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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – Runway Live Streams by Maybelline NY!!

9 Feb

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is here for New York Fall 2012 lines!   Don’t forget to tune in on YouTube® to watch the runway live streams of your favorite designers by Maybelline New York!   You can also enter to win some really great Maybelline products! 

Have fun!!!!!  http://www.youtube.com/user/LiveRunway?ob=0

Letia 🙂

Videos by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Live Stream by Maybelline.

Are You On Facebook®? Twitter® Nation? And the Reason Why Is????

20 Sep

Howard out of Chicago, IL found my blog and wanted to know, was there anywhere else besides the social network sites, he could participate in my Q/A’s.  Which left me perplexed because, he was not on any of them, personally and for his business.  Yes, there are still people who haven’t joined; they either are skeptical or feel that it’s too time consuming! 

Did you know many interior decorators and designers are now on a social network sites to show their work, show their style and boost their clientele, plus keep abreast of what’s in and what’s OUT? 

My experience so often than not after an introduction with a friendly HELLO and talking with a potential client for 10 minutes, the conversation always ends up with the nice meeting you and “Are you on Facebook®?” or “Do you have Twitter®?” 

Now in the past, designers and decorators usually relied on word of mouth from their clientele; sending recommendations their way.  Twitter®, FaceBook®, MySpace®, do the same thing!  However to a larger forum, links to websites, links FlashPlayer® portfolios and sharing all sorts of ideas via e-mail through our cellphones!  Who would have thought.   With this technological communication, it allows YOU to be shown in person, which is so much better than giving out a mere business card!

I think it’s quite wonderful.   I began using YouTube® to  make videos recently, it’s a lot of work involved in the editing process; but I must say, I LOVE IT!  As I keep at it, it gets better and better!  For the few videos so far communicated through the social networks, the responses took me by surprised; all thanks to the social network sites!

As I told Howard and for others, if you are not on a social network, you are going to find yourself thinking about getting on one.  With the added pressure, you might have to ask your teenage son or daughter; or even hate the fact that you are going to make that call to your  nephew to come over (for a small fee) to set up an account at first (somebody!).  Then after setting it up and reviewing the social network’s highlights, the embarrassment will quickly subside. 

It will change your mind to thinking this is really cool and start in on the fun.   Let me warn you, you’ll be surprised how many people are looking for you!!   It is all so intriguing; before you know it you are hooked and looking for people yourself.   You’ll be partaking in playing games; only to receive messages from your friends to stop asking them to work for them on your farm via Farmville, the virtual game!

After becoming comfortable, then you can think about the business aspect of it all.  Yes, there are privacy concerns and they should not be taken lightly; still continue to be cautious as you are today.   Just recently, Facebook®  announced  it was a rumor that they have software to show where you are at and post it on your profile!  I know,  you probably thinking what I thought “It’s the government!!!”.   And it may be true, there is a consorted effort to find criminals and pedophiles, so it  may be an inside initiative, but keep in mind, Facebook® does give the user the option to change their profiles under their notifications.  But it was only a rumor!   Also, if you do join any of the social network sites, please don’t get caught up with the number of “friends” that actually clicked “LIKE” on your Facebook® business page, the number of Twitter® followers or MySpace tags! 

People will be driven to your business via a mere search engine inquiry, the numbers will surprise you.   The main goal is to get the interest of the viewer to be interested for the first 14-15 secs; remember it’s based on their mood that day and especially what’s on their mind; believe me ….a mental note will be stored to come back to your page or website at a later time.

I cannot tell you how many wonderful people I’ve met or got reaquainted with via Facebook®, MySpace® and Twitter® ; including my blog site.  If not connected, I probably would never have gotten the chance to be introduced to them.  Yes, the exposure is quite wonderful, but with the economy being in such dire straits, people have looked on ways to cut costs and I’m happy to give the answers to their questions on sprucing up their homes with their specific budget in mind.  These sites allow me to do it easily.

