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I Want to Watch Luther 2, I Don’t Have BBC One®

29 Jun

The anticipated Luther 2 series has started, Episode 3 aired yesterday!  I have received so many e-mails about the series and how much you all are enjoying it and the Luther Facebook page too! 

However, some of you have stated that you are unable to watch the Luther 2 series due to BBC One is not in the channel lineup via your cable network or you don’t have cable.  I have a solution!!! < in a high pitched voice!>

Please try watching the episode videos via Sidereel.   Search for the episode, review link (I’d used www.megavideo.com), download Real Player® and upload XVID software both, to view on your PC or laptop.  Please note the stream of 72 minutes may be the maximum allowed for your IP address restrictions. 


Oh!  Please let me know how/what you think about Episode 1’s ending!   Here’s Episode 3’s highlight – where did you park your car?  LOL  Also, have the you notice the fashion is purposely dark; but stylish.


Letia 🙂

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