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2nd Bedroom, Guest Room or Office?

15 Jan

Stephanie from Chicago, Illinois sent this question:

“I just recently moved into this apartment with beautiful hardwood floors, which has two bedrooms! The largest bedroom, I’m using as my master.   The smaller one, I don’t know what to do? Guest room or office?”

Congratulations! You have the second bedroom dilemma!   Do you turn it into a guest bedroom, so when friends or family visit, you can put them up!  Or would you rather say that you don’t have the room and prefer them to stay at a hotel? <you know what I mean, you like your privacy and perhaps they like there’s>.

Do you turn it into an office, a designated place to do your writing, computer work and business?   How do you decide, or do you need both?  The best way to go about deciding, is to go by what’s your lifestyle like.

If you have company all the time, which they would want to stay and YOU want them to stay too!  Then the room should be a guest bedroom.  If you can fit a small writing desk in the room, to perhaps place a laptop; it would be good.

If you rarely have company and need a space just to do work, then an office it is!  What’s next?  For either, the room must functional!  There should always be a place for storing things.  Boxes, vases and vessels are great to display items and  store stuff that you may not want seen.

If you decide a guest room, it should say you!  Don’t pick ensembles or colors that your grandmother would like!  If an office, for example if you want your 18×24 picture of  Bruce Springsteen on the wall <I can tell you are a fan by your e-mail address!!>, then by all means show it!  If you read many of my posts, I am a strong proponent of this!

Here’s a few tips!

  • Start gradually.
  • Pick a paint color that’s good for both living and working.
  • Buy items, you like and find a particular place in the room.
  • If you make a mistake, it’s definitely OK! Just start over!  See Interior Design Magazine…Makes You Dream!

Good luck! Let me know what you decide!

Letia 🙂

My Home Staging Photo displays a writing desk. ?, please send to lee@lmlifestyleanddesign.com.

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