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Still NO Electricity in Connecticut!!!!! Come On Already!!!

2 Nov

Who would think an unexpected winter storm, would cause such a freaking inconvenience to over 800,000 people in the state of Conneticut!  Who Knew? 

Who would think the damage was more severe than the past storm contributed from Hurricane Irene!  

I sure didn’t know.  It’s the 6th day without power here and all I keep hearing, is that they are working on it! 

I am awaiting for the calvary, the outside state help and guess what they haven’t gotten here yet!  They are predicting weeks!  You heard me weeks!  UNACCEPTABLE! So, here is another snagfu in the economy!

No power, no work! 

No power, children can’t go to school, teachers are not working! 

No power, children are home, so parents have to stay home…can’t go to work.  Can’t send them to a friend’s house, they have no power!

 No power, can’t get gas to go to work, if you could (they asked stations to close, so they don’t drain the current power supply). 

And if you can go to work, can’t stay too long – have to be  home before the sun sets, to see what the hell  you are doing when you get to the house, because there’s NO POWER! 

Businesses are suffering and we are ONLY talking about how we have NO Power!  Enough already…lets get the power ON!!!!!

Luckily it;s 55 degrees during the day, but quite cold at night!  I feel for the children and their parents.  How am I doing??? 

Coping…saying thanks to myself for listening to my intuition to keep batteries, flashlights, candles and Hershey chocolate kisses in my pantry.  And let’s not forget wine and thee old conventional cork screw!!!  

The electrical company, CLP says they are working on it, but it’s just taking too long!   State officials are beyond upset, there is definitely going to be an aftermath!  

So let me say it again! We (CT) need POWER and we need it NOW!  

Letia 😦

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Hurricane Irene, Please Be Careful!!!!!!

26 Aug

To my dear readers…..

To ensure everyone’s safety, please follow all rules and evacuation measures stated by your state’s officials.   If you know of someone who is alone, please convince them to stay out of harm’s way of Hurricane Irene; by staying at a relative’s home or outreach center.  Please take this seriously!!!!!

Be safe!

Letia 😮
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