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Moms Moguls Breakfast – Helping Kelly Rutherford Get Her Children Back!

10 May

Being supportive is a very important thing! So let’s take a common denominator, being a mother!  Mothers will help in PTA meetings, making cupcakes to raise money for a charity, learn ice skating although terrified because their little one shows interest.  Mothers multi-task and often than not say no to the many things that our children may need and somehow figure out a way to give them the absolute best.  And while all that is going, still find the opportunity to think about doing things to keep her identity as a woman –  to feel normal.  With all that; support is needed!


l. – r. Lyss Stern, Aliza Licht, Kelly Rutherford, Keri Glassman, Genevieve Gorder, Rachel Blumenthal, Sasha Charnin Morrison and Veronica Webb Del Gatto

So to get just that and to be rejuvenated; I attend yearly the DivaMom’s Moms Mogul Breakfast.  This year’s breakfast was hosted by  DivaMom’s founder; Lyss Stern and Veronica Webb Del Gatto; held at URBO NYC restaurant.  The breakfast is where women gather to get:

  • Encouragement
  • Support
  • Be inspired
  • Speak with exceptional and professional women that give advice on everything to find out if you are a AM or PM person to the crazy idea that you can really and truly find time to start your own business.

In it’s 3rd year; this Moms Mogul Breakfast was very different! All present were asked to give one of the panelists some support this time! There is power in numbers and more so when you can connect!

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford ©www.heidigreen.com

Let’s say the support needed is to help sign a petition to the Obama Administration under We The People @whitehouse.gov to return Kelly Rutherford’s children back to the United States!   Please do not think this is oh just some Hollywood news, this is not!!!

It has to do with the legal system that has failed her!  It’s about how you as a mother can have your US born children taken from you during a divorce; where the immigration laws set are being twisted and taken out of context.

Then on top of that, your ex-husband is also attempting to foster internationally undermining ways to have you as a mother to have no parental rights….stripped!  This occurs more often than you think.  It has happened also to fathers where a non-US citizen mother has also taken children out of the USA in a custody battle too!  Unfortunately we don’t hear about it, it doesn’t make the news as in this case.

Kelly Rutherford has been enduring her battle for the last six years and it’s so emotional! She is seeking a federal order to allow her young children, who were ordered by a judge to live in France with her ex-husband, to move back to the U.S..

“The children’s appointed counsel said they should remain in the U.S., but the judge sent the children to France solely because the father claimed he could not return to the U.S., even though NO evidence has been produced from any American official stating that the father was EVER denied entry into the U.S.,” the petition states.

During the #MomMogulsBreakfast, I too made a commitment to Kelly.  Keeping a promise to help in any way that I could to help her bring her beautiful children back.  If it’s a trip to Washington D.C.; then it’s a trip to Washington D.C..  However, for now in order to have the Obama Administration to review this case, a petition has been started.  You don’t have to be a mother or father, but just someone who understands that being part of a solution is to protect our children and parental rights.  Bringing attention to it is key – the petition requires a total of 100,000 virtual signatures by May 28th to help Kelly.  Click here to sign.*    Wonderful Update: 05/26/2015Kelly Rutherford Custody Battle WIN!

* Please do perform the email verification to make sure your virtual signature is verified (it is very important).

For more information please watch the ET’s interview held during the Moms Moguls Breakfast by ET entertainment correspondent; Nischelle Turner.


Nearing the end of day, please know Kelly you have been in my thoughts and prayers throughout this Mother’s Day.  ❤


Kelly Rutherford Sign Petition

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Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia

Kelly Rutherford Deane, better known as Kelly Rutherford, is an American actress.  She is known for her television roles as Stephanie “Sam” Whitmore on the NBC daytime soap opera Generations, as Megan Lewis on the Fox primetime soap opera Melrose Place, and as Lily van der Woodsen on The CW series Gossip Girl.

Being Divalysscious! Divamoms Mom Mogul Mothers Day Event presented by More Magazine!

7 May

Divalysscious Moms, is New York City’s premier socializing network for fabulous moms (and moms-to-be) and their totally adorable babies.

Founded by New York City mom Lyss Stern, Divalysscious Moms whose passion is to set the tone that being glamorous, planning your “love on top” …then having your baby can all still exist!

Lyss says “Rather than toss aside her beloved stilettos for strollers, you can embrace them both and created a company that keeps the party going (except at nap time).”

Diva Moms are fun, fabulous and one-of-a-kind — from a trendsetter and a career woman to stay-at-home and think-outside-the-juice-box mom.  At the Divalysscious Moms events, they get together to experience sensational events, meet new friends, or catch up with old ones – all with no stress!

Divalysscious Moms bring moms and children together for unforgettable events encompassing fashion, fitness, entertainment and more.  And for those who can’t get out of the house, but still need to stay in the know,  there is the newsletter called The Lysst.  Lyss’s personal newsletter on what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s up next for you and your tot.  Think Sex and the City meets Mommy and Me.

I’m a Mom!  I’m a Diva! And!!!!!  I have readers who are also mothers and DIVAS of small children … and just as F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S too!   So, I thought why not join in on the fun and bring some information back to you!  On May 7th, I will be attending Mom Mogul!  Presented by More Magazine <you know More is my favorite magazine!> and DivaMoms.  A Mother’s Day special event!

The high-powered panel of Mom Moguls will discuss “having it all, doing it all, and being it all.” Additional topics include raising a family to starting and building a company.

Get the answers to the questions on every mother’s mind: How does one balance professional life with motherhood? Meet some of the most influential and successful working mothers to discuss and provide insight for women looking to become the next mom moguls!!!!

Click here DivaLysscious Mom for more news!!


(L to R) Rebecca Minkoff, Mary Alice Stephenson, Alexandria Wilkis Wilson, June Ambrose, Ruth Zukerman, Sabine Feldman (Publisher of More Magazine), Lyss Stern and Veronica Webb

June Ambrose and Letia Mitchell

June Ambrose and Letia Mitchell

Beautiful Ladies Who are Moms!

Beautiful Ladies Who are Moms!

For more pictures of the event, go to my page: LMLSD

Lyss Stern is also the author of the wonderful top-selling  book ” If You Give a Mom a Martini: 100 Ways to find 10 Blissful Minutes for Yourself”.  Divalysscious Mom  logo belongs to DivaMoms.  Photos by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design and More Magazine.

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 😉  laura-linney-more-magazine-september-2010cover-red-dress-240ls081210[1]

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