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Korto Momoulu On the Move!

8 Feb


Korto Momolu  (Cut • Toe – Mo • Mo • Lu)!  For some time, I’ve wanted to write about this exceptional and talented woman!!!

How can I begin?  Project Runway 5!   Do you remember?  Week after week, I was glued to the television as so many were to watch designers think out of the box to design.

With the added pressure of knowing their designs would be scrutinized, critiqued by some of the world’s top fashion industry designers and fashion editors.

During this particular  season with a twist of sheer delight, the world was first introduced to Liberian, West Africa born Korto Momolu!!!!

Throughout the series, each week we got to know a bit more and more about her;  her family, her story, how she’s a lovely wife and a nurturing mother.  You saw her so focused, where her designs were on constructed with such detail;  offering pride in her work and that smile!

Her talent led her all the way to the finale and although she did not win Project Runway, her runway show is the one that is most remembered!  How can I describe it.  It was quite delicious in color, with a twist of sensation that was not too much and it offered a subtleness to it, leaving you wanting more!   It left me questioning why and many others worldwide, the final decision!

Korto was gracious in her loss, she wanted to win, I wanted her to win!  Korto got everyone’s attention!!!   Since Project Runway 5, she has been soaring ever since.

Her brand is remarkable, her commitment to her Liberian heritage is still displayed in her designs, her push to give back to her community and roots is ever-present.   She has been non-stop with her fashion collections, new designer stationery line for SanLori, her SABA jewelry line, TV appearances and magazine shoots! On the move!

She even landed a partnership with Dillard INC., one of the nation’s largest fashion apparel retailer!  This is where Korto’s jewelry,unique handbags and design items  are sold; which has allowed woman the opportunity to experience her fashion sense at an affordable price.

I had the pleasure of meeting Korto during 2009 NY Fashion Week; at one of Bravo’s signature parties!  The first thing you notice, is how beautiful she is… her skin is simply flawless!

She was most gracious; for she took the time to talk and give some insight on how her journey has been!  I was very honored that night, as also my daughter who accompanied me that evening!

Knowing her story from leaving her homeland because of  a Liberian civil war, followed by migrating with her to a different country (Canada), growing up being true to her passion in design; Project Runway alumni!  And today, being one of the most sort out designers in today’s fashion industry!

Korto’s smartness and creativity is like a breath of fresh air.  With her commitment, love of her family and homeland; Korto definitely will without a doubt will be bringing more of her ideas and more FASHION!

Korto will be around this week for NYFALL2011!  To know more about Korto and to see all what’s she’s been doing, please visit her site http://www.kortomomolu.com.

Letia 😉

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