the upcoming summer fun; you’ll be hooked!!!!


Letia Mitchell wearing Love & Beauty ALL OVER Bronzer @ Forever21

Oh!  Don’t forget to use your sunblock first; then apply!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design

Letia  🙂


 ALL Over Bronzer can be found at http://www.Forever21.com, under the Beauty section.  Photo by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design LLC.  Love & Beauty ALL Over Bronzer photo, by Forever21. 

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Countdown! SP 2014

23 Aug

Get ready!

September 5th thru 12th!


You can watch all the shows! It will be like you are right there!

Letia 🙂

Make Your Own Scary Face for Halloween! Boooooo!

14 Oct

Happy Halloween!

Can’t decide on a costume for Halloween or you want to create your own style????  I’m still debating!  🙂

Here’s a great YouTube video on how to make your face for Halloween.  It does not have to be a sugar skull, you can use the same steps to be a Geisha girl, a ghost, an angel or Frankenstein… anything you can think of!!! 

This would be such great fun for the kids, to make their own face and see what they come out with!  Be creative!!!  

Have a safe Halloween and enjoy that candy corn!!!!!!   Oh, if you are in the New York area this month, visit  Sleepy Hollow.  See  “What Ya Doing for Halloween?” for information on what’s going on there and a great MUMMY cookie recipe!

Hey, if you ever want to know about any other products or makeup ideas, Makeupgeek is one of my stops to find out about practically everything! 


Letia 🙂

YouTube Video by MakeUpGeekTV, www.makeupgeek.com  For your party checklist :http://www.halloween-online.com/party/halloween-party-planning-check-list.html

The Makeup Show NY

18 May

Romero Jennings

I have such a great appreciation for makeup artists and photographers.  They are creative and dedicated people who love the business!  I must say, it’s quite exciting!  We look for them to make us beautiful, doing their magic!  This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being in the midst of it all at The MakeUp Show NY held at the Metropolitan Pavillion. 

I had the opportunity of seeing the most popular products in the industry, all the brands and meet with the top educators in the industry.  For the film industry, I had the chance to see from start to finish the artistry techniques used to transform an actor into a believable character.   Whatever you could imagine,  it was achieved through makeup here!  

For two days The Makeup Show NY provided a way for the attendees to learn about the newest lines and product launches.  There were contests, giveaways, gift bags, On MakeUp magazine issues and discounts for all sorts of cosmetic tools.   Guess who spent literally an hour looking through goat hair makeup brushes at ISOMA?  Me!   Testing shimmering bronze blotting papers at the Mai Couture booth and looking amazed at eyelashes shaped like butterflies!!  Loreal® was there with their latest eyeshadows, HipNotic is coming out with some terrific new shades.   MAC Pro® was present, doing the body art thing!  There were so many things, I can’t even name them all!  Eyelashes, colors, air brushing, facial treatments, there was such a buzz! 

I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet and talk with Crystal Wright; the beautiful angel to the industry who assists makeup artists and fashion stylists on the do’s and dont’s through her workshops!  Her guidelines can be applied to anyone who wants to start their own business or get a kick-start on changing the things in your life.  Her book “Crystal Wright’s 30 days® 100 Percent Changing Your Life 30 Days at A Time” is one of thee best books I ever read in making myself get it right!  For me, she was the highlight of the day!  I recommend her book to anyone who needs a BOOST!  http://www.crystalwrightlive.com/about-crystal.html and http://30daysat100percent.ning.com/

Yes, yes!  I will be sure to remind all of you when the show returns next year, whether it’s Los Angeles or NYC; so you can be in on the fun.  It’s for the professional makeup artist, the beginner who is new to the business or people like me; who just likes to see what’s new and have some fun.  I took a few photo shots below!  Enjoy!  🙂 

Be well – Letia 


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