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Spring 2011 Presentation with Christian Siriano and Mercedes-Benz NYC Fashion Week!

26 Aug


As promised, as I get the news, I’m passing it along! NYC Fashion Week will showcase Spring/Summer: September 9-16. The plans for fashion week at Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park are taking shape for Spring 2011 collections, that will not be available to consumers for six months or so, while most shops are filled with clothes for fall and winter.

Don’t have a ticket? Coveted invitations to New York’s Fashion Week will be a little easier to snag next month, with the unveiling of a public runway show designed to inspire shoppers to add to their wardrobes for fall and winter. While designers will be showing their collections for Spring and Summer 2011 exclusively to retailers and the media, the September 7 public fashion show to kick off Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will remind consumers of the styles they can buy now, organizers said on Wednesday.

Exclusively for American Express Platinum Card® members, Spring 2011 Presentation with Christian Siriano: experience an evening of dramatic fashion at Saks Fifth Avenue beginning with a private cocktail reception and designer dialogue between Christian and industry insider, Rachel Dodes. Following, have an exclusive opportunity to order his Spring 2011 Collection straight from the runway as well as shop with Christian from his current ready-to-wear collection with a $200 Saks Gift Card.  Tickets go on sale August 30!

Christian Siriano

Here’s Christian’s show last year!!!  I can’t wait for this year’s show!  I know, I don’t have to say it…but I am…he’s one of my favorite designers!

There’s this special night called Fashion’s Night Out! Cardmembers can take advantage of an exclusive American Express offer during the second-ever Fashion’s Night Out. Register your eligible American Express Card at to receive a $100 statement credit when you spend $500 at a participating retailer, anytime from September 2, 2010, and continuing through Fashion’s Night Out on September 10, 2010. Participating New York City retailers include Tory Burch, DVF, Intermix, Theory, Helmut Lang, and Domenico Vacca.

If you can’t attend, don’t worry, there will be so many commentaries and shows on TV to fill you in on all the ins and outs!  The do’s and don’ts, it won’t cost you a thing!   But do watch, have fun…it’s so much work that goes into pulling this off and has offered jobs to a lot of people for this week long event.

Be well – Letia 🙂

YouTube ®Video courtesy of MBWNewYork

Nate Berkus! His Own Daytime Show!

25 Aug

I just love Nate Berkus!  I remember when he first was with Oprah, his smile just lit up the world.  He’s a handsome interior designer who designs with practicality and offers you options, not stuffy at all.  Based in Chicago, his firm Nate Berkus Associates has assisted in the many humane special projects such as Hurricane Katrina; as well as contributed to offering advice to the thousands of viewers on The Oprah Winfrey Show.   He has become such a wonderful television personality, Oprah’s Big Give, he was right there judging! As of May, he has left the The Oprah Winfrey Show… but you will see him soon (keep reading)!

Nate has also written a very successful book, Home Rules: Transform the Place You Live into a Place You’ll Love, a step by step guide home design and decoration.  Still aiming high, with his charisma and his own brand name decorating line; all beautiful items, ALL at affordable prices for the consumer.  Most important Nate Berkus is also a man of great courage, for he shared admirably to the world his personal loss during the 2008 tsunami; reminding ME  (all of us) of how life and love are so important in this world….”……you have to experience in your life”!

Nate will be launching his own show,  The Nate Berkus Show and it will be airing nationwide with the intent to bring you great ideas and showing that YOU CAN, instead of thinking that there is possibly no way you can have the look for the spaces you love.  Filming  has already started here in New York City; however Monday, September 13th is the date when the show will start airing!


Nate Berkus

There will be no project too big or small for Nate!  I would have provided you a link to his website, but this also is being revamped to include all of his work efforts: the show, his line, his staff….. everything!

If you are interested in his line, go to HSN – Home Shopping Network!  You know, the one with the clock ticking down to buy before it’s all sold out.   He will will bringing you new items here also for the fall.  You can see what’s available now, by clicking the link below or this one:

Why do I love him so much?  Well, seeing him through the years on Oprah I’d often said let me try to get a Oprah hook-up to work with thee Nate Berkus!   Who wouldn’t want that, but there are thousands and thousands of people wanting the same doggone thing (high stats, high stats!). LOL  So I decided to take his inspiration and go for it on my own and started Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design!!!!!  I’ve been climbing ever since; sharing my ideas, volunteering and making people happy!   So he’s one of my many inspirational friends!!!

