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A Thank You, Would Be Nice?

12 Jul

Is it me or have people forgotten about acknowledging thoughtfulness?

When you receive a gift or a kind gesture is performed, I thought in return you can send a thank you card, bake cookies, shoot an e-mail or even have a discussion about it!  SOMETHING!

“Have things changed that much?”, Mrs. Parker asked me while we were at our mailboxes today.   See she says for a week now, she was expecting a note card or either a phone call.

According to her, she sent this beautiful quilt to her daughter in-law’s mother and has not heard a word yet!  She checked the shipping tracking number and it was delivered.

I told her that it was coming for sure.  In all actuality, you just don’t know; I didn’t have the heart to tell her that.  “Let’s just say, she’s really busy.”

I know people who do send thank you cards or do some kind of gesture in return, when someone takes the time to think of them! 


Ay yi yi!!!!! 

 Letia 🙂

Cards by My Expression  www.myexpression.com

Bridal Note Cards, Say Fashion, Think Runway..Be Chic! Aaron Potts NYC it Is!

27 Oct

Aaron Potts

How can you mix fashion, design and style…all on a greeting card?  Well, you first have to find someone who can capture fashion quickly and capture it successfully!

I received this wonderful Thank You card; I felt so special in receiving it…not just to get the thank you; but the artwork of the card, realms SPECIAL – like it was thoughtfully selected for Mwah!

This made me very interested in who designed this beautiful greeting card and had to share with you all!   Aaron Potts!!!!

You first can tell instantly, he loves the runway! Originally from Detroit Michigan, he moved to NYC;  received his BFA in Fashion Design from NYC’s Parson School of Design!   This fashion designer has worked with the best, Anne Klein, Emanuel Ungaro; just to give you an idea of his talent and has designed one on one – for many celebrities!

So looking through his website, I discovered he has bridal note cards!!!!!  So, I was thinking for the bride-to-be, wouldn’t you love to give a thank you note to your bridal party or friends and family who attended your bridal shower.   Aaron Pott’s  designer note cards are absolutely beautiful, thoughtful and very, very fashionable (more…. styles).

Wedding Belle

What about the mom-to-be, this note card is divine!   Aaron Pott’s company, Aaron Potts NYC has a variety of cards, note card sets for those special occasions.   If interested,  you can look through the Aaron Potts NYC  website, see his bio and find locations where the greeting cards are being sold.   http://www.aaronpottsnyc.com/ .

I love my Thank you card so much, that I am going to frame it!   A big THANK YOU to Clara Mercer, from Boise ID for sending me that lovely card (I helped her pick out a chair for living room)!

Anyone who can say fashion, think runway and can be chic…….you will love Aaron Potts NYC!

Letia 🙂

All design photo images of greeting cards belong to Aaron Potts NYC ®

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