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Taking Your Lunch in Style!

16 Feb

“I’ve been brown bagging it! Every morning, making my lunch! It’s boring!  I don’t want to carry a kid lunch tote!  Do you have any  recommendations? Donna from Brooklyn, NY

Like many, you have decided to forgo the highly priced lunches and brown bag it to save money.

I also have done the same thing!  By taking my lunch for 2 – 3 days out of the week, I’m able to put 6 more gallons of gas in the car!

Bringing your lunch….it’s really cool to do so.    And now there are many companies who would like to promote your sandwich in a fashionable stylish way!<smile>.

In late December, I myself did too buy a lunch tote from the Container Store by BUILT NY!

They are known for their stylish laptop slings bags, but have also provided the same fashion statement with their lunch totes.  They also have a lunch combo pack, where you have a lunch tote and bottle holder.

I would recommend you to go to their site and see if you see something you like! http://www.builtny.com/lunch-main-cat.html

After browsing, remember the totes can be used not only for lunch…..baby bottle warmer, hold ice packs and even keeping straight out of the oven muffins warm too!

I hope your brown bagging becomes more fun!  Also, go to www.foodnetwork.com for some great “lunch bag” recipes too!

Letia 🙂


http://www.containerstore.com, Built NY Gourmet Getaway Tote TM Tote.

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