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Wedding Gown / Reception Dress!

24 Oct

Want to make an entrance! Some wedding gowns are not so traditional….as I always say its you wedding! Look at this gown from Lazaro, it’s gorgeous! Wonderful for the nuptials and then the toile layer can be removed for some easy dancing at the reception!


Letia 🙂

Gown by Lazaro Spring 2013 Runway collection, photo by Dan Lecca

I Wasn’t Invited to the Wedding!!

21 Aug


Have you ever thought you would be invited to a wedding and wasn’t?   I am confident enough to know when I receive an invitation in the mail, that I have been extended an invitation! 

However, there are instances when you don’t receive an invitation, YOU think it is understood you are coming!  Right?   Well, this is not necessarily true!  Do we assume we are invited or mistakenly show up or get upset that no one has finally said “Hey you’re coming right?”

Debbie C. from Utah, CO sent me an e-mail, with this same dilemma, where she is very upset….

‘….each time I see her, she always picks my line and we talk;   I always ask how things are going.  I have given her places to go and even recommended a friend of mine to get some quotes.  I would think, when she comes to the store, she would have an invite, NOTHING……”‘

What do you think, how would you take it?  Is she right to expect to be invited? The reception? Better yet; have you ever thought you were invited to a wedding, party, etc. and come to find out you weren’t?  Upset? Or, you just understood?  Let me know your comments or any other advice to Debbie. 

Letia 🙂

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