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Betsey Johnson Still Having Fun! New Fragrance, MB Fashion Week Sp/Sum Collection

18 Sep

Today there are over sixty-five Betsey Johnson stores worldwide. International expansion came in 1998 with the opening of the wildly popular London store.

In 1999 the Vancouver store opened marking the company’s first move into Canada, where there are now four locations in various provinces.  So Betsey Johnson is EVERYWHERE!

Another favorite of mine!  I particularly love her style and energy!  Her designs are loved by all ages! 

Yesterday, I visited her flagship store on Madison Ave in NYC after having a wonderful lunch at Centolire with my girlfriend, Pat <she is still raving about her canteloupe/strawberry sorbet>.  We scooted right across the street!

We had such a good time!  Looking at the sunglasses, watches, bags, bracelets, shoes and clothes!  I fell in love with this heart shaped silver bag and this cute little mouse case!  So they went home with me! 🙂

No wonder, her style is contagious!  It definitely sells as Fun, fun, and more fun!

Later this week, Betsey Johnson will be rolling out her new fragrance, Too Too; it will be available for purchase in her stores and on-line.  I received a sample and it smells absolutely wonderful.  It has floral and fruity touch to it!

Don’t worry if you did not get a chance to see the livestream of her designs for Spring and Summer 2012, I have attached the video below. 

Flirty and fun, this collection gives the woman the option to play if she wants to!  Not to be so serious, there is always time to bring some laughter and be the not-so ordinary!  Which is exactly what Betsey Johnson portrays!  She is 69 year old young! 

Betsey, who is a survivor of breast cancer and is always prominent in helping to find a cure; creatively designs limited edition products from which a portion of the proceeds are donated to various breast cancer related charities.  To learn more about Betsey click ABOUT on www.betseyjohnson.com


Letia 😉

Video courtesy of MBFashionWk Youtube

Miss Piggy Is Back!!! Fashionable As Ever and a New Muppet Movie!

15 Aug

I miss Miss. Piggy!  Truly I do!   Do you remember how she would get all dressed up for her love of her life, Kermit!  She would karate chop anyone near him!  Haaaa Yaaaaa!

Looking at some old Sesame Street episodes and those Muppet specials, I can say that Miss. Piggy is truly a DIVA!

Jim Henson, would be truly proud – this character we can say she’s ALL fashion!  If given the opportunity, I wonder what should would wear at Mercedes Benz’s Fashion Week in NY this Sept!   Or has she been replaced with Smurf?    NOT!!!!

I could see her in a Michael Kors outfit, doing cartwheels with Betsey Johnson or even being quite regal  in a Givenchy gown!  How about a runway model?    Whatever she would wear, it would be just fabulous!   Miss Piggy; well  she never, never, never gets old!  Her and the Muppets are embossed in our DNA!

If you miss her; as much as I have…you will be happy to know this coming November,  a new movie called  The Muppets “Green with Envy” will be playing featuring the one and only fashion statement herself; Ms. Piggy!  The trailer is below!

Miss Piggy’s stylists really did their thing, for her outfits are fabulous!   What can I say! It’s the kid in me, reminding me of my childhood!  The Muppets and Miss Piggy!!!!! 🙂   So yes, I am writing a blog on a Muppet!  LOL  Who hasn’t!!!!  She has a fashionable lifestyle!



And so….you know that I am NOT the only one who loves Miss Piggy — OPI’s upcoming line of lacquers is all about her, Kermit, Gonzo and the gang, with hues like Warm & Fozzie (a shimmering gold) and Fresh Frog of Bel Air (a green glitter). Finally, Miss Piggy reaches fashion-icon status…So there!




More information on the movie:http://disney.go.com/muppets/portfolio/homepage.html

Letia 🙂

Photo courtesy of  Disney Productions and YouTube video by the Muppets Studio Channel.

Mercedes-Benz NYFALL 2011 – Betsey Johnson

17 Feb
Fashion designer Betsey Johnson in the 2007 Re...

It’s the last day of NYFALL2011 week; which leaves me to one of my favorites, Betsey Johnson.

No rules, no cohesiveness, no big wedding gowns…..just having fun and giving the non-conventional woman, an option!

Her collection, although may seem outrageous to some…there are outrageous women who just simply love it!

And the teenagers are CRAZZZZZY about her clothes!  She’s done it again!

Letia 🙂

Video by MBFWeek, http://www.betseyjohnson.com

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