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Susan Hanover Designs – Jewelry by Susan Hanover

25 Jan


Susan Hanover Design necklace


You ever have a necklace that you just love!

Each time you wear it, you just get so many compliments, that you so, so glad you chose it!

Well, the piece of jewelry I’m so crazy about is designed by Susan Hanover!

Letia Mitchell wearing susanhanoverdesigns

Letia Mitchell wearing susanhanoverdesigns

Her designs were being showcased at an event I was attending at The Cornelia Spa, Surrey Hotel in New York City!

So chic; with such flare! I’d immediately purchased it!

Susan Hanover’s jewelry collections are amazing and I had hands on review of her designs, all so unique… yet beautiful.  I am now in the process of eyeing her cuffs, so I’d decided to let you see also!


Here is a susanhanoverdesigns’ cuff showcased in an Essence magazine photo shoot starring Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Jennifer Hudson.

jennifer hudson susan hanover cuff

Take a moment learn about Susan and view the susanhanoverdesigns’ e-shop; there is something for everyone!  With Valentine’s Day approaching, there are really some great gift and hint ideas; like these Raindrop bangles and more!

bangle_drop_multi_fx3 susan hanover


Also check out the susanhanoverdesigns ad campaigns on the site; the featured cuffs are indeed like architectural pieces!







I’d also learned that Oprah Winfrey listed susanhanoverdesigns earrings as one of her picks for 2013 Favorite Things for O Magazine!  So exciting!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 🙂


Incentives and trunk shows are also available, please contact Susan Hanover Designs for information.  Phone: (516) 570-0116  Email: Susan@SusanHanoverDesigns.com .  Necklace photo by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design, Jennifer Hudson photo by Artia Chic and Raindrop bangles photo by susanhanoverdesigns. 


“People should dress the way……” Sarah Jessica Parker

16 Jan


Sarah Jessica Parker’s new SJP shoe line doesn’t debut until Feb. 28 at Nordstrom.  There is such a buzz, the line is absolutely beautiful.   Remember, free expression is a gift!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 🙂

Quote from InStyle Magazine featuring Sarah Jessica Parker, February issue (pictured) and shoe  line photo , courtesy of O, The Oprah Magazine also February issue. 

I’ve Been Decluttering Too! Getting Things In Order!

11 Mar

I have been extremely busy, a little more than usual!   Since the beginning of the year, I said that I was going to get organized and let me get the old out, let the new in!

So, I decided to clean!  Not the normal clean…get rid of the clutter and all the stuff – that I really, really don’t need!  I started with my closet and discovered that the styles have changed and I had 3 of most, in different colors!!!!

I’d bagged up the items and donated to the Harmony House for Woman and Goodwill!  Two trips!  Then…it was time for the papers!   I had information back to 2005 and decided that I can NOW get rid of it!  Watching recently this Lifetime movie, where a woman got her identity stolen, just fueled my strategy!

I’d found out that my shredder, was  not that good, they now have shredders which now cross-cut where; no one could read the information! 

With that information, went to Target and brought a new Fellowes shredder!  I have carved out a couple of days in the week, spending about 1 hour to shred!

   If anyone knows anywhere that is having a parade, call me ….because I had a lot of confetti to also give!

Then there are the magazines!!!!  Oprah, Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, Interior Design, ELLE Decor, Arch Digest, Ballard, Domino, More……I can go on and on!  So I’d bundled them up, with the greatest tie knots (learned from Girl Scouts).

Quite a bit of piles for the garbage collection this upcoming Wednesday!   Now, just this past week – I heard the new iPAD 3 is here and it would be a better way for me to have the magazine subscriptions be read that way! 

Yes, I am warming up to change and decluttering with technology! 🙂

Next on my list, is all the music CDs I have!  This would mean that I have to spend time downloaded them to my iPOD!  Sounds like a six month project or get my nephew to do it….for a price!  See, I am learning that these electronic devices are put here to actually HELP!

There you have it, I am in a decluttering stage, attending functions, doing a few interviews and working on finalizing the post drafts!  Getting organized has made me feel better, it gives me the idea that I am prepared  – my mind is actually become clearer.  I am allowing the creative juices to fall and be ready for tomorrow; besides Spring is almost here! 

While piling up the magazines, it’s so funny that I also came across an Oprah magazine on declutter, I didn’t even get a chance to read it!  

However, I was laughing with excitement!  “Oprah, I am already ON IT!


Letia 🙂



Photo courtesy of O, The Oprah Magazine.

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