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The Top Coat that Saved My Nails!!! INM Out the Door!

27 Dec

With all the wrapping gifts, dressing for all the parties and helping with the dishes, I usually (always) am worrying about my nails chipping, chipping and CHIPPING!!!!!!!

So after polishing my nails (to save time…couldn’t get to the salon), I’d remembered in one of my promotional gift bags there was some nail top coat,  so I tried it!

INM Out the Door! saved my nails!  With this top coat, my home manicure lasted all week!  I kept looking at my nails, saying “!’m good!”.  By the 4th day, I said “Hmph”.

So when I like something, I let you know.  I am really liking this product and searched the web to get a decent price, which I found on amazon.com.  (some stores had it for $13.99!!!)

The product leads up to their advertisement, #1!  You will be satisfied to know that you have a top coat that really has your best interest in mind!

I am going on Day #8!  So try it!*

Letia 🙂

* make sure to give you nails ample time to dry!  Photo by INM.

Beauty Haute: 10 Professional Nail Lacquer

24 Apr
Pink nail polish.

When I find something out… I love to share!

Nail polish is a lacquer applied to toenails and / or fingernails for appearance, but also as nail protection.

However; doing our nails is the one thing we can do for ourselves and show that we care ..even with all the crazy stuff we do day-to-day! 🙂

If your budget is tight, you can skip all the expensive brands,  this one is great….10 Professional Nail Lacquer.  I was so surprised!  Not one of my favorite things (not just yet), but such a good buy at $2.99.

Check your CVS store; it’s  right next to the Essie’s and OPI’s, don’t overlook.

It’s a great product, my Moonlight -458 nail polish lasted a full week; with no chipping at all (with a good top coat)!  The colors are exciting, pinks, blues, reds, grays and the normal salon colors.  You will not have any problem in finding a color to blend with your fashion outfit at all!

There have been mixed reviews, stating the polish is too thin, in my opinion it’s just right.   Two coats I’d received is the right amount of coverage and completed perfectly with their topcoat!

Here’s a tip! To remove nail polish outside of your nail bed, take a Q-Tip and dip into your nail polish remover formula.

Take the Q-Tip to gently remove the polish.  Do this after your nails are completely dry though.

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Please note Confetti Nail Polish is the manufactured by  same company, MBA ; the difference it’s a nail color (not a lacquer).

Letia 🙂

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