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Designer Shopping Bags, Audrey Hepburn Gift idea!

6 Jan
Designer Shopping Bags with my pooch Manolo peeking!

Designer Shopping Bags with my pooch Manolo peeking!

Say you made that purchased or received the gift you always wanted!  So you keep the shopping bag!

How about a great idea for your designer shopping bags or THEE shopping bag of your favorite store?

So, I took some of the designer shopping bags I’ve saved and a few brochures that I liked very much (the latest  is NARS Cosmetics makeup promotion of Andy Warhol) and did some artwork!  All from a Mai Couture picture of a window design!

Designer Bags

Designer Bags

Plus a great gift to my daughter, Camille …who loves the fabulous Ms. Audrey Hebpurn…as much as I do!  When she see’s this post, then she’ll be really surprised and happy!

Breakfast@ Tiffany's Gift Bag and Framed D bag

Breakfast@ Tiffany’s Gift Bag and Framed D bag

Feel comfortable enough to say you can put your favorites on your wall; then watch!

Send me pictures or a video of what you selected!

Chrisette Michel - Audrey Hepburn!

Chrisette Michel – Audrey Hepburn!

For those who are Audrey Hepburn enthusiasts like I am, one of my favorite artists, Chrisette Michele also has a recently audiovisual presentation of Ms. Audrey Hepburn too!

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Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & DesignLetia 🙂

Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s Paramount Pictures  Frames, Audrey Hepburn items purchased at Michael’s Craft Store!  Photos by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design®

What’s All this Fuss about a Color?

28 Oct

Your mind often associates a color with a thought, a memory or a time, sometimes without you even knowing it!

Marketing and advertisement firms know this and do their best to get “you” the consumer to associate a color in buying a product, that they’ve been hired to sell.  It’s so clever! 

This is why interior designers and decorators pay very close attention to the color schemes each year, it helps in their presentations to potential clients.  

Let me show you what I mean…. I am going to take one color in particular, where both men and women can identify with, without really knowing it!  Immediately as clean, relaxing, rich and classy?  The color palette is …..

Tiffany & Co

If you notice, Tiffany & Co® uses this as a signature color for their store, advertisements and gift wrapping.  The Tiffany box with this color conveys expensive, quality, classy and its timeless.

Aveeno® has used this same color to represent clean and fresh for their products also, knowing that a woman would be quickly drawn to the color while walking down an aisle at either a CVS, Walgreens or Wal-Mart, picked off the shelf than any other product; just because of the color.   Marketing firms have researched this color and have found that it does encourage a removal from the shelf to a final buy at the cash register.  Based on sales ratio, this color does just that! 


 Clinique® uses this color also for their cosmetics and skin products, which represents pure, clean and fresh.


For the home, let me give you another example.  Here you have two bedrooms, which are beautiful and look very inviting; after a long, long day <just push those pillows right off the bed!!>

When looking at the photos, which bedroom are you drawn to first?   Most people would choose the bedroom on the left, simply because of the color, the mind is being triggered.  It’s clean, fresh and relaxing.  

One more!  This bathroom was just considered ordinary, before the owner added some paint color.  There’s nothing special about the bathroom, it has all the typical features. When picking a paint color; 8 times out of 10, guess what color is chosen for a bathroom?  Yes, the same color I’ve been talking about <giggle>!

Even a paint can has this color! The color wheel is so fascinating, it becomes more intriguing when you associate the color to a person, place, a smell or a thing where our minds are triggered. 

This is why when selecting a paint color; there is so much indecisiveness!  Or you may know the color; however when you get home the color is all wrong! 

The pigment might be off just a little, it’s too light or it’s too dark.   Not quite what you had in mind!  I say keep trying until you get it right!  That’s what primer is for!  And now the paint and the primer are together in one paint can; which is simply brilliant!    

So when picking a color, whether its furniture, the wall or bedroom ensemble, take it a step further and see why you’re selecting that particular color.  What does it remind you of?  If you want to share, leave me a comment!  Now, if anyone asks you “So, what’s all this fuss about a color?”  You can say to them…..it’s EVERYTHING!

Be well – Lee 🙂

Bedding from Horchow Collections, Harmony paint by Sherwin-Williams, Bathroom photo by starterhometodreamhome.blogspot.com.


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