Personally, it’s a great way for me to connect with family and friends easily, be part of humane causes, find the latest shopping finds, see the latest on NYC’s Fashion Week, be a breast of world-wide issues, take surveys and watch those crazy videos for the mere entertainment to make me laugh!  You name it, there is someone who has thought of it!   Besides, how would I know the latest on what’s happening with 1stDibs wonderful designer items, Justin Bieber (nice young man..cameo appearance this Fall season on CBS’s CSI via a tweet!), Anderson Cooper and Sam Fine!   

Hey, if you have already taken advantage of the sites; including the blog sites to be part of some great literal work (giggle); nevertheless, you are intrigued to be part of it all.  There are others who are quite afraid on having a computer; much less thinking about on-line banking; so a social network site is definitely out of the question!  There are people who are just fine in their world, as it is and there’s nothing wrong with that.  However, for those who are thinking about it, the sites can be quite useful to show your niche, whatever it may be! 

So let me ask “Are you on Facebook®?”, are you thinking about it?  Now, with my little segway to say….if you have any questions or need tips, just log on to my Facebook page; my website has a link (www.lmlifestyleanddesign.com); or e-mail me at lee@lmlifestyleanddesign.com.  Or do you think it’s going to get out of control?  I would love to hear from you!! 

Let me know your thoughts and tell me your experiences on the social network sites. Have you surrendered to join one?  Howard, is going to let me know, he’s still on the fence about it!

As always, be well – Letia! 🙂

Facebook logo trademark owned by Facebook®  

Twitter logo owned by Twitter®  Photo by Yahoo! 

Quoted phase by Project Runway 

Videos, Photography and Lighting. Oh My!

16 Feb

 I made three videos with my digital camera and was preparing to set up blog information about them on The Latest… .  The videos were based on some questions received on decorating and to see how well I could do it!   I was so proud of myself (I really am); until my dear friend, Charles saw the videos!  He stopped by today to catch up (it’s snowing again), he laughed at me and said, my heart was in it  – but they could be better.

So, I poured him a glass of white Zinfandel and we talked about 3 point lighting, white balance, makeup, his love of infrared shooting, lenses and backdrops.  It’s quite interesting, my head was spinning, I guess I don’t need to tell you that he is a photographer.  He is British and whenever we talk, it reminds how much I miss London.   I have family there and need to make plans to get back there real soon.  

Anyway, so Charles is talking, I’m listening (thinking to myself) I’d better start writing things down, because if he is away doing a shoot, I won’t know what to do.   Hmmm, come to think of it,  I could also ask John questions also (lives in Miami), he’s a great photographer  too! 

As Charles is continuing to talk, he ends up going in my fridge, looks around, pulls out cheese, the LAST of my pastrami, pickles and rye bread, he really is making a sandwich (I’m thinking I should have eaten it the night before, damn)?  “Do you know how films are made, the frames is the key…” .  Here we go!  Now he is going to talk about the film, he started and has yet to finish!  Two sandwiches, a bottle of wine, ended up making spaghetti and some ginger snap cookies later,  I had to say a few key words to get him back to the focus on ME!   He is so passionate about his work!  To be honest, we were talking about other things too, but the film part, was about  an hour and a 1/2! LOL

So! What we decided to do is, Charles is going to give me some items.  I am also going to check out ebay.com and other sites to buy a few items for lighting to aid in making better videos.   My digital camera will do just  fine, for what I am doing.   You know, I am learning so much!  It’s not just “smile” for the camera, it’s so much more.   So far for me, when venturing into learning these new things, I’ve gained such an appreciation of people’s’ talents, expertise and knowledge.  I’m having so much fun!

So my videos will be coming soon!  And for anyone, who doesn’t think they could ever make a video, you can!  Hey, you can do anything you put your mind to…read about, ask questions, check the web.  The information is there!  So if it’s not a video, but something you really wanted to try… TRY IT!

Well let me go back downstairs (watching the Winter Olympics), I just wanted to write this quickly!  Wish me luck, I will let you know, how things turn out!!

Cheers to all you photographers!!!

Be well – Letia

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