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Magazine Perfume Samples, Just a Fragrance Idea!

24 Aug


Catching up on my reading on the many Style and Design magazines yesterday; I don’t know why this suddenly became a visual to me!

Did you know there are at least four to six perfume samples in a magazine?

Hoping that you love the ad, bottle, style and pull the tab to smell! If you love it, you’ll buy it!

Well I’ve tried about four (J’Adore, Chloe, Modern Muse and Daisy).  I’m loving Daisy by Marc Jacobs !  I love gardenia, so I instantly picked up the fragrance of them.  By lifting up the tab and allowing the scent to capture my attention with no pressure, I can make an honest decision on the fragrance.  Which has violet leaves, ruby red grapefruit, gardenia, violet petals, jasmine petals, musk, vanilla and white woods.

Marc jacobs daisy 3 letia

So I tore gently the ad with the sample and placed in my bag, as a reminder to go to the mall.  Forgetting about it, I was receiving a lot of compliments while waiting on line to pay for an item at the drugstore (my bag was open).

“What are you wearing, it smells nice?” The fragrance was softly lingering from my bag!

So I got really great reviews and a free bag freshener !  Now I’m not saying if you put a sample in your bag; wait to get feedback!!!! I just reminding that the perfume ad samples are there for you to use to make a decision for purchasing and other ways too! 🙂

  • Place in your lingerie dresser draw.
  • Place in your car under the seat!
  • Attach to your air filter to carry the scent throughout the house

Only if you really like it!!!!!!!!  Let me know, if you have ever selected a fragrance, simply by testing the sample in a magazine, which one and did you buy it?

By the way, I did buy Daisy by Marc Jacobs and I’m very pleased!!!!!  See, the magazine perfume sample did exactly what it was supposed to do!  It smells absolutely wonderful!  There are other fragrances under the Marc Jacobs entourage, so when you get a chance; test them out when you are exploring the samples you’ve collected!   Some how this ended up being a review on Daisy!!!   Have fun!


Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 🙂

Marc Jacob’s company has expanded in several wonderful directions with two lines of ready-to-wear for men and women -Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs- as well as bags, accessories, shoes and the Marc Jacobs fragrances.  Marc Jacobs has done fragrances since 2001, with his first woman’s fragrance under his name Marc Jacobs, followed by the following year with the men’s.  Daisy was introduced in 2007.  His latest creation is Honey.

Marc Jacobs Gift Set photo by Vi.sualiz.us.  Photo of Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Fragrance, by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design.  

Perfume Q&A, Fragrance 101!!

31 Oct

Famous Iconic Fragrance

Famous Iconic Fragrance

What do all these fragrance terminologies mean? What’s good for my budget? Lena – Fort Worth, TX

I can see how this would be confusing! Sometimes the prices can be steep and you may wonder what are you buying! For me, I too have to remind myself…some of it you are actually spraying in the air too! However, it makes you feel and smell wonderfully!! 🙂

So here are the meanings:

Parfum – French translation for perfume! 20% to 30% concentration of essential oils used to compound the scent! The intent is to last longer on the body, therefore it’s the most expensive!

Eau de Parfum – French translation again meaning a lighter perfume. About 15% to 18% concentration! Less expensive than the parfum formula.

Eau de Toilette – Mostly in a spray bottle with 12% to 14% concentration. Very light, can be used only two times to obtain the desired strength of the scent. Based on the formula, it can be totally satisfying for a budget!

Cologne – The lightest of them all! Only 6% to 8% concentration! The scent won’t stay long, therefore a re-application is needed, multiple times throughout the day! Less expensive and a price point which should not increase much!

It is important for any fragrance type to be kept in a cool place, like the refrigerator!!! Yes, the refrigerator – the formula blend will not change and will last!

Picking a fragrance, can be fun! Are you in the mood for floral, sweet, spicy or perhaps earthy with a fruity twist? There are so, so many to choose from! However, remember your body chemistry is unique! Just don’t take a perfume tester and spray it in the air to see if you like it!

Spray on your pulse points and wait at least 5 to 8 minutes (don’t mix with another). Determine if you like the fragrance and you don’t have an allergic reaction. If you don’t like it, ask for an alcohol swab, remove and then ask for coffee beans! Yes, to help clear your senses and then try another one!

I have a few favourite of my own fragrances, some are listed in the Letia’s Favorites tab, while the others are: Betsey Johnson’s TooToo, Rihanna’s L’Fleur, Banana Republic’s W, Givenchy’s Amirage and the best for last is Valentino’s Valentina which I buy duty free for the parfum!

I do like a layering effect, so the fragrance lasts longer! So give this a try also!

I usually buy either the matching soap or bath/shower gel. Use this first, then dry, apply your regular light scented lotion to your body, air dry, then put on the matching lotion (if you have).

Then finally spray the fragrance at your pulse points, followed by another little spray when you are ready to go out the door!

Still stumped on what fragrance? You can go to your nearest department store and ask for samples OR go to Sephora, for $50 you get a sampler of the top fragrances (click Sephora).

Hope this information was helpful! Remenber to have fun! Once decided, I’m sure it will become your signature fragrance! And Oh! For men, the word cologne or pour de homme are used!

For my readers, do you have a favourite or signature fragrance? Please share and tell why you love it!

One of my favorites! Coco Chanel Hint Bigtime!

Letia. 🙂

Little secret…at your local Sephora; the staff (if asked), will refill your tester vials free of charge (only 0.05 fl. Oz. Or less and 3 per visit) to also help with your decision!

Rihanna! Reb’l Fleur Fragrance Campaign

11 Feb

Simply beautiful!

For photographers, makeup artists and set designers, this ad was no small thing task to pull off! From the lighting, angles, perfect manicured hands and mirrors! Bravo to Droga5, the ad company which created this wonderful video!

Creative minds were at work here!  There are actually people uniformed to match the feather fans surrounding Rihanna to give the opening petal effect of a flower! Brillant!!!  The video has a hint of naughtiness, but not too much!

Good vs. Evil!   I got a sample! So, how does it smell?  It’s smells divine!

Released just yesterday, Parlux Fragrances is the manufacturer and international distributor for Rihanna’s fragrance, as well as Jessica Simpson, Mark Eco, and Paris Hilton to name a few!

New fragrance, new song release climbing the charts and a beautiful smile….in time; we do heal!


Video by Parlux Fragrances, Reb’l Fleur, named after a childhood nickname, hit stores in February. The 1.7 oz bottle is expected to retail at $49.

Letia 🙂

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