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Sex and the City 2!

28 Apr


 Need I say more…the love relationships, the shoes, the fashion, the drinks! Just craziness and fun!   Coming to theatres on May 27th.     Who is your favorite, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Mirrrrranda ? I always say her name like that.  Can we never get enough?  Noooooo!  This one was filmed in NYC and Morocco!   I won’t tell you anything more about the movie.  But I will say, you might want to add this to your list of movies to see..darling!  🙂

See the trailer below and if you are interested in also making the SATC2  infamous cocktails using SKYY Vodka, check out the NY Bridal Fashion Examiner, Lisa Barr has provided the recipes for you to try:
Be well – Letia

Great Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

14 Apr

Happy Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 9th!  You have about three weeks  or so to plan, shop, prepare what you are going to do to express how much you care for your Mom, wife, or the Special Mom in your life!   The following websites I have used throughout the years for myself, my friends and clients!  Take a look, perhaps you can consider some other ideas for a gift, besides thinking on just having dinner, some ice cream cake or that beautiful vacuum cleaner you were thinking on buying her! 😳    Groupon features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in a variety of cities across the United States. Sign up and check out what’s going on in your city on or before Mother’s Day to see if you can take her somewhere nice. Then check periodically to find out other deals for the summer as well!    Entirely new concept in gift giving where the gift, the gift message, the sentiment behind the gift, and the prose are all intertwined into one beautiful package. Plus, each GiftProse gift comes personalized with the name of the gift recipient along with a personal greeting from the sender.    I’ve bought from this site for over 8 years, I’ve never paid full price for fragrances.   The discounts are wonderful!   Search it’s index to see if the fragrance Mom really likes is available and then check out the Clearance section for great buys for future gifts or  for yourself!    Always has a Mother’s Day special and there’s definitely a price to fit your budget.    Thinking about getting Mom a laptop! It no longer has to be boring! Go to the site, pick out her favorite OPI nail polish color at My OPI and get the exact color for her new Dell® laptop!   She will love it!   I just assisted one of my friends on buying one (the color, Cozu-melted in the Sun)!  Also there’s a special nail color named BREATH LIFE which assists in helping the Lung Cancer Foundation of America, buy a bottle, wear it to show your support!     Gourmet gift baskets, they have a nice choices.   Send free e-cards to all your friends and family who are Moms.  

Finally Carol’s Daughter® is running a promotion to send a note to your Mom or Special Mom in your life, the butterfly notes will be checked and prizes are given daily, plus there are great gift ideas on the site (Almond Cookie Shea Souffle – my favorite!),  as well as the 30% off all Purchases are Donated to Mary J. Blige’s Charity FFAWN!*:  

Or just make it simple.   The kids can all get together with their crayons, construction paper and scissors to make some beautiful cards.  Even the old cake mix with some store-bought icing would be great!   Breakfast in bed?  How about giving 3 DVDs of her favorite movies to watch all day, while you wait on her (hand and foot)!   Finally updating her Ipod with all her favorite songs or programming the DVR to record her favorite shows.   Whatever you decide to do, remember it’s the thought of your kindness that will make them happy and feel appreciated!  OK countdown, start preparing; don’t let it sneak up on you Enjoy shopping for someone you love! 🙂    

Be well – Letia  

* 4/14 only

Smile with Flowers!

7 Apr

Smile with Flowers

  Flowers make us smile and we look for them at weddings, birthdays, at any celebration and comes highly recommended to give for those “I apologize” days.  Flowers just don’t have to be around for these occasions, you can have flowers in your home all year round!  It’s sometimes hard to remember their names, but we all have our favorites!     

We decorate with flowers! Often people usually place flowers in a vase to dress up a table, more often in the dining room or in the living room; but you can put flowers wherever you like.  They can be in a small-scale or very bold.  April is usually the month when Spring flowers start arriving from overseas (Holland), but May is the time for flowers to start blooming in the U.S..        

You don’t even have to wait until someone sends you flowers.  For those who are in NYC, Manhattan’s century-old flower district occupies little more than a block of West 28th Street, between Avenue of the Americas and Seventh Avenue is a must!  Although the business is wholesale, many of the shops will take walk-ins, the prices are nicely reduced. 😉   

 Or you can even buy flowers at your local supermarket too (usually shipped from local nurseries and the prices are quite affordable).   Perhaps you or your neighbor have a Lilac tree or a Gardenia bush?  You only need a few clippings, imagine putting them in your favorite spot in the house to relax!  Nice, Hugh?  The fragrance will make you smile!     

Flowers can be found in all sort of vivid colors, from bold to quite soft.  One flower which also comes to mind, is the infamous Gerber Daisy, which has inspired many paint companies to mimic their bold colors (for instance Benjamin Moore Paints).  The behind the scene science to make the many hybrids is simply remarkable and well appreciated.      

The Gerber Daisy

I’ve got you thinking?  Why not try taking a single stem of your favorite flower with a small vase and place in it your bathroom, just to have it there will brighten up your morning.  Or put a couple of stems in your kitchen, just to have a “Look Mommy, flowers!”,  while you get the kids ready for school, it will be a great conversation starter.  How about in the bedroom?      

Maybe, you don’t want a vase, just take a small drinking glass, fill with cool water and place just the flower bud!  Or perhaps, wrap a few flower stems in a few wet paper towels and take them to work for your desk. The fragrance will be with you all day!  If anyone asks you what’s the occasion, just say, “Oh, no occasion”. 😉     

 If you are one that can’t have flowers around you, but love them, go to your greeting card store or the card section at your local supermarket, there are many cards with beautiful flowers; pick one and place on your desk instead.  Or you could get a picture,  a postcard… whatever you prefer, but do experience the joy of having flowers around you!  So, what’s your favorite flower?  Did, I convince you to smile with flowers, I sure hope so!  Enjoy!  🙂    

Be well – Letia

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