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MLB! Baseball is Starting! So Pretzel or Hot Dog?

31 Mar

baseball hotdog


It’s Spring!  Major League Baseball Opening Day!  That’s right!  While everyone is wondering whether the rumors are true of trades, ticket sales, uniforms styles….I’ll be thinking about what to wear to be dressed for the occasion and the food!  Yes the food!

Quiet as it is kept, only if there some good eats – I will be able to endure an overtime!  It’s the well done hot dog for me (two) with kraut, relish and mustard; fries – all with a nice cold beer!

There are fancy items now in the food arenas, actually gourmet dining.   But I must have my old standby – the hot dog. How about you?

Happy Opening Day!  The ultimate best for the season!  Woo Hoo!

Letia Mitchell LifeStyle & Design

Letia 🙂






Photo by B12.com

Happy 4th of July! In Style!

4 Jul

Happy Birthday USA!  With all the ups and downs and the work still to be done for our country – I am always, always proud to be an American and would not want it any other way!

In celebration today, I am going to have the all American staples – blueberry pie, hot dogs and some lemonade!  Hope you are enjoying and having fun today too!  Nothing planned, then just relax!!!

While you may see our American flag in many ways of celebrating throughout the day, here is a picture showing how makeup can be apart of all the fun too!  A little bit too patriotic?  Well, for some it’s may be just right!  Thanks Maybelline NewYork!!!

Happy Birthday USA

Letia 🙂

Photo by Maybelline New York Cosmetics.

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