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Curtain Panel – How to Measure Right!

10 Jan

This question is from Lillian, from Bloomington, MN:

“My curtain panel is 84′”, it is always too short for my window, I can see the wall  What am I doing wrong?  Where can get some great prices?”

Measuring is key.  For a window, the curtain rod should only be 3-4 inches above the window frame (molding).  Take some masking tape and mark that spot.   Using a measuring tape, measure from that point, all the way ’til you meet the floor*.  What is the measurement, once at the floor?   If the number is less than 84″, then a 84″ panel will work.  If the number is more than 84”, this panel will not work, it will be too short!  The next size standard size available would be a 96″ panel.

Do the same process, if the 96″ is a bit long, about 1″in, you can always put a hem.  However; if is more than an inch, you might have to go custom!  Or cut the excess, you have to decide what’s best for you.

Now when measuring, please take in consideration, whether it’s a drape panel, a rod pocket or rings.  For rod pocket, it’s the length you are concerned about from the pocket.  For rings, the length from the ring clips, minus one inch.

You did not mention the width of the window, sometimes you have to double up on the panels if the window is very wide.  The width is usually 55″, OPEN!  So you will have to measure across and divide by 55 and the total will let you know how many panels you will probably need.   It all depends all on the style type and if you want a drape effect.  If you are looking to use curtain tiebacks, there are various styles in which you can drape to get the look you prefer!

Here are the standard panel sizes for your reference (non-custom).

55” width x 84” height

55″ width x 96″ height

55″ width x 108″ height

You also asked, what is a good website for curtain looking?  Try looking at www.beso.com and www.overstock.com.  Before even looking at styles, the size is the first important task!   I also recommend getting a measuring tape detailing each line description labeled.  For example 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4; etc.  Check your hardware store, I have a couple…it saves a lot of time in measuring.

I hope this information helps.  If you still having trouble, just e-mail me your ceiling height, how far the window frame is from the ceiling and width of your window; we should be able to figure it out together!  You originally sent this question through my business website as a  project request <smile>, please send to lee@lmlifestyleanddesign.com.  Good luck!   Oh! The comment box can be used also; if you prefer! 😉

Letia 🙂

Area Rug… What Size?

1 Nov

Do you remember when you knew right off the top of your head, how many inches are in a yard, a foot?  Which usually goes out the window, when you are trying to figure out room measurements for an area rug!

Earlier today,  I was looking for an area rug.  Of course, I had all the important information, the size of the room, what type of flooring would be underneath the rug and of course a color scheme. 

The most important factor,  is the size, the right size!   

For some reason, the  salesperson could not seem to know that 12 inches = a foot, to figure out the dimensions!  “That’s when, you have 5 feet, it measures to 60 inches”; I’d really confused her; when I said that! LOL.  This left me explaining the rug which I’d wanted, the size they had….it really was going to be too small for the space I needed to cover.  “This is not my area, perhaps I can get you another salesperson?”, the sweet girl said, she must have been filling in for someone, for she kept apologizing.   

So, I had the style and the color, but the rug measurements being conveyed were all wrong.  Back and forth we went, until I left them confused and decided a break was needed.  A Dunkin Donut Cafe Latte break <with a shot a french vanilla, I might add>! 

 After a few, ” Is it me?”‘s,  I told them that I would be back and as I was heading home I’m thinking about other options, I said my readers may also have experienced some trouble too!  Perhaps you also, have had trouble in knowing how to get the right size for an area rug?   Here are a few tips, whether its for any room in your home, office, porch, etc.:

You may be familiar with the standard rug sizes: 3×5, 4×6, 5×8, 6×9, 7×9 and 9×12.  You can buy a rug in any size you want; if it is not the standard sizes, you will have to go custom, however the custom price might be high.  So it’s best to try if you can get the standard sizes.  

  1. First look at the room you want to put the rug and take your measuring tape and measure.  You will want to leave a border of between 12 and 15 inches on all sides, so subtract 24 inches from the room dimensions (12 inches on each side) to find the largest size and 30 inches from the room dimensions to find the least size. <Hugh?>  Let’s say if your room is 120 inches by 168 inches, you would want an area rug sized with a width between 90 and 96 inches and a length between 138 and 144 inches.
  2. For hallway area rugs, subtract 4 inches from the width and 24 inches from the length of the room. This figure is all you need, it’s the minimum size for your hallway area rug.   Let’s say your hallway is 50 inches wide and 120 inches long, you would want an area rug between 46 inches and 50 inches wide and between 96 and 120 inches long.
  3. Thinking about an area under your dining table, add 4 feet to the dimensions to allow for room for people to push their chairs back without edging off the rug.  Let’s say the table’s dimensions are  4 feet wide and 6 feet long, your rug should be 8 feet wide and 10 feet long (8×10).
  4. For any table, that you will not be sitting.  Measure the table, it’s dimensions can be used to buy our area rug, don’t steer to far from it! 
  5. Still not sure?  For the room that you are thinking about buying the rug, remove all items and furniture from the room!  Get some blue or masking tape and some newspaper (if you have).  Using my tips above, outline the area with the tape.  Then return the furniture back to the room and see if the dimensions are correct.  Take the some newspaper sheets and place on the inner edges, to get an idea of the rug layout.  If correct, take your tape measure and measure.  The figure will give you a reference point to what size rug you’ll need.  Now depending on the inches, you can decide to go bigger, smaller or custom!

OK! Your head is spinning right about now and your saying to me <talking nicely to the screen> that you still don’t think you can figure out the measurements yourself, no matter what tips I give you!!!!  Or…you just don’t want to be bothered!!!!! 

This is all perfectly fine, this is when you may have to ask a friend to measure or after you’ve made a rug choice at a store; they have professionals which could measure  (like carpet buying) or hire a decorator to help you.  

We are all watching our money!  To even cut costs more, please consider going to thrift stores and flea markets for rug selections.  You will be surprised how many people have gotten rid of their rugs and just give them to a thrift store!  Ok! Ok!  Yes; it may be in someone’s house, but if your inspection sees that it is in good condition, for the money that you’ve saved, it can be steamed cleaned and deodorized. 

If you’re at a flea market, there is a chance that the seller has too many rugs on hand and you will be able to haggle a little on a comfortable price to get you to go home with a rug!

Whatever you decide to do, you will now know the basics on finding the right size. 😉

Hope this information was helpful!

Be well – Lee

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