Yes, it’s a lot of hard work, but I get to talk to people like you and answer questions!  Besides, I love doing it!   LOVE IT!    So, if you get a chance, please check out The Nate Berkus Show this fall, to get ideas and have some fun.  If you are unable to watch, for we all are so busy,  I will be sure to bring you some highlights, when I can too.  Oh!  Don’t be surprised if you find him with no socks; it’s kinda of his trademark!

The link to find all about the show, listings, taping, tickets and his intro video below!

Well, everyone… the summer is almost over!  Try to enjoy the next few weeks.

Be well, Letia 🙂

Reinvent Yourself!

20 Aug

When the September issues of fashion magazines — typically their biggest of the year, ad-wise — hit newsstands this month, the three most prestigious ones will feature actresses in their 40s on the cover. 

I am always looking for encouragement; whether it’s from family or friends.  But also by the material I read and my surroundings.  

MORE® magazine has always been featuring fabulous women over 40; some celebrities and some not!  It’s nothing new to them!!   This magazine always has given me the encouragement and with that, I try to also give encouragement and share information. 

The editor’s letter to the magazine’s readers is a great one!   So many of us, may be guilty of skipping over the editor’s page; I find it very important.   Lesley Jane Seymour, the Editor-in-Chief ‘s topic is ‘Can Friendship LAST FOREVER?’   It tells of how we cherish our friendships and what a friendship really means.   Why do some last and others don’t? Without given away too much…..a great friend will always be around! 

September’s issue continues to give examples and would like to share with the woman who have been introduced to my blog site (Thank You), this issue is for you!  There is an article called /second acts/ where Barbara Corcoran, real estate guru, whom sold her real estate firm the Corcoran Group and is now a television personality – you’ve might have seen her on ABC‘s Shark Tank.  She gives some insight on how her second act involved reinventing herself as a woman and staying true to herself.  Very inspiring! 

Barbara Corcoran

Then there is also another great article where two beautiful sisters decided to take what they needed in their own hands, which involved also reinventing themselves, by taking their beauty needs and making it into a brand called Miss Jessie’s Original. It’s now sold nationwide in Target® today They definitely show, when great minds get together and it’s your sister! 

Miko and Titi Branch – Miss Jessie’s®

Pick up More® ; it’s likely to have you reviewing each and every page, for it has something for everyone!   There are also many beauty tips, finance tips, body and mind thinking topics, a multitude of ideas on the fashion trends being set this fall; they all can be found in this issue.   Check out too!  

I can say being in my 40’s feels absolutely great, I am much wiser, brighter and overall happy!  I believe in no longer making excuses with the “I wish I”, I now say “Why not, let’s do it”!  It’s never too late to seek within and recharge your thoughts and yourself!!   

Be well, Letia 🙂 

P.S…..Oh!  I forgot to say, for those interested… More® is having a October Reinvention Convention in NYC, check their website for more (no pun intended) information. 

Photos by More For Women of Style & Substance Magazine  and ABC’s Sharks. 

15 Things Your House Needs

18 Aug

A Pillow Wardrobe

I had the opportunity of assisting one of my good friends, Michael Daniels in staging a townhouse for a resale.  When staging, the decorating must show the essentials, so the home buyer can perhaps see themself actually living there.  

The same strategy can be used in your home!  Here are 15 things a house needs! 

So if you are redecorating your home …doing the I want to keep some of the old, but let  in some new; this listing can definitely help!  Or it can help with your first apartment..”TOGETHER”

  1. Do you have a pretty place to set a drink or a book? ……side table.
  2. Where do you hold your media stuff (CDs, DVD player, cable box, receiver)?……console or sideboard.
  3. Where’s you favorite work of art?…….favorite print with matted frame.
  4. Do you have a comfortable place to watch and look at the items just mentioned? ……cozy chair.
  5. Not enough seating, but you want people to feel at home?………nice folding chairs.
  6. Party is going on, but I don’t want to use my grandmother’s china, is paper plates ok?……….ceramic dinnerware all one color; perhaps cream (makes the food look good).
  7. Want to set some color to drabby entry way?………..get a nice runner rug with a distinct design.
  8. What else can spiff up the entry way?………….a mirror.
  9. The same guests last year are staying over in a couple of weeks, how do I spruce up the room?……Depending on the shape of the headboard, upholstering can change the look with a dramatic fabric!
  10. Dining room needs some color?………curtain panels in a vivid color, gives depth to the room.
  11. Need a place to put your feet, plus store some items?………………an ottoman which has storage, right under the lid.
  12. Can’t change the sofa, it needs something?…………..get some toss pillows in an array of colors or a compliment of colors, I call it a pillow wardrobe.
  13. Lighting is so important, what can I get?……………..floor lamps can be placed anywhere.
  14. Show your items and books in a display……….. ….a distressed bookcase.
  15. There is no greenery in the home………………..faux plants or flowers, you only need three medium to large ones throughout the home!


Hope I have you thinking!  A great source to get some of the items mentioned is at Target® and Ikea®; for unique items Pier 1 Imports and Pottery Barn®!  

But the best deals can be found at your local thrift shop, garage tag sales and the great steal from your Mom’s house!  

Remember someone’s else trash is your treasure!   That’s what paint, polish and a bit of tender care is for! 

Be well,  Letia 🙂 


Bored Out of My Mind! You Should Try…

14 Aug


Have you ever been someplace you didn’t want to be?  Or thought, I should have listened to my inner self, the premonitions that told me to stay home!   Well the affair in which I was invited  to was cancelled.  Mind you, there were all signs to tell me, TURNAROUND GO HOME!  But did I listen?  No!!!!!!!!   I will give you a few!  

~ 1st Flight delayed, so while running through the airport for my connecting flight – ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TERMINAL, I missed it by 2 minutes, so the next flight was  in 2 hrs. 

~ I had the luxury I sitting next to an older woman, who kept talking about Jimmy!  Jimmy this, Jimmy that… Jimmy was her 45-year-old son, which was not married yet and she wished he find a wife already.  “I told Jimmy he could possibly give me a grandchild; before I leave this earth, it would be nice”.   On and on and on!  

Right before, I was going to say ” Listen, please, please, give me Jimmy’s number, let me call him.  So, I can tell him please get it going, tell your mom that you are going to start dating this week and pick a wife by Friday, so at least my wait here at the airport would be much nicer and your mother would be so so happy”, a Delta representative said “Welcome, we are about to board….”!   Thank goodness.   

~ I landed safely, only to have a cab driver about to give me a tour of downtown Chicago, until he figured out that I WAS HERE BEFORE!    

~ During check-in at the hotel  ‘Did you know that the affair has been cancelled?”.   Looking at my cell phone, a slew of voice-mail messages flooded my inbox…of course I didn’t get them…I have been flying all day! 

So this became the topic of my blog, for I said I rather not head back, I said let me stick it out here in the hotel for a couple of days.   The room is absolutely gorgeous and the views of Chicago at night are spectacular!   Well, I must say boredom is the least of my troubles.   Today many of the hotels give you cable with over 150 channels and there was not one thing appealing on the TV this evening, but interesting!   

While channel surfing, I stopped!  I was looking at this man dive into murky water at a lake; where he pulls up the largest damn catfish I have ever saw!  It got my curiosity for 6 – 10 minutes, only to find out this was a sport passed down from generation to generation called NOODLING! LOL  Which  is banned in 33 states, but for some reason these group of men in North Carolina are able to continue their quest!  LOL  Noodling, who knew?  Interesting, never knew about noodling, but felt to move on to another channel.  

Only to flip the channel and end up with watching the movie VERTIGO with some shrimp and chips I’d ordered from room service!   Well after an 1/2 hr of the movie (I think, maybe 5 minutes) and my belly full of satisfaction, I somehow fell asleep with the TV watching me!     This only proved how tired I was and the rest was very much-needed; it was 4 hrs later! 

Rising from my slumber, I said to myself that being simply bored out of mind with absolutely nothing to do is actually a good thing!  I don’t have to do anything but rest, look at TV and rest some more!   You see, I am so wired to be on the move all the time, so when I’m not doing anything, it seems weird, when actually it makes perfect sense.  RELAX!  So the cancellation was a very good thing for me and I’m going to be bored for one more day (with a massage)!  Perhaps you should try it! 

So what I was going to blog about originally, I did n’t, the event was cancelled!   I’ll be back next week, blogging with some great topics, until then I’m continuing to be bored!!!! LOL 

Be Well  Letia 🙂

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