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Happy Mother’s Day!

12 May

Happy Mothers Day

Sending a big ole’  Happy Mother’s Day greeting to all mothers, mother figures and woman who have taken on the role of being a mother to someone!

It is wonderful to take a day, once a year to celebrate YOU!   Your job never ends, daily tasks seem like a walk in the park and you some how keep it all together!

Happy Mother's Day

As I reflect on being a mother also, it has been so rewarding and yet remarkable!   Something about watching out for someone else, makes you stronger!

Then there’s those memories of my Mom, Gilda – which makes me giggle inside and out!

It’s a wonderful gift to be a mother to someone who seeks your opinion, receiving calls of  “I love you” and those other calls which start off with “Ummm, I have something to tell you”!   🙂

Nevertheless, your job consists of multiple tasks and memories to fill up a whole room!  It’s so good to receive feedback, through gestures of love (great for the soul).

So enjoy your day and take a moment to take it all in!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Ps.. and it’s not too late to get some flowers for Mom!  You still have time!

Letia 🙂


Being Divalysscious! Divamoms Mom Mogul Mothers Day Event presented by More Magazine!

7 May

Divalysscious Moms, is New York City’s premier socializing network for fabulous moms (and moms-to-be) and their totally adorable babies.

Founded by New York City mom Lyss Stern, Divalysscious Moms whose passion is to set the tone that being glamorous, planning your “love on top” …then having your baby can all still exist!

Lyss says “Rather than toss aside her beloved stilettos for strollers, you can embrace them both and created a company that keeps the party going (except at nap time).”

Diva Moms are fun, fabulous and one-of-a-kind — from a trendsetter and a career woman to stay-at-home and think-outside-the-juice-box mom.  At the Divalysscious Moms events, they get together to experience sensational events, meet new friends, or catch up with old ones – all with no stress!

Divalysscious Moms bring moms and children together for unforgettable events encompassing fashion, fitness, entertainment and more.  And for those who can’t get out of the house, but still need to stay in the know,  there is the newsletter called The Lysst.  Lyss’s personal newsletter on what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s up next for you and your tot.  Think Sex and the City meets Mommy and Me.

I’m a Mom!  I’m a Diva! And!!!!!  I have readers who are also mothers and DIVAS of small children … and just as F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S too!   So, I thought why not join in on the fun and bring some information back to you!  On May 7th, I will be attending Mom Mogul!  Presented by More Magazine <you know More is my favorite magazine!> and DivaMoms.  A Mother’s Day special event!

The high-powered panel of Mom Moguls will discuss “having it all, doing it all, and being it all.” Additional topics include raising a family to starting and building a company.

Get the answers to the questions on every mother’s mind: How does one balance professional life with motherhood? Meet some of the most influential and successful working mothers to discuss and provide insight for women looking to become the next mom moguls!!!!

Click here DivaLysscious Mom for more news!!


(L to R) Rebecca Minkoff, Mary Alice Stephenson, Alexandria Wilkis Wilson, June Ambrose, Ruth Zukerman, Sabine Feldman (Publisher of More Magazine), Lyss Stern and Veronica Webb

June Ambrose and Letia Mitchell

June Ambrose and Letia Mitchell

Beautiful Ladies Who are Moms!

Beautiful Ladies Who are Moms!

For more pictures of the event, go to my page: LMLSD

Lyss Stern is also the author of the wonderful top-selling  book ” If You Give a Mom a Martini: 100 Ways to find 10 Blissful Minutes for Yourself”.  Divalysscious Mom  logo belongs to DivaMoms.  Photos by Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design and More Magazine.

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design Letia 😉  laura-linney-more-magazine-september-2010cover-red-dress-240ls081210[1]

Great Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

14 Apr

Happy Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 9th!  You have about three weeks  or so to plan, shop, prepare what you are going to do to express how much you care for your Mom, wife, or the Special Mom in your life!   The following websites I have used throughout the years for myself, my friends and clients!  Take a look, perhaps you can consider some other ideas for a gift, besides thinking on just having dinner, some ice cream cake or that beautiful vacuum cleaner you were thinking on buying her! 😳  

www.groupon.com    Groupon features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in a variety of cities across the United States. Sign up and check out what’s going on in your city on or before Mother’s Day to see if you can take her somewhere nice. Then check periodically to find out other deals for the summer as well!  

www.giftprose.com    Entirely new concept in gift giving where the gift, the gift message, the sentiment behind the gift, and the prose are all intertwined into one beautiful package. Plus, each GiftProse gift comes personalized with the name of the gift recipient along with a personal greeting from the sender.  

www.perfumania.com    I’ve bought from this site for over 8 years, I’ve never paid full price for fragrances.   The discounts are wonderful!   Search it’s index to see if the fragrance Mom really likes is available and then check out the Clearance section for great buys for future gifts or  for yourself!  

www.proflowers.com    Always has a Mother’s Day special and there’s definitely a price to fit your budget.  

www.opi.com    Thinking about getting Mom a laptop! It no longer has to be boring! Go to the site, pick out her favorite OPI nail polish color at My OPI and get the exact color for her new Dell® laptop!   She will love it!   I just assisted one of my friends on buying one (the color, Cozu-melted in the Sun)!  Also there’s a special nail color named BREATH LIFE which assists in helping the Lung Cancer Foundation of America, buy a bottle, wear it to show your support!  

www.harryanddavid.com     Gourmet gift baskets, they have a nice choices.  

www.hallmark.com   Send free e-cards to all your friends and family who are Moms.  

Finally Carol’s Daughter® is running a promotion to send a note to your Mom or Special Mom in your life, the butterfly notes will be checked and prizes are given daily, plus there are great gift ideas on the site (Almond Cookie Shea Souffle – my favorite!),  as well as the 30% off all Purchases are Donated to Mary J. Blige’s Charity FFAWN!*:  


Or just make it simple.   The kids can all get together with their crayons, construction paper and scissors to make some beautiful cards.  Even the old cake mix with some store-bought icing would be great!   Breakfast in bed?  How about giving 3 DVDs of her favorite movies to watch all day, while you wait on her (hand and foot)!   Finally updating her Ipod with all her favorite songs or programming the DVR to record her favorite shows.   Whatever you decide to do, remember it’s the thought of your kindness that will make them happy and feel appreciated!  OK countdown, start preparing; don’t let it sneak up on you Enjoy shopping for someone you love! 🙂    

Be well – Letia  


* 4/14 only